Chapter 579: Creating Conflict, Infiltration (1)

The next day, the entire Tragic Death City began to panic.

Groups of ghost soldiers formed by Tragic Death Cultivators swam in the streets and conducted a carpet search.

They wore uniform armor and did not look like cultivators. Instead, they looked more like soldiers.

On their armor was the mark of a blood-colored crown.

That mark represented the most powerful faction in Tragic Death City in the past thousand years, the Blood King Palace!

The Blood King Palace was established five thousand years ago.

It was created by the defeated last prince with his blood servant army.

At that time, the Blood King was young and frivolous. He was stabbed to death by the people he trusted the most. He was indignant and recruited soldiers every day, clamoring to kill his way back to the continent of the Nine Provinces and execute everyone who betrayed the dynasty.

However, things did not go as he wished. For hundreds of years, the Blood King Army he led could not even step out of the city gate.

As time passed, the soldiers under him continuously disappeared because their lifespan was exhausted.

At that time, the cultivation world was far weaker than it was now. This talented Blood King was only at the Soul Formation realm.

Although his lifespan was considerable, it was not enough for him to last long.

In the end, the Blood King’s lifespan limit arrived, and the Blood King Palace fell silent.

However, it was strange. After a thousand years, that prince had somehow appeared in Tragic Death City again.

His strength even increased greatly, breaking through the restriction of being unable to cultivate and become stronger in Tragic Death City.

He could also send people out of the Tragic Death City from time to time to carry out some secret missions and complete some of his wishes when he was alive.

He had enough strength and the authority to leave Tragic Death City.

After the Blood King Palace reappeared, it was extremely popular in Tragic Death City.

In the recent hundreds of years, he had recruited too many dead people, and his strength had swelled to an astonishing level.

Occasionally, experts who came out of Tragic Death City would leave many legends in the cultivation world of the Eastern Region.

Therefore, a long time ago, there was a rumor in the cultivation world that the Tragic Death City in the Land of Blood possessed terrifying strength that was comparable to the three divine pillars and even surpassed them.

Even Jiang Li had heard of this before.

The Myriad Slaughter Sect Master was even more devoted to it. He dreamed of controlling the power of Tragic Death City.

Jiang Li did not know very well what kind of power the three divine pillars possessed, but Tragic Death City really did possess power that was sufficient to overturn the cultivation world of the Eastern Region.

Of course, there was a limit to the number of people who could leave Tragic Death City. The duration of each departure was also very short. It was not something that anyone could leave as they pleased.

In the Blood King Palace, basically only Earth Immortals had the chance to enjoy the benefits. Soul Formation ghosts might not be able to obtain it even after queuing for a hundred years.

The Nascent Souls below and even more low-level cultivators were not worthy of knowing this.

It was precisely because of this that the academic atmosphere of Tragic Death City was not destroyed.

Otherwise, if they knew what they were good at, it was possible that outsiders would learn it. The Dao discussions in Tragic Death City would probably be 90% empty in an instant.

Jiang Li stood in the attic of Daoist Nine Years and looked at the pile of Yin Soldiers running past below.

If nothing unexpected happened, the person they were searching for in the entire city was Granny Nether Mountain.

There were two Soul Formation cultivators casually leading them. This configuration was really luxurious.

In fact, they had blocked Granny Nether Mountain who wanted to leave through the city gate yesterday.

However, they still suspected that Granny Nether Mountain had snatched the corpse of the Extreme Mountain King. Even if they risked their lives, they could not let her leave.

After a collision, the unwell granny fled again.

Just this Tragic Death City covered an area of one-fifth of the Great Mountain Region. It was still very difficult to find a top expert hidden inside.

Jiang Li raised his head to look at the sky above.

The number of Earth Immortal experts flying in the air had already increased from three to five.

With the help of the clone stationed in the outside world, Jiang Li already knew that the Divine Judgment Hall was fighting the Blood King Palace.

This was because the aftershock of that battle had already affected the entire Eastern Region. It was definitely impossible to hide it.

With a slight connection, one could tell that these two guys had definitely died and returned from the front line.

The more top-notch experts were, the more tenacious their lives were. Especially after reaching the Earth Immortal realm, their bodies would begin to transform towards the Immortal Body.

Even if there was a difference in strength, the battle would not easily end, let alone casualties.

Moreover, the Divine Judgment Hall had long known that if the people of Tragic Death City died, they would be pulled back. They would definitely try their best to seal them and not kill them directly.

However, even so, two more Earth Immortals died after only a day. It could be seen how intense the battle at the front line was.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this moment, there was an intense knocking sound below the attic.

The group of Blood King Palace Yin Soldiers were also bullying the weak and fearing the strong.

They did not dare to knock on Sword Head Pei Zhong’s door. Instead, they directly passed by the next door and knocked.

Wasn’t this blatantly not giving the Valley Master any face?

As a disciple of the Scripture Storage Valley, Jiang Li had to teach them a lesson.

Jiang Li and Daoist Nine Years looked at each other before waving their hands to open the door below.

“I’m under the orders of the Blood King to search Tragic Death City! Please cooperate.”

The pair of Yin soldiers entered in a single file. Then, the wooden door closed, and there was no sound inside.

Time gradually passed. In a small building, two Soul Formation cultivators and 18 Nascent Soul cultivators stayed inside for fifteen minutes.