Chapter 580: Creating Conflict, Infiltration (2)

With the efficiency of cultivators, this search seemed to be especially long.

One of the Earth Immortals floating in the sky also looked over acutely.

The target they were searching for was a terrifying enemy that even the few Earth Immortals did not have absolute confidence in dealing with.

Even if the teams below were led by Soul Formation cultivators, the effect was only to test the waters.

Once anything happened to any team, they would attack quickly!

Fortunately, before the Earth Immortal could fly over, the wooden door of the pavilion was pushed open from the inside.

Twenty Yin Soldiers walked out unscathed.

A few of them seemed to be in low spirits. They only yawned and continued to search according to the predetermined trajectory. There was nothing abnormal.

“Are you slacking again?”

Seeing this scene, the Earth Immortal shook his head and turned to fly elsewhere.

The usual atmosphere in Tragic Death City was too comfortable.

Not to mention finding something meaningful here, even cultivation had lost its effect. As a result, after most cultivators entered this place, they had nothing to do for many months and became more and more lazy.

Logically speaking, with their cultivation levels, even if they did not sleep or rest, they should not be exhausted after working for a month.

However, in just a day, many teams had already shown signs of slacking.

It was not easy for them to care about this. It was not easy to lead a team!

From the corner of his eye, he saw the Earth Immortal of the Blood King Palace fly far away. One of the Soul Formation cultivators running in front of the group secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

This fake resurrected body did not look abnormal from the outside, but inside, it had already been taken over by Jiang Li.

In the fifteen minutes just now, as soon as these guys entered, he used the dream skill to temporarily control them.

It seamlessly connected to reality, weaving a short dream for them to search the attic.

Then, he transformed into a seed and jumped into the mouth of the Soul Formation cultivator.

After landing in his stomach, it infiltrated the location of the Qi Sea spiritual root, turning into roots that took root.

This was a new Dao Technique that Jiang Li had comprehended after crossing the Back Yin Mountain and achieving a major breakthrough in the Nine Nether Dao Scripture, the Nine Nether Seed!

Originally, it was the last resort of the Spiritual Root Nine Nether Wood to protect itself at the critical moment.

The principle was based on imitating the spiritual root seed. The caster could transform into a seed and sneak into the human body before taking root in the other party’s spiritual root sea.

It could have the magical effect of occupying a body, controlling thoughts, seizing cultivation and life.

Jiang Li had been thinking about this high-level concealment technique for a long time. Now, he had finally obtained it.

As a transmigrator, although Jiang Li did not walk the path of a rogue cultivator, he had always yearned for those wretched skills like Skin Transformation.

He had also gathered and learned several similar spell techniques.

However, the level of those spell techniques was too low. Under special circumstances, they could be used temporarily.

The enemies Jiang Li had to deal with were generally two realms stronger than him.

It was simply impossible to deceive an Earth Immortal with the methods of an ordinary Nascent Soul cultivator.

Therefore, spell techniques without any foundation were useless in his hands.

Now, he had comprehended such a wonderful method in the Nine Nether Dao Scripture. It was extremely hidden, and the effect was better than the spiritual root seed in all aspects.

Especially the powerful concealment effect. Even good friends and lovers who had been together for a hundred years might not be able to see any problems.

The only problem with this technique was that he had to suppress the other party’s soul.

With Jiang Li’s spirit refinement cultivation, even if he had not transformed into an Essence Soul, the strength of his soul could already crush a pile of Essence Souls.

He personally took action and controlled this Soul Formation cultivator in less than fifteen minutes.

‘Then, Granny Nether Mountain, I’m coming to find you!’

“Follow me, come this way.”

After coming out of the attic, he gestured and suddenly led the team to turn around.

“Senior, that’s not our search route, right?”

“That’s Doll Street. Didn’t we just search it the day before yesterday? We changed our route at the last minute, and the higher-ups questioned us…”

Another Soul Formation cultivator beside him objected. This was clearly against the rules.

“We have legs, but doesn’t the enemy have legs? How can we find anything by searching step by step!”

“The day before yesterday, a restriction I left in Baby Street was triggered! It’s very likely the target!”

“As long as we find him and make a contribution, we can leave!”

“You’ve been dead for 200 years. Don’t you want to go back and see how those female friends are doing with your children?”

As soon as he said this, the other Soul Formation cultivator became energetic. He increased his speed and flashed through the streets like lightning.

The Soul Formation cultivator who was enslaved by Jiang Li did not disappear. His Essence Soul, which had its will changed, was also active. Therefore, such an ordinary conversation would not reveal any flaws.

A group of Blood King Yin Soldiers suddenly turned around, naturally attracting some attention.

Of course, it was impossible for Jiang Li to foolishly run to meet that granny.

Sensing the location of the half of the withered vine, he took out a communication spirit stone as he ran and informed one of the Earth Immortals above that he had discovered some clues about the enemy.

Controlling his Soul Formation body, although his speed was not as fast as his main body, it was not slow.

Soon, they returned to the doll street dominated by the cries.

“It’s in the area ahead. You guys go take a look!”

After more than five kilometers, Jiang Li no longer approached. Instead, he instructed the 18 subordinates to go over and check.

The 18 Nascent Soul cultivators were slightly unwilling, but under Jiang Li’s unyielding attitude, they still flew towards their designated target.

“Doll Street. There are nine roads and thirteen roads. There’s a small hole in the fifth house! Don’t let the target escape!”

Coupled with the half of the vine and the probing of Shanting’ ears, he had long locked onto the location of Granny Nether Mountain.

When Granny tricked the eight demons of the Netherworld Mountain to come to Tragic Death City, she had said that she would attack and seize the city and give it to Jiang Li.

Now that Jiang Li had successfully brought his granny to this place, it was naturally time for him to collect the reward.

It was outrageous for the dignified ruler of the Back Yin Mountain to keep hiding.

Eighteen Nascent Soul cultivators surrounded the house according to the instructions.

One of the braver ones had just reached out to push open the door when a black thing was thrown at his face.

There were dozens of Ghost Devouring Worms!

The worm instantly bit through the skin and entered the Nascent Soul cultivator’s body. In just two breaths, it turned him into a white light and was retrieved by Tragic Death City.

In that small room, an even more terrifying aura erupted! Just this alone made the other Yin Soldiers’ bodies stiffen and they were unable to move.

However, this completely exposed Granny Nether Mountain’s tracks.

The five Earth Immortals in the air instantly flashed over and surrounded Granny Nether Mountain who had appeared again.

However, this female boss displayed a completely different aura.

Although she was still not at her peak state, without the torture of the Ghost Devouring Worms in her body, her strength was no longer something that ordinary Earth Immortals could compare to!

A root whip that looked like a rock crawled out of Granny Nether Mountain’s sleeve and lashed at the five Earth Immortals.

Another shocking battle erupted in Tragic Death City.

With their methods, once they started to fight with all their might, it would definitely affect and destroy the city. At that time, the thing under the Tragic Death City would probably drill out and attack these restless people.

After causing all of this, Jiang Li successfully retreated and flew towards the center of Tragic Death City, where the Blood King Palace was!

Now, most of the Blood King Palace’s forces were fighting with the experts of the Divine Judgment Hall.

The five Earth Immortals who stayed behind were held back by Granny Nether Mountain. The last building built by the cultivation dynasty fell into an unprecedented emptiness.

He wanted to see what was hidden inside!