Chapter 581: Myriad Slaughter Wu Fan (1)

“Captain Chen, what’s going on over there? Why are you back?”

Due to the sea of resentment above, Jiang Li did not dare to fly too high. As soon as he approached the Blood King Palace, he was stopped by a few Yin Soldiers guarding the door.

The continuous energy explosions in the distance made the Blood King Palace guards very nervous.

If not for this person approaching, they would have recognized him.

He might have to attack if his hand trembled.

“What do you think happened? The few lords fought with that target!”

“How can we approach an Earth Immortal’s battle? Quickly activate the array formation. I’ll come back and help.”

Jiang Li spoke without stopping and walked straight into the door.

The few people guarding the door did not stop him. In the battlefield of Earth Immortals, this could not be considered fleeing.

From the commotion, it could be seen that ordinary Soul Formation cultivators might lose their lives if they got too close to watch the show, let alone help.

Although the price of dying in this Tragic Death City was not high, no one wanted to die in vain.

If the lost memories were especially important, who could they reason with?

It was better to obediently assist the array to increase its power and be of some help.

“The others in the search team have all gone to the array formation node. As long as we open the core array core of the Blood King Palace, we can control all the array formations and assist you.”

“Those Array Formation Masters are already at the core. We’ll listen to their arrangements. Go in quickly!”

Jiang Li successfully passed through the door, and then the two soldiers guarding the door brandished their halberds. As if a switch had been opened, a layer of red barrier instantly enveloped the entire Blood King Palace.

The defense of the barrier was astonishing. Even if it was attacked by an Earth Immortal expert, it could last for a long time.

However, what they did not know was that the most troublesome enemy had already been let in while chatting and laughing.

No matter how powerful the array formation barrier was, it could not stop the enemy inside.

Jiang Li walked between the ancient palace, and his surroundings seemed to be abnormally empty. After walking for a long time, he actually did not see a single figure.

Due to the previous city search, the Blood King Palace had sent out a large number of people, causing there to be not many people left to guard the city.

Moreover, they did not think that anyone would dare to attack them in the backyard of Tragic Death City.

Therefore, the remaining group of people were gathered together. That was the hall that controlled the core of the array formation.

Under the efforts of thousands of Tragic Death Array Masters, pillars of light were rising from all over Tragic Death City.

From the pillar of light, blood-colored lightning shot out again, striking the granny who was fighting the five Earth Immortals.

The lightning was very powerful. Every time it struck a powerful enemy, the disadvantage of the five Earth Immortals of the Blood King Palace would be reversed.

In this city, the Blood King Palace, which had been operating for thousands of years, naturally had some backup plans.

They were similarly unable to completely control this city.

However, the business was much better than the Ghost Kings in Fengdu City. Just these array formations added after birth had an effect that was not inferior to an offensive domain.

Jiang Li looked in from the entrance of the array formation and did not go in to cause trouble.

At this moment, there were no Earth Immortals in the Blood King Palace. If he rushed in and destroyed the core array formation, he could indeed stop the operation of the array in the city.

However, what good would that do him?

The Blood King Palace was ambitious and had already declared war on the entire cultivation world of the Eastern Region.

However, that Granny Nether Mountain still did not get along with him.

It was not a good thing for either of them to win.

It was the best outcome for Jiang Li if they both suffered losses.

That Granny Nether Mountain seemed to be far from her limit and did not need his help for the time being.

After passing through the Array Formation Hall, Jiang Li continued deeper into the palace.

The phantom of the Five Elements Peak appeared in his eyes. He opened his Earth Spirit Eye and continuously observed the surrounding earth vein situation.

From his experience, the buildings of ordinary cultivation sects were divided according to the trend of the earth vein and the need for array formations.

The larger the node, the more important the building above.

Following the thickest earth vein, he quickly discovered a passageway that was slightly different from other places.

This passageway seemed a little narrow and cramped in the majestic palace. It could only accommodate four or five people walking side by side.

At the end of the passageway, he did not feel anything at first, but every time he looked away, he would discover that the scene opposite the passageway was completely absent from his mind.

After repeating it a few times, it was the same.

“What a brilliant illusion array!”

Jiang Li became energetic and stood at the edge of the passageway to observe carefully.

With his array formation cultivation, he could tell that the passageway ahead was filled with traps!

He had to set up so many obstacles in his territory.

Clearly, they were protecting something that even their own people could not know.

Treasure vault? Or something more important?

The more they hid it, the more Jiang Li wanted to find out.

After looking around and seeing that there was no one around, Jiang Li took out a pair of dog ears and placed them on his ears. Two tree roots stretched out from his ears and took root on the ground.

At the same time, a spiritual light appeared in his eyes, as if he could see the extremely complicated array formation patterns on the ground with his naked eye.

He used two methods to investigate the path ahead.

Soon, a three-dimensional model of this passageway was constructed in his mind. Lines were hidden in the wall, and the lines under the stone slab were outlined by him.