Chapter 582: Myriad Slaughter Wu Fan (2)

Soon, he copied 99% of it.

A moment later, he took off Shanting’s ears, and two lines of blood flowed out from his ears.

He had gone a little overboard just now. Even he could not withstand the curse of that little white dog so easily.

Five seconds later, after Jiang Li removed a negative status on the interface, his buzzing ears immediately returned to normal.

Looking at the tunnel model constructed in his consciousness, Jiang Li felt a headache.

“What a complicated trap. The passageway that clearly looks like it can be seen at a glance is actually not straight!”

Fortunately, he was not stupid enough to fly over directly.

If one could step on the air without triggering a trap, then they would be underestimating the ability of array masters.

“There are 108 Life Gate nodes.”

Jiang Li’s hands moved like a fortune-teller as they fluttered quickly.

The space in this passageway was distorted. It was almost impossible to break through with normal methods.

Every step he took inside required a specific step to pass.

He would try to deduce it in reverse.

Looking at the moving array patterns, Jiang Li quickly cracked the first few steps.

However, this array formation referenced the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Technique. The further it went, the more complicated the changes were, and the difficulty of calculation also increased exponentially.

Soon, he felt immense pressure.

There were a total of 108 nodes on this path. As long as one took a wrong step, they would be attacked by the array formation.

Half an hour later, Jiang Li suddenly spat out a mouthful of scorching steam. At this moment, his body temperature had already exceeded the boiling point.

Pushing back the array formation, he barely calculated the first 33 steps.

However, the intense mental expenditure had already made his entire body burn and his mind dispirited.

He recorded the landing point he deduced and temporarily stopped calculating. Jiang Li adjusted his breathing for a moment before recovering.

“Forcibly deducing is really not something a human can do!”

The decryption of the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams was like the arrangement of random numbers. The more digits there were, the more combinations there were. The time needed to deduce further would be calculated in days, months, and even years.

By the time he calculated it, it was already too late.

At this moment, Jiang Li yearned for an epiphany status. If he had the enhancement of the epiphany status, cracking this thing would be a matter of minutes.

Jiang Li shook his head and threw away his miscellaneous thoughts. He looked at the landing point that was recorded again, trying to find some rules…

Suddenly, Jiang Li looked at the 33 landing points. The more he looked, the more familiar they looked.

He seemed to have seen these landing points somewhere before…

‘Let me think…’

A storm immediately blew in his mental world. With his current soul strength, even if he casually glanced at something, he would never forget it.

If he transformed these footsteps into dots, in next to no time, Jiang Li’s eyes lit up. He finally recalled where he had seen these points before.

He opened the coffin and found a coffin made of crystal in the safest depths.

In the coffin lay a tall man with a rough and determined face. He was one of the last Nine Kings, the Polar Mountain King!

Jiang Li’s gaze looked at the belt.

If one ignored the messy hand-woven patterns on the belt, they would discover that there was a row of flower petals that seemed to have no pattern.

It usually looked like an ordinary decoration, but now…

He pulled off the belt and straightened it before carefully comparing it. The angle and location of the first 33 petals were indeed identical to the landing point of his footwork!

It seemed that the Blood King was quite nostalgic. This set of footwork should have some special meaning in the royal family of the Qin Dynasty.

Jiang Li did not hesitate. After memorizing the 108 steps, he raised his foot and stepped into the passageway.

Sure enough, with a step, he steadily stepped on the door of life. The trap did not react.

Then, two steps, three steps, five steps, ten steps, thirty steps, fifty steps…

That footwork looked simple, but it actually hid a secret.

Step by step, Jiang Li’s figure began to become illusory, and his entire body seemed to have fused into space. After taking 108 steps, he had already arrived at the end of the passageway.

He could actually fuse into space with a simple step technique. The Qin Dynasty was indeed powerful!

After passing through the passageway, there were two vermilion doors that looked like ancestral temples.

On the door were two huge portraits of Door Gods.

The good stuff should be behind these two doors.

“Who trespassed the forbidden area!”

Jiang Li was just about to step forward when two explosive shouts sounded, causing him to take three steps back and almost fall back into the passageway.

The ones who roared were the two Door Gods.

“I’m here on the orders of the Blood King! Open the door quickly!”

Jiang Li wanted to bluff his way through, but it was clearly not so easy.

“No token! Fake King’s orders! You deserve death!”

The two Door Gods’ portraits spoke in unison, and then the portraits emitted divine light. Two intense lights instantly struck Jiang Li.

For a time, a large amount of white smoke emitted from his body.

It was actually the Yang attribute power that countered evil ghosts.

There was also a powerful and strange force mixed in. It seemed to be… the power of incense offerings!

Back then, Jiang Li had also obtained a Dao Technique to cultivate the power of incense offerings, but before he became an immortal, there were too many drawbacks to absorbing incense offerings.

Therefore, he did not cultivate it himself and handed it to the Divine Statue clone.

He did not expect to see the power of incense today.

Moreover, they could actually use such a powerful Yang attribute attack in Fengdu City. How did they do it!

Nine Nether! Vine Torrent!

So what if their attributes countered each other? Yin and Yang countered each other. As long as one had enough strength, they could suppress it head-on.

Jiang Li stretched out a few fake resurrected purple vines from his sleeve. The Nine Nether spiritual qi surged, and he used a spell technique to counterattack head-on.

However, the purple vine that had just attacked instantly shattered into dust under that light.

Jiang Li grabbed the dust in his hand and was slightly stunned.

The power of this light did not seem to be very strong. Why…

No! This light was not meant to deal with evil spirits, but to destroy the fake resurrection of Tragic Death City!

If one wanted to enter Tragic Death City, they had to be a person who had died in vain. As long as a person died in vain entered the city, they would be resurrected.

With the end of this pair of Door Gods’ divine light, even if an Earth Immortal died, he would be directly beaten to ashes and revived!

The Blood King had a good plan!

Unfortunately, he encountered Jiang Li who had not been resurrected.

This Yang attribute light would at most burn Jiang Li’s skin, and it was utterly fine.

After thinking about this, Jiang Li stopped casting spells. He faced the 30 feet white light and leaned forward. He grabbed the door god portrait with one hand and directly pulled them down from the door.

He put away the two portraits of the Door Gods. If he could study the principles of their divine light, it would be much more convenient to face the Tragic Death City!

However, if he removed the Door Gods, the Blood King should sense it. He had to hurry.

Jiang Li did not care about the burns on his body. He pushed open the door and entered. It was a completely different world inside.

Little lights flickered in the huge room.

They were oil lamps that could not be extinguished. They were arranged in groups of seven in an orderly manner.

After every seven lights, there was a memorial tablet and a coffin.

It looked like a spiritual hall, but it was also not right.

He walked around a set of Seven Star Lanterns and slapped the lid of a coffin.

A person immediately appeared.

“He’s… a Soul Formation elder of the Flood Dragon Sect!”

Jiang Li had once seen the portrait of the deceased in the Divine Judgment Hall’s announcement, so he quickly recognized him.

However, what was strange was that this elder was actually still alive!

He reached out to check his pulse. Although the reaction was weak, the vitality inside could not be faked.

For the sake of further testing, Jiang Li even directly cut off a finger of this elder.

His fingers were covered in blood, but they did not turn to dust.

It could be seen that it was definitely not the fake resurrection from before.

However, how did the living people get brought here? What was their goal?

Jiang Li casually slapped away a few more coffins in the surroundings. Most of them were experts who had died in the attack on the night of Tragic Death City.

“This is the Master of the Star Tower! This is an elder of the Meridian Cutting Castle, the Sect Master of the White Sun Sword Sect… and also the Sect Master of the Myriad Slaughter Sect! Wu Fan!”