Chapter 584: Earth Immortal Skewer (2)

They used the name of the Sacred Heart to deceive the world, but in fact, they were dirty old demons who used Yin to nourish Yang!

When they were alive, they only took in female disciples. After female disciples cultivated successfully, they would plunder their Yin Essence cultivation and suck one to death overnight.

Then, the speed at which they nurtured their disciples could not keep up with their absorption speed.

They actually targeted the innocent female cultivators of those famous sects. In the end, their methods were exposed and they were attacked by dozens of sects until they died!

He did not expect that after death, these two fellows would still commit crimes!

“Haha, after so many years, there’s actually a junior who still remembers our names!”

“Kid, have you heard of our famous name? The two of us old fellows have a ‘Familiar Girl Technique’ in our hands and are still lacking a successor. Kneel down and kowtow 300 times, and we’ll teach you. How about it?”

Jiang Li was unmoved. He took two steps back and grabbed Wu Fan from the coffin to block in front of him.

The brand new flying sword had already stabbed more than three inches into his head, and it could shatter his soul and kill him at any time.

When they saw this scene, hatred and anger flashed in the eyes of the two elders, but they looked indifferent on the surface. Instead, they had a benevolent expression as they started to care about Jiang Li.

“Little friend, are you going to kill him? He’s already dead, I advise you not to make a mistake.”

“To be able to step foot here is enough to prove that your strength is extraordinary. Although you’re already dead, it’s not impossible for you to have some achievements in Tragic Death City.”

“If I’m not wrong, you should be sent by the Divine Judgment Hall, right? You’re so capable at such a young age and were forced to death by those high and mighty fellows. What a pity!”

The white light on the two elders’ bodies had yet to dissipate, and they passed through the Seven Star Lantern and walked towards Jiang Li.

“Little friend, you can indeed kill him according to those old fellows’ orders.”

“But you have to think carefully. You’re already dead. Following their orders won’t do you any good.”

Jiang Li revealed a hesitant expression at the right time, immediately causing the two elders’ confidence to increase greatly.

“Do you see the spirit tablet on it? You should be able to tell.”

“As long as you kill him, the Blood King will return here like us.”

“At that time, how will he deal with you?”

The two Earth Immortals had yet to completely condense their bodies and continued to approach Jiang Li step by step.

“In this Tragic Death City, you can’t even dissipate your soul even if you want to. If you offend us, how long will your soul be tortured? A thousand years? Or two thousand years?”

“Do you know what that feels like? You’ll regret it in half a day at most!”

The two elders said terrifying words to force Jiang Li.

When they were alive, they had also forced those female disciples like this. No matter how strong the disciples were, they would only obediently submit to their tyrannical might and cooperate with the cultivation of the Familiar Girl Technique in pain.

“But I’ve already offended you. If I don’t kill him, will I have a good ending?”

“It’s the same no matter what. Why should I let you have your way?”

“I might as well kill him and end this once and for all!”

Jiang Li’s gaze changed a few times, as if he had noticed something from the two old fellows. He continued to put on an act and probe.

“Haha, you’re underestimating the Blood King’s bearing.”

“I can tell you that more than 40% of the people in the current Blood King Palace were our enemies!”

“But now, they’ve all joined us!”

“As long as you’re willing to abandon the darkness and join the light! With us as your guarantors, the Blood King will definitely let bygones be bygones!”

“When the Blood King’s plan succeeds, all of us will be able to live again! At that time, I’ll teach you the Familiar Girl Technique. Wouldn’t it be great to cultivate a thousand miles in a day?”

After threatening him, the staff began to give him benefits.

“Seniors, you’re willing to vouch for me on our first meeting. You really think highly of me.”

“However, with your character, there’s no need for this!”

The two Earth Immortals who suddenly returned had indeed caught Jiang Li off guard.

However, they had been persuading Jiang Li and did not try to attack him, causing Jiang Li to notice a problem.

At first, he thought that these two old fellows were afraid that the aftershock would blow out the Seven Star Lantern.

However, he quickly discovered that there seemed to be another reason.

Jiang Li pulled out a trident and stabbed it into Wu Fan’s back.

“Damn it, no!”

When the two Earth Immortals saw Jiang Li suddenly attack, they were both anxious.

If this guy died and the Blood King was pulled back like this, without a leader, there would definitely be no chance of winning the battle over there.

That would be troublesome!

In a hurry, two spiritual lights immediately emitted from their hands and smashed towards Jiang Li.

The two spiritual lights looked to be shockingly powerful, but they only flew out 200 to 300 feet after leaving his hand. Before they could smash into Jiang Li, they suddenly dissipated in the air.

The two spiritual lights were only used to scare people. They were not powerful at all.

“So you’re two paper tigers!”

When Jiang Li saw this, the corners of his mouth curled up into an innocent smile. He put away the sealed shield, and his figure flickered a few times before taking the initiative to approach the two elders.

A few vines scattered out and easily tied up the two Earth Immortals!

It was not that the two elders did not want to attack, but they did not have the ability to attack in a short period of time!

This was because even in Tragic Death City, it would take a lot of time to fake the resurrection of two Earth Immortals and condense the Earth Immortal Body.

So now, what was in front of Jiang Li were only two empty shells. At most, they could only use a little soul pressure, but the lethality of that thing was really limited.

Earlier, these two fellows were only bluffing to scare Jiang Li.

It would naturally be best if Jiang Li could take the initiative to surrender. Otherwise, he would stall for time until their bodies recovered.

Unfortunately, Jiang Li tested it out.

“Looks like my luck is not bad!”

“Thank you for letting me find a chance of survival in the Blood King Palace!”

The expressions of the two elders turned ugly.

Jiang Li approached the two of them and took out another hollow spear from the coffin.

He directly stabbed the two of them into candied fruits.

The Earth Immortal Body that was continuously materializing immediately became illusory again.

The energy that surged into their bodies was all extracted in the blink of an eye.

Due to the talent of the Spirit Essence Absorption, Jiang Li could not use it with his main body yet.

However, his control over this mouthpiece spear was still much stronger than before.

After adjusting the absorption speed a few times, he tried his best to match the speed at which the Tragic Death City condensed the Earth Immortal Body.

He could not use too much strength and suck these two guys dry. It was not his style to fish in troubled waters.

Jiang Li was not in a hurry to absorb the spiritual qi of the two elders.

Instead, a root stretched out from the coffin and wrapped around the end of the spear. After an endless stream of spiritual qi was extracted, it was all absorbed and refined by the Nine Nether clone.

The quality of the spiritual qi of an Earth Immortal expert was naturally extremely high to an ordinary Nascent Soul cultivator, but it was only so in Jiang Li’s eyes.

Moreover, he was in a dead state now, so it was useless even if he absorbed it. It was better to use the Nine Nether clone to refine it first.

“Old fellows, it seems that this junior’s life is not meant to end!”

“Then, how should I deal with you?”

“How about throwing you into the sea of resentment above? Do you think the resurrection of Tragic Death City can eliminate the invasion of resentment?”

Although he could not extract the most important souls, it was an extremely rare opportunity to absorb two Earth Immortals who could not resist.

Feeling the swelling spiritual qi ball inside the Nine Nether clone, Jiang Li felt that this secret room might be more valuable than the Blood King Palace’s treasure vault.

He looked at the rows of sleeping experts in the secret room. It seemed that a small half of them were not good people!

Under Jiang Li’s control, the mouthpiece spear began to extend.

Jiang Li first threw the still alive Wu Fan onto it, and then he pulled over the other Demon Sect experts in the coffins and pierced them.

With this, there were as many as thirteen Earth Immortals!

Earth Immortal skewer. This scene was simply rare even in a thousand years.

The surging spiritual qi could be seen with the naked eye, making him feel as if the Nine Nether clone had become an Earth Immortal before him!

“If you can’t leave Tragic Death City, you won’t be able to escape in the end.”

“When we revive next time! You’ll regret it, you’ll definitely regret it!”