Chapter 586: Fist Theory (2)

After the death of the last Qin Emperor, these three people became the center of authority in the entire cultivation dynasty.

After finally tearing apart the dynasty, they naturally obtained the largest three pieces of cake.

The dynasty had been passed down for thousands of years. The providence that gathered the billions of lives in the Eastern Region had been divided and plundered by them.

There was indeed no problem with the Blood King calling them thieves.

It was reasonable for him to take revenge for himself.

The seven silver dragon pythons intertwined with each other, and they were guided by the power of the bloodline to fuse together. They transformed into a majestic golden dragon that directly rushed into the three-colored domain.

Flames flew and the sea of clouds boiled.

The three-colored domain that had turned corporeal was actually blocked by the dragon scales on it. It was useless!

The golden dragon forcefully broke through the domain and opened its mouth to take away the crystal mountain.

From the three regions, energy chains immediately wrapped around it.

Under the resistance of the Son of Heaven’s Golden Dragon, the chains were quickly broken and reborn.

Every chain broke, and the aftershock of the power released was enough to make ordinary Earth Immortals retreat.

A majestic voice sounded from the flames.

“In the cultivation dynasty, you plundered the world for your own use. You destroyed the mountains of cultivators and divided them into prisoners! How did this world become your Qin family’s?”

“A greedy snake devouring an elephant! Death is not enough!”

Cultivation pursued transcendence, freedom, and eternal life.

The Qin Dynasty just had to treat the entire Eastern Region as their own land.

They forced all cultivators to contribute their resources and cultivation methods. Even people had to serve them. They abandoned their dignity and kowtowed three times.

Indeed, to cultivators, what kind of logic was this?

The predecessors of the three divine pillars were all people who had obtained great opportunities. It could be said that the Qin Dynasty had provoked them and was unable to suppress them.

After being torn apart, it could only be said that he deserved it.

At the end of the day, there was no right or wrong in this matter. Whoever’s words were reasonable and whose rules counted. The only criterion was that one’s fist was big!

The winner was everything!

The bound golden dragon suddenly exploded, turning into seven silver pythons again.

The other six silver pythons used their bodies to push open the chains. Only the one formed by the Blood King swayed its long tail and collided with the crystal mountain in the center.

The three palaces moved over and blocked the way.

The three palaces were formed from the providence of the dynasty. They were indestructible and unshakable.

However, just before the collision, the Blood King Dragon Python suddenly spat out a City God’s Hall.

The City God’s Hall was surrounded by smoke and dense power of incense. It suddenly emitted a holy light that judged good and punished evil, and it actually smashed open the three-colored palace.

Then, the red door of the City God’s Hall opened and was about to take away the crystal mountain.

“Heaven-rank! It’s a Heaven-rank artifact!”

The divine light of the hall pierced through the sky. The energy vortex that swept through the world lost its color under the light.

It was so powerful that even the people present who stood at the peak of the cultivation world of the Eastern Rain had not seen it for thousands of years.

“The City God’s Hall is indeed in this kid’s hands!”

This was the core that covered the entire Netherworld City.

As soon as the hall appeared, it became the focus of the entire battlefield.

The experts of the Divine Judgment Hall abandoned their opponents and used their methods to bombard the hall.

They approached at the fastest speed and used their blood to form talismans to attack the hall. They actually wanted to forcefully refine and seize control of the artifact!

No one could remain indifferent in front of a Heaven-rank artifact. If Jiang Li was here, he would probably rush up and try using the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra.

However, how could a Heaven-rank artifact with an owner be so easy to deal with?

Seeing the overwhelming attacks of the Earth Immortals,

in the hall, a piece of wood rose high and slapped down heavily.

With a bang, the sound became more and more powerful.

When it left the hall, it had already turned into a circle of visible sound waves.

Wherever the ripple swept, all techniques were destroyed.

The power that was enough to flatten the mountain range and remove a thousand feet of the ground was completely extinguished by this ripple.

The physical domain of the three divine pillars was forced back by the divine light, exposing the crystal mountain that had been protected in the center to the Blood King.

The Blood King immediately seized the opportunity to turn from corporeal to illusory, and then he plunged into the crystal mountain.

The souls that had floated for thousands of years entered his corpse again.

An even greater aura passed through the crystal mountain, causing the world to change!

Dense cracks spread out from the inside. In just a few breaths, the sealed crystal mountain created by the three divine pillars collapsed under the power of the Blood King and the Heaven-rank artifact!

The power of a Heaven-rank artifact was actually so great!

The higher-ups of the Divine Judgment Hall already thought that they had overestimated the power of the Blood King Palace. They had taken the initiative to set up a trap and must have been fully prepared. They had always been the ones leading the previous war.

However, he did not expect that such preparations were still not enough!

After all, that was a Heaven-rank artifact!

In the current era where divine weapons and immortal artifacts did not appear, theoretically, the strongest artifact could exist.

The power that suddenly erupted caught the Divine Judgment Hall off guard!

They had thought that by sealing off the City God, they could reduce the power of these Heaven-rank artifacts to the lowest.

They did not expect that the Blood King would rely on this artifact to accumulate the terrifying power to suppress the Divine Judgment Hall in a short period of time in Tragic Death City!

Under the divine light, the Blood King, who had snatched back his body, carried the corpse of his brother, Prince Ning, and looked down on the crowd.

This was only the first step on his path to revenge! There were still many things that these guys had to repay!

“Wake up, my brother!”

A unique aura was sent into the corpse along the Blood King’s arm.

Prince Ning, who had clearly died for thousands of years, opened his eyes just like that. Then, he shook his body and transformed into a silver dragon python that circled behind him.

The power of the last Nine Kings resonated with each other. With the addition of the power of Ning, the effect was not as simple as seven plus one equals eight.

Their actual combat strength had almost doubled.

“The Eight Kings have already gathered. There’s still our last brother. You can’t stop us!”

The royal blood of the Qin Dynasty was inherited from the ancient Son of Heaven. Although it could not compare to the position of the Human Emperor, it was still a proper Dao status bestowed by the Heavenly Palace and possessed various magical powers.

The bloodline connection between them was only the most basic.

The effect of the Eight Kings gathering was even more shocking.

Although they were all dead and their bloodlines were silent, when the eight corpses were combined, they could accurately locate the last corpse.

It could even turn into a Dragon Python from afar.

His voice spread out, causing the people from the Divine Judgment Hall to be confused.

Could it be that the Blood King Palace did not obtain the corpse of the Polar Mountain King?

Of course, they could not show it on their faces.

However, he was also puzzled in his heart. Who could take away the corpse of the Polar Mountain King between the two behemoths, the Divine Judgment Hall and the Blood King Palace?

At this moment, a chill suddenly appeared between the Blood King’s brows.

Wet liquid flowed down his face.

He reached out to touch it and realized that there was a stab wound on his forehead. Fake blood was flowing out.

What was going on?

Without giving him much time to think, the Blood King felt another pain in his back.

Three more bloody holes appeared on his back. Blood shot out like a fountain.

Not long after, another bloody hole appeared in his Qi Sea. An invisible suction force quickly drained his strength!

“There’s a problem with the resurrection!”

Now, he finally understood the seriousness of the matter!

He sensed it in his heart and spat out a mouthful of blood in anger.

His last brother, the corpse of the Polar Mountain King.

It was actually in the hall where they borrowed life!

It must be the guy who had torn off the two Door Gods!

After that person stole his brother’s corpse, not only did he not find a place to hide, he actually secretly ran into Tragic Death City!

He had even used some method to run into the most important place of the Blood King Palace!

“Damn it! Who is it!”

On the other hand, Jiang Li, who was skewering Earth Immortals in the Blood King Palace of Tragic Death City, poked his head into the coffin strangely.

In the coffin, the corpse of the Polar Mountain King had suddenly transformed for some reason?