Chapter 596: Chain

Jiang Li floated in the air. The original location of the Blood King Palace had already been destroyed. Countless maggots surged out from below and tried to bite the only dead person present.

Since he had the Rainbow Spring Immortal Powder’s Pure Body, Jiang Li did not have to worry about the maggots entering his body.

However, he still did not want to be stuck with these disgusting things.

He slowly took off his mask and willed something.

Immediately, a spot in the pitch-black sea of maggots below suddenly swelled up. Through the cracks of the maggots, a few wisps of white flames darted out.

Then, a huge white snake head broke through the surging sea of maggots and emerged from below.

The snake’s mouth was still full of maggots as it swallowed slowly.

This was not the end. Not far from the two snake heads, two more maggots were pushed up high. Two more similar snake heads emerged from the sea of maggots.

The huge snake body formed by white flames twisted its body elegantly and slowly swam up from the disgusting sea of insects.

Looking at the huge snake’s satisfied appearance, it was as if the place it was swimming was not a sea of insects, but the Jade Pool Immortal Spring.

Due to the fact that its entire body was made of flames, the huge body of the three-headed snake did not seem bloated and slow. Instead, it was light and agile.

This snake was the Holy Spirit Snake that Jiang Li had taken in as the Spirit of the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame.

However, the current Holy Spirit had already given up on its original dragon transformation path and started to grow new heads.

At the joint of its three necks, there were six additional bumps. As long as it obtained enough nutrients, it could grow into a Nine-Headed Fire Spirit.

Of course, it was not the kind of prehistoric variant that had an additional innate divine power for each head.

However, because Jiang Li had used the blood of nine Ghost Lantern Fish when he stabbed the Ghost Lantern Blood Tattoo back then, his Ghost Lantern Cold Flame had always been nine wisps.

At this moment, every snake head that grew meant that the energy of the cold flame was replenished.

If all nine heads grew out, when the white Ghost Lantern Cold Flame reached its limit, perhaps something magical would happen.

From time to time, the three snake heads spat out white Ghost Lantern Cold Flames. The thick and long snake tail swept across, scattering the worms that were rolling like waves and igniting them.

If these maggots were still rational and knew how to control energy to cast spell techniques, they might be able to affect the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame.

However, with their current appearance, the insects that only knew how to rush up and bite would not pose any threat to the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame that did not have a physical body. Instead, it was the best food.

Stepping on the white snake head, Jiang Li easily crossed the sea of maggots.

The three-headed snake was not retracted by him. It turned around and stabbed its three heads back.

The Holy Spirit Snake could not bear to leave this feeling of becoming stronger every second.

“Are the two of you alright?”

After leaving the dangerous area, Jiang Li walked to the side of the disheveled Sword Head Pei Zhong and Qiu Shui and handed them a bottle of healing pills.

In Jiang Li’s hands, medicinal pills were completely useless every time he ate them. Therefore, there was an extraordinary number of medicinal pills on him.

Pei Zhong was an Earth Immortal after all. His body was stronger than a Profound-rank artifact.

Qiu Shui, on the other hand, had an astonishing foundation as the reincarnation of Ksitigarbha. He had yet to even unleash the Five-Colored Buddhist Light. He was clearly still a long way from being unable to withstand it.

The two of them adjusted their breathing and basically recovered.

At this moment, Jiang Li returned from not far away.

He held a rope in his hand as if he was flying a kite. There were five floating dark clouds on the rope.

Five heads emerged from the dark clouds and cursed at them.

It was hard to imagine how angry the originally immortal Earth Immortal experts had to be to be like hooligans and curse non-stop.

Actually, it was easy to understand if he was in their shoes.

This was because the Blood King Palace was their only hope to revive and leave Tragic Death City.

After so many years, their lifespan was almost exhausted.

If they continued to stay in this city, they would sooner or later become dirty things like those maggots.

They were about to succeed.

Now that their hope had been destroyed by Jiang Li, the hatred between the two sides was naturally impossible to reconcile.

Unless… Jiang Li also had the ability to save them from Tragic Death City.

However, how could it be such a coincidence?

Was it really possible for such a coincidence to happen?

Jiang Li completely ignored the curses of these five fellows.

He was not in a hurry to leave. He only found an empty space and sat cross-legged to adjust his aura.

This was because the power of the Seven-Colored Rainbow Spring was too strong. Although it did not have the effect of directly advancing his cultivation, it still made his cultivation, which was already at the limit of the Nascent Soul realm, almost break through.

He had to suppress this force. If he rashly broke through before returning to the Back Yin Mountain, he would suffer a huge loss.

Beside him, Qiu Shui and Pei Zhong were also sitting opposite each other.

The Buddhist light on Qiu Shui’s body flourished as he began to chant scriptures.

It was a brilliant lotus flower.

Mysterious Buddhist sounds turned into golden words that flew out and danced around Pei Zhong.

From the looks of it, he seemed to be using the Buddhist’s best expiation technique.

“Hmph, stupid guy. Do you think you can expiate him with a few Buddhist scriptures?”

“If it was possible to expiate, I would have done it long ago!”

Among the five Earth Immortals tied to the rope, there was actually a Buddhist cultivator. He simply sneered at Qiu Shui’s actions.

“Pei Zhong! You don’t have long to live, right? Before long, you’ll be dragged down and become a maggot!”

“Hey, Pei Zhong, were you tricked by such a small fry to become our enemy?”

“I admit that this little monk has some methods. However, even if a mere Soul Formation cultivator chanted for a thousand years, it would be useless.”

“Let us go quickly. Otherwise, when the five of us escape, we’ll definitely kill you a thousand times and turn you into a zombie!”

The five Earth Immortals wrapped in dark clouds mocked the three people on the ground in disdain.

However, Jiang Li and the other two were still unmoved. They sat down and chanted.

Two hours, four hours, six hours passed.

“Kid, you don’t have to play tricks here!”

“It’s useless for you to trap us now. In a few days, the other old friends will come back to life. At that time, I’ll definitely make you suffer a fate worse than death…”

Among them, an Earth Immortal wrapped in dark clouds with his head facing up was still cursing tirelessly.

However, he gradually realized that something was wrong. It seemed that since just now, the other four Earth Immortals had been especially quiet.

Why did they stop cursing?

“Old monk, what did you see?”

At this moment, he asked.

He could not see what was happening below, but the faces of the other four were facing down.

Perhaps they had seen something that suddenly caused this.

This was especially true for the old monk floating above him. The expression on his face was something they had never seen in all the years they had known each other.

The dark cloud that came from Concubine Yun sealed all their abilities, so they could not even use the simplest probing method.

The other companions completely ignored this unlucky cultivator’s question. He could only stare into the old monk’s eyes and see the scene on the ground through the reflection in his eyes.

Unexpectedly, his pupils constricted.

Three illusory chains that were tightly connected to Tragic Death City appeared on Sword Head Pei Zhong’s body.