Chapter 598: New Hope (2)

“Blood King, how is it? Where should we go next?”

At this moment, an expert approached and asked.

Clearly, this was not his problem alone, but on behalf of everyone who was still in the Blood King Palace.

Their nest had been destroyed, causing their confidence to be greatly reduced.

If the Blood King still wanted them to continue helping, he naturally had to give them some confidence.

After several fruitless attempts to search the corpse, the Blood King could only suppress his impetuous mood when faced with the questions of the experts.

He released a wisp of dragon qi gloomily.

This was the prince’s dragon qi that he had extracted from the corpse when he possessed the Polar Mountain King.

Now that he could not find a complete corpse, this might be his last hope.

He had to nurture this dragon qi strand so that the nine dragons could become one as the key to open the Epang Palace!

The best solution was to find a descendant of the Polar Mountain King’s bloodline and plant the dragon qi into his body!

In Tragic Death City, on an empty space near the city wall, dense Buddhist words danced in the air, emitting a dignified golden light.

Around this empty space, 20 to 30 people had already gathered. They were all staring intently at the front without blinking.

In the middle was Qiu Shui.

The law chains binding the dead were indeed terrifying.

It took six hours to break the first chain, and twelve hours to break the second chain. Nearly twenty-four hours had passed before the last chain finally began to shake.

This did not mean that the chains were harder to break the further one went, but because Qiu Shui’s injuries were constantly recovering.

When he broke the first chain, he still had the help of the three-colored Buddhist light. When he broke the second chain, there was only one-colored Buddhist light.

After breaking the second chain, Qiu Shui’s status had already recovered to more than 50%. The last color of the Buddhist light naturally dissipated.

Without the help of the Buddhist light, the speed at which he broke through the chains decreased again, dragging it out until now.

At this moment, regardless of whether it was Jiang Li, Pei Zhong, the five fellows floating in the air, or the surrounding people with different statuses who were silently watching, they all stared fixedly at the last chain.

They surrounded him and did not dare to breathe loudly, afraid that they would affect Qiu Shui’s chanting.

This was because whether this chain could be broken was related to too many things!

Om mani padme hūm!

After the same six words, the last chain broke.

At this moment, the entire Tragic Death City seemed to tremble slightly, but it was as if nothing had happened.

Sword Head Pei Zhong suddenly opened his eyes in disbelief.

Now, he felt as if he had shed his heavy shackles and his entire body was relaxed.

Moreover, he did not transform back into a ghost. He was still in his fake resurrection form.

“It’s really broken! It actually succeeded!”

“It doesn’t seem to have changed. Pei Zhong, how are you now?”

“Pei Zhong, quickly try and see if you can leave this place now.”

The golden light dissipated, and the other onlookers finally could not hold it in anymore.

The few people who were still hanging in the sky like kites by Jiang Li also asked without any regard for outsiders.

During this period of time, they had also figured it out.

Since the two young people did not kill them directly and instead let them see this with their own eyes, it should not be purely to make them happy. Presumably, he had something to ask of them.

As long as they satisfied the conditions of these two young people, they would sooner or later be released from their shackles.

“We’ll know if he really broke the restriction after trying.”

Jiang Li glanced at them.

The place they had chosen previously was closer to the border. Not far away, there was a continuous city wall.

He gave Qiu Shui a look and understood. He did not do anything, but a door suddenly appeared on the huge city wall.

Apart from Jiang Li, everyone was stunned.

What was wrong with this little monk?!

He could actually control the Tragic Death City to this extent!

They had stayed in the Blood King Palace for so long and had never seen such a scene.

However, such a phenomenon also made them more confident.

With trepidation, Sword Head Pei Zhong stepped forward.

One step, two steps, three steps.

The obstruction that he had expected did not appear. The Cliffless Sword Head actually walked out naturally.

“It’s actually true!”

Even if their cultivation and mind were extremely tough, the experts who saw this scene could no longer maintain their calm expressions.

“Of course.”

“Congratulations, Sword Head Pei, for reviving. However, in the following days, I’ll have to trouble Senior to continue to contribute to the Great Mountain Region.”

Jiang Li was happy from the bottom of his heart to pull this benevolent senior back to the mortal world.

At the very least, in the future, he would no longer be the only one in the Great Mountain Alliance.

He also walked out of the city gate and slapped his hands on the ground, summoning the Gate of Hell.

“The city opposite this door is called Fengdu. It’s also my place.”

“I’ve already arranged that. Sword Head, please recuperate first. I still need to stay here for a period of time.”

Not to mention anything else, just removing the shackles of the other three seniors would take a lot of time.

Not to mention that there were many huge treasures waiting for Jiang Li to excavate in this city.

After sending off Pei Zhong, Jiang Li returned to Tragic Death City. At this moment, the surrounding gazes were already filled with burning desire.

After leaving Tragic Death City, they could no longer enjoy the treatment of resurrection. If they were killed again, they would really die.

However, how could being able to be reborn be compared to being locked up in this boring cage?

Previously, they were all willing to submit to the Blood King Palace for the sake of hope of resurrection.

Now, Jiang Li and the little monk’s methods were even more direct and powerful than the Blood King Palace.

Jiang Li faced these gazes calmly.

Previously, when he got Qiu Shui to break the chains of the Tragic Death City, he did not find a place to hide.

Instead, he casually found a place by the city wall for this.

During this period of time, the few Earth Immortals from the Blood King Palace who were the first to revive found the golden light.

However, there were several experts who were originally on good terms with the seniors of the Great Mountain Region and many experts who had just died in the attack.

Even Tragic Death City could not resurrect so many Earth Immortals at the same time. They did not have the advantage in numbers, so they did not attack immediately.

Later on, after seeing what Qiu Shui was doing, they threw everything to the side. The Blood King Palace was not as important as the current matter.

They only wanted to see the outcome.

While seeing hope again, they also had some thoughts.

At this moment, Jiang Li, who had entered Tragic Death City again, looked at them. There was no need to guess to know what they were thinking.

“Everyone, let’s see if you can capture the two of us.”

“If you have the ability to force my Brother Qiu Shui to let you leave Tragic Death City, there’s no need to curry favor with us two juniors in the future.”

He directly exposed the thoughts of those experts from the original Blood King Palace.

The expressions of those few people quickly changed for a moment, but in the end, they did not choose to attack.

“No, no! Little friend, you must be joking.”

“Yes, yes, yes. The Blood King Palace is already in the past. Since it’s already in the past, we’re naturally no longer enemies.”

“We were also muddle-headed and were tricked by those kings. They have already left, so we naturally have nothing to do with them.”

“Little brother, don’t worry. We definitely won’t attack.”

Of course, it was not that they did not want to attack. After thinking about it repeatedly, they felt that the success rate was too low.

First of all, there were many experts present. They were the helpers of these two young people.

Apart from that, in the previous battle, a few of them had seen Jiang Li and Qiu Shui’s strength.

In a real battle, they were not inferior to ordinary Earth Immortals, and their defense was extremely shocking.

Most importantly, they had their backs against the Tragic Death City Wall. Qiu Shui still had the ability to open the city gate at any time.

They were not confident in capturing these two experts.

Once Jiang Li and Qiu Shui escaped out of the city, they would not be able to leave this city. At that time, they would be helpless.

Then, these two juniors only needed to release the news.

For example, “We’ll help whoever avenges us leave Tragic Death City.” They believed that they would definitely be hunted down until the end of time.

After existing for thousands of years, their experience allowed them to make a good judgment. At this time, the probability of success was extremely low.