Chapter 599: Dream Cover (1)

“If you really won’t attack, then please make way.”

After Jiang Li discovered that the group of cultivators from the Blood King Palace really had no intention of attacking, he actually looked a little disappointed.

He turned around and spiritual light surged in his hand. He stuck to the wall and built a secret room for Qiu Shui.

It was enough to spread the fact that they had the ability to break the rules of Tragic Death City in such a small area.

If too many people knew about this, it would be easy for variables to appear.

There was naturally no need to put on a show in broad daylight.

“I believe everyone knows that what you’ve seen these few days is very important.”

“Everyone, please keep this a secret. If word gets out, it won’t be beneficial to anyone.”

Qiu Shui entered the secret room, leaving Jiang Li alone to face everyone. He made a request to a group of seniors who were at least a thousand years older than him.

However, at this moment, no one dared to underestimate this young junior.

“Of course. Fellow Daoist, don’t worry! We’ll naturally keep our mouths shut.”

In fact, even if Jiang Li did not say it, they would still keep it a secret.

This was because after Qiu Shui finished expiating Sword Head Pei Zhong, he showed an extremely weak appearance and said that he needed a long time to recover.

In other words, although Qiu Shui had only spent less than two days to successfully revive Pei Zhong, he actually still needed a long “cooldown” time.

Even they themselves had yet to be ranked in Jiang Li’s list, so wouldn’t the more people who knew about this, the more people would compete with them?

No matter how kind a person was, they would not compromise on an important matter like life and death.

Not to mention that they were just strangers, even brothers had to fight to save each other’s lives. It was naturally better to enjoy such a good thing first.

As for how long Qiu Shui needed to rest, that would depend on Jiang Li.

This was because the longer they waited, the more precious the quota would be. Only then could they truly squeeze out these guys’ value.

After instructing them, Jiang Li did not explain about Qiu Shui’s condition, nor did he make any requests or conditions. He only turned around and ignored them.

This made the group of experts from the Blood King Palace feel so uncomfortable that they wanted to vomit blood.

They were not afraid that Jiang Li’s request was too much, but they were afraid that he did not have any.

A few days ago, their relationship was still hostile. They did not have anything to fill the gap. It was obvious that these two young people would not help them revive.

Jiang Li turned around and walked towards the previous Sect Master of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, Situ Wuchang.

Beside him were more than ten alchemy masters who were on good terms with him. They were discussing something urgently.

When they saw Jiang Li come over, they stopped and introduced themselves with benevolent faces.

If it was any other proper alchemist, they would be shocked to the point of gasping when they heard these names.

However, although Jiang Li had once been a registered disciple of the Alchemy Hall for a period of time, he had only tested the medicine and had never really learned anything.

Therefore, he only found two or three names familiar.

He had only heard it a few times when he was participating in an auction and listening to those auctioneers introduce the medicinal pills.

He only knew that any medicinal pill related to these few people could often be auctioned at more than 80% of the market price.

It could be seen that their alchemy skills were indeed extraordinary.

“Senior Situ Wuchang, I have a pill formula here. The materials have been prepared. I still need your help.”

Jiang Li handed over the pill formula for the Dragon Transformation Pill to the few alchemists.

These masters had no reason to refuse to begin with. After seeing Qiu Shui display his ability, they were even more afraid that they could not help.

They took the pill formula carved on the flood dragon’s scale. The few masters gathered together and carefully studied the pill formula from beginning to end.

Then, two alchemists with the best techniques and the highest status stepped forward to vouch for him.

“Alliance Leader Jiang, don’t worry. Although this pill has been passed down from ancient times, the refinement method is related to the bloodline of divine beasts. It’s unique.”

“However, we’ve also practiced some ancient medicinal pills. It’s naturally not a problem for us to take action.”

These few alchemists were enough to enter the history books of the cultivation world of the Eastern Region when they were alive.

A thousand years passed after their deaths. Because their cultivation could not advance an inch and they had nothing to do in Tragic Death City, they could only study the Dao of Alchemy painstakingly every day.

It was equivalent to them having been in seclusion for a thousand years. There were also many people of similar standards who exchanged experiences and secret techniques.

Such a blessed academic environment was unique in the outside world.

A thousand years later, not only would their alchemy standards not lose to the current cultivation world of the Eastern Region, they might even surpass it by quite a bit.

Of course, Jiang Li did not understand what was going on. He only knew that the cultivation of these two alchemists was above the Earth Immortal realm, and they looked very reliable.

“Thank you for your trouble.”

“Alliance Leader Jiang, you’re too polite. We old fellows feel our hands itch when we see the pill formula. There’s no need to trouble ourselves.”

“I remember that there’s a group of cultivators who claim to be from the Dragon Transformation Island in the northern part of the city. I’ll go extract some mixed-blood dragon blood from their bodies to practice so as not to destroy Alliance Leader Jiang’s materials.”

“You’re right. I know the place. I’ll lead the way.”

Qiu Shui hid in the secret room and pretended to adjust his breathing to recover.

Jiang Li quickly finished discussing the matters of alchemy and was about to follow the few alchemists to their Pill Chamber to take a look.