Chapter 602: Low-Grade Heaven-Rank (2)

Now that he knew that the culprit was right in front of him, and it was not even the vine that he had always been at odds with, this made the Barbarian Stone Demon King so angry that it almost turned into a volcano!

Seeing the other party’s emotions change violently and his mind become unstable, Jiang Li nodded to himself. This was the best time to break through his mental defense.

“Do you really want to kill me so badly? Then I’ll give you a chance!”

Jiang Li approached and jumped onto the Barbarian Stone Demon King’s head.

Before the Demon King could resist, he slapped his hands on his head. Dense purple vines spread out like a tide and enveloped the stone giant’s entire body.

The purple vine wrapped tightly around Man Shi’s body. Countless tiny roots grew out of the sea cucumber and pierced into any crack in the stone, starting to crazily absorb the spiritual qi inside.

This was the reason for the conflict between the Barbarian Stone Demon King and the Purple Vine Demon King.

Back then, the Barbarian Stone Demon King had been fortunate enough to obtain an opportunity and could have advanced further. However, just as he was about to break through to a higher realm, he was ambushed by the greedy Purple Vine Demon.

He was attacked at the critical moment of his breakthrough. Although he relied on his strength to escape, not only did the Barbarian Stone Demon King not succeed in breaking through in the end, his cultivation level fell and he suffered irreparable heavy injuries. He recuperated for hundreds of years and did not completely recover.

This was why it yearned for the Yellow Spring Water and wanted to kill the Purple Vine Demon Shi Pan.

At this moment, Jiang Li wanted to extract his spiritual qi again. It really aroused the deepest fear and anger in his heart.

Right at this moment, the Barbarian Stone Demon King saw a faintly discernible crystal bottle in Jiang Li’s arms.

It seemed to have slipped out because of his casting earlier. Moreover, he seemed to be focused on absorbing spiritual qi and did not notice this.

In the exquisite bottle was a turbid liquid that looked like yellow mud.

Wasn’t that the Yellow Spring Water?!

Enduring the pain of the spiritual qi in his body being swallowed, the Barbarian Stone Demon King took advantage of Jiang Li’s “distraction” to actually grow a small Barbarian Stone on his head.

The little rock person was agile. He grabbed the crystal bottle and threw it into the Barbarian Stone Demon King’s mouth.

Biting the crystal bottle, the Yellow Spring Water flowed into his cave-like throat, turning into the thickest Nine Nether turbid qi that surged into his body. The Barbarian Stone Demon King immediately began to swell uncontrollably.

The remaining nine nails were squeezed out together, and then the Demon King fell off. It grabbed the panicked Jiang Li and threw him into its mouth…

However, in reality, Jiang Li was indeed standing above him. However, there were no purple vines that covered his entire body to extract spiritual qi.

His hands were maintaining a huge seven-colored bubble.

The bubble enveloped the entire Barbarian Stone Demon King, causing this agitated stone giant to sleep like a child.

Clearly, everything that had happened was another dream.

It was a beautiful dream that Jiang Li had created for the Demon King.

Although there were some loopholes, the elements were what the Barbarian Stone Demon King wanted the most at this moment.

Freedom, Yellow Spring Water, and killing Jiang Li.

In the dream world, five dream clones and more than ten thousand sub-bodies were working hard to weave the dream spiderweb. Thick spider silk wrapped around the Barbarian Stone Demon King’s soul.

It was not until a long time later that the cocoon that was as huge as a small mountain and struggling stopped.

This time, the seven-colored spider web was the largest among all the spider webs, and it consumed a large amount of Jiang Li’s dream energy.

However, as the dream realm formed, an even stronger dream energy returned.

As expected, the dreams of the powerful were different from the weak.

The joy of the strong was something that the weak could not imagine.

After a long time and confirming that the other party would not break free, Jiang Li released his hands.

Success. The dream power really controlled a Demon King.

Although he could barely do it when the other party was captured and sealed,

it was enough to prove that this power could already affect Earth Immortal-level experts.

Even if he could not let the experts of the peak period be captured by the dream spiderweb, as long as he affected the enemy slightly during the battle, it was enough to establish a huge advantage for him.

Just as he was feeling the feedback of the dream in satisfaction, a large number of dream spiderwebs not far away fluctuated violently.

It was the mortals in the outside world who were affected by some power.

He immediately jumped out of the coffin and discovered that not far away, a huge spiritual qi tornado was gathering.

The commotion was almost comparable to when he broke through to the Nascent Soul realm.

When he saw this scene and the location of the abnormality, Jiang Li already understood what was going on.

The Dragon Transformation Pill was about to be completed!

The main material was the dragon blood of the Dragon Transformation Island’s Dragon Head and his hundreds and thousands of children. After mixing with the Son of Heaven’s Dragon Qi, it went through the Origin Blood Ancient Leech of the ancient Xuanyuan Dragon Ruler lineage and purified it into dragon blood.

The pill furnace was an Earth-rank pill furnace left behind by the cultivation dynasty that had ruled the Eastern Region of the Azure Cloud Continent for thousands of years after the spiritual qi recovery.

The alchemists were led by two Earth Immortal masters and more than ten masters who had left their names in history.

Even the supplementary materials were top-notch treasures that were precious to the point of being priceless.

Under such conditions, even a high-grade Earth-rank pill could only be considered a failure!

At the very least, it had to be a top-grade Earth-rank pill. It could even break through to a higher realm.

Not long after, an explosion suddenly sounded from the direction of the alchemy room.