Chapter 610: Helper (2)

In fact, this former Sword Head of Shu Mountain had already persuaded Jiang Li many times along with Daoist Nine Years.

They hoped that he would seize the time to revive and not stay in this troublesome place.

As elders, they naturally liked stability, especially with the aptitude Jiang Li had displayed.

Even if he stayed at home and entered seclusion, he could still reach the peak of the cultivation world of the Eastern Region. At most, he would spend a few hundred years.

To powerful cultivators, a few hundred years was not long at all. They naturally wanted Jiang Li to find a place to cultivate in peace.

Moreover, Jiang Li had told them a portion about the Back Yin Mountain and expressed that he was very confident in his resurrection.

However, Pei Zhong also knew that no matter what method he used, resurrection was definitely extremely difficult.

If he was not careful, all his previous efforts would be wasted.

As old fellows from the previous era of the Great Mountain Region, the last thing they wanted to see was Jiang Li’s hope to die prematurely.

Afraid that something unexpected would happen, he had always hoped that Jiang Li would quickly revive.

However, ever since Alliance Leader Jiang became the Alliance Leader, he had always been very opinionated and had never been a puppet for a day.

He still had his own plans in this city, which was why he had been avoiding it until now.

However, he did not expect to encounter danger again in just two months.

Sword Head Pei Zhong had already decided that he would pull Jiang Li out of this city no matter what.

Could it be that the prosperous Fengdu City was not comfortable to live in? Why did they have to stay in such a remote place?

“Sword Head Pei Zhong, calm down. With the City Lord’s strength, nothing will happen so easily.”

“Over there, our help is about to arrive.”

In the direction of Qiu Shui, dust rose from the street not far away. Dense footsteps were quickly approaching.

Looking closely, it was a group of ordinary residents of Tragic Death City who had their eyes closed and were sleepwalking. They rushed over.

“These are our helpers?”

It was no wonder that Sword Head Pei Zhong did not believe it. Although the mortals in Tragic Death City could continuously revive falsely, they were more fearless than ordinary mortals.

However, they were essentially ordinary mortals. Even if they could be revived, what use were they?

Although there were many people and they could search thoroughly, how could they have the ability to see through the illusion?

Qiu Shui’s expression was calm.

During this period of time in Tragic Death City, he had actually been expiating cultivators who were willing to be directly loyal to Jiang Li.

Every successful expiation would bring him considerable benefits. Now, his strength had grown very significantly compared to two months ago.

“The spatial rules of the place where the City Lord is trapped are special. Even mortals can do something.”

Jiang Li currently had five dream clones, and each clone could split into 3,000 sub-bodies.

This meant that Jiang Li could temporarily control 15,000 mortals.

Fifteen thousand mortals surged into the nearby streets according to Jiang Li’s orders.

Their perception of his location was naturally more precise. The stage that trapped him was most likely hidden in the residences on these three streets.

Every time the sleepwalking mortals pushed open the door and stepped in, they would shout, “Leave Quickly!” or “Innocent.”

Jiang Li was using this simplest method to find the location of the stage.

Sure enough, not long after, one of his dream bodies disappeared from the outside world.

At the entrance of the Judgment Hall, another confused ghost servant appeared.

Found it!

Jiang Li was delighted, and then with a thought, two masked figures with fine cracks on the surface of their bodies flashed to the front of the residence.

These two people wearing masks were the two Saint Heart elders that Jiang Li had taken advantage of their weakness to capture when they were revived in the secret room of the Blood King Palace.

Due to the fact that they had almost been sucked dry by the broken wings, these two old fellows were at the Earth Immortal realm at that time, but they were already extremely weak.

It was far easier to deal with than the Barbarian Stone Demon King.

Long ago, they had already been captured by Jiang Li’s dream realm. After letting them recover some strength, they became Jiang Li’s dream puppets.

If they died once, they could revive and recover to their peak.

However, Jiang Li did not dare to let them revive and reset. He could only let them temporarily maintain this status that was barely at the Earth Immortal realm.

After being controlled by the two dream spiders and stepping into the small courtyard, they also transformed into ghosts and appeared at the entrance of the hall.

At this moment, the seemingly inhumane beating continued in the Judgment Hall.

Granny Nether Mountain’s obvious fake cries did not stop at all. She was still full of vigor.

It seemed that Granny Nether Mountain, who had the home ground advantage, was suffering.

However, in fact, this granny was not worried about her situation at all. Instead, she seemed to be enjoying it.

This was because besides Jiang Li who had been forcefully pulled in, everyone else present was played by her subordinates.

Even if Jiang Li somehow obtained the identity of a judge in this scene, his orders would only be carried out superficially.

The punishment just now looked miserable, but it was actually just for show.

Instead, the young cultivator sitting on the stage was the one who had really fallen into the spider web.

He could still be smug now, but as long as she finished this show, the other party would be completely bound by the stage and would never be able to escape.