Chapter 611: Helper (3)

Hmm… Unless he used the interface to remove the negative status, he would never be able to escape.

At that time, she could use him to approach that monk!

The monk who was preaching the scriptures was only hidden in the distance. He was illuminated by a small portion of the Buddhist light, and the effect was even better than the white flames.

If the monk could expiate him, the trouble that had troubled him for a thousand years might really be resolved one day.

However, right at this moment, Jiang Li spoke again and interrupted the two ghost servants who were whipping below.

“The two of you, stop. Hand the staffs of water, fire, wind and lightning to them!”

The two ghost servants who were ‘crazily’ beating Granny Nether Mountain were stunned. They looked at the two new ghost servants in shock.

Who were these two extra guys? Weren’t they always 18 ghosts in the past?

They were a little hesitant, but in this scene, the rule was that they could not disobey the orders of the judge. In the end, they could only hand over the stick in their hands.

When the ghost servants transformed from the two elders attacked, the two black and red sticks immediately had a different feeling.

They raised the staffs of water, fire, wind and lightning high and landed at the same time, hitting Granny Nether Mountain’s back.

Immediately, two blood flowers exploded on her back.

Granny Nether Mountain was struck until she slid more than a hundred feet forward and collided with the steps under the judge’s table before stopping.

Two eyeballs were squeezed out due to the high pressure in her body and hung on her face.

Even if the two elders were currently in a weakened state, they were still Earth Immortals. When the “ghosts” received the orders of the Judge, they could use their own strength to attack!

Even Granny Nether Mountain could not withstand the attacks of two Earth Immortals without using her strength to actively defend.


Granny Nether Mountain put the eyeball back to its original spot and turned around to glare at the two fellows who had really attacked.

Clearly, even Granny Nether Mountain did not expect that Jiang Li would actually find two helpers to come in.

How did he send the news out on the stage?

However, before she could say anything, the Saint Heart ghost servants stepped forward again and locked the two shackles on the other party’s ankles.

They pulled her back in the most violent way and tied her to the knife bed that had appeared before.

Then, the staffs of water, fire, wind and lightning smashed down alternately, directly splitting the other party’s skin, flesh, bones, and tendons. Under the huge force of the collision above, the sharp blades below also pierced deeply into the body, shattering her internal organs.

“You! You’re courting death!”

At this moment, how could Granny Nether Mountain not know that Jiang Li had seen through her trap?

In that case, continuing to be beaten was useless. She immediately decided not to continue acting.

Although the effect of this stage artifact was special, as the owner, the restrictions she suffered in the play were still far inferior to Jiang Li.

Even if she forcefully stopped it, she would only suffer some backlash.

It was much better than being beaten up by two Earth Immortal-level ghost servants.

A force that belonged to Granny Nether Mountain filled the pipa woman’s body.

When the staffs of water, fire, wind and lightning landed on her back again, it directly broke into two. The two ghost servants were also sent flying.

The originally weak pipa woman was currently transforming into the terrifying Granny Nether Mountain.

Because a character had forcefully stopped acting, the surrounding scene of the Judgment Hall immediately became unstable.

However, just as she was about to flip the table and grab Jiang Li, the words of the judge made her stop.

“Pipa woman, do you want to see your child?”