Chapter 612: Help Benefactor Escape from Misery (1)

Jiang Li’s actions were a little shameless, making it seem as if he was the villain who committed all kinds of crimes.

However, when the target of despicable methods was an old ghost who had eaten countless people, any methods would become a righteous chant.

After all, there was no need to talk about cultivation principles when dealing with evil cultivators.

“Child! Do you know where my child is?”

Granny Nether Mountain suddenly crawled towards Jiang Li, but the chain that was not very sturdy stopped her footsteps.

Clearly, Granny Nether Mountain had taken the initiative to restrain her strength. Otherwise, with her strength, the two chains would be useless.

At the mention of “child”, the red spot on the other party’s face immediately turned bright red.

This represented the power of obsession and resentment that far exceeded rationality.

Any ordinary person could easily understand that it was impossible for Jiang Li to have her child in his hands.

However, when it came to her, she would easily become stupid. Or rather, she was willing to be tricked.

In order to deepen the other party’s trust, Jiang Li, as a judge, clapped his hands. Immediately, cries sounded outside the hall.

A messenger of death stood outside with a baby in his arms.

It was a doll that the two Sacred Heart elders had brought back from Doll Street.

Coincidentally, at the end of this scene, there was still the scene of throwing the pipa woman into the Tragic Death City.

Therefore, when the doll came in, it cried and directly replaced the child.

This doll was covered by the illusion technique of the stage. It naturally sounded identical to the pipa woman’s original child.

Just by hearing the cries, Granny Nether Mountain was certain that it was the child in her memories.

Now, she had completely forgotten her identity as the Granny Nether Mountain. Her memories had completely returned to the helpless pipa woman of ancient times.

Fortunately, she met a good judge today.

“Outside of the law, human emotions exist.”

“Pipa woman, I understand your love for your son. If you can withstand the following 108 strikes, I’ll let you see your child for the last time!”

Any normal person would not believe such words that could not fool a child.

However, Granny Nether Mountain was willing to believe it. Because in fact, it was not Jiang Li who lied to her, but herself.

“Alright! As long as I can see my child, I’m willing!”

The mark on the face wriggled and spread out. The remaining bit of rationality in the body was suppressed without any resistance.

The pipa woman transformed from Granny Nether Mountain lay obediently on the blade bed. There was no fear on her face, only hope.

The ghost servants formed by the two Sacred Heart elders snatched another pair of wind, lightning, water, and fire staffs.

Without any hesitation, they continued to smash Granny Nether Mountain’s back.

Even the blade bed below was bent and broken.

No matter how strong Granny Nether Mountain was, without using her strength, she could not easily resist the power of an Earth Immortal.

This was because in the current cultivation world, there was actually no existence higher than an Earth Immortal.

Even if one gathered the three flowers above his head and condensed the five qi in his chest, in theory, he had only walked a little further on the level of an Earth Immortal.

Although it was just like how Concubine Yun and ordinary Earth Immortals might have vastly different combat strength, they were still existences of the same level and had yet to undergo any fundamental changes.

Being beaten up without any defense like this, even Granny Nether Mountain would be injured.

10 strikes, 20 strikes, 30 strikes, 108 strikes!

The pipa woman’s illusion technique did not have any defense. The power of wind, lightning, water, and fire directly landed on Granny Nether Mountain’s body, destroying it without any fear.

After the punishment ended, the cracks on the two elders’ bodies had already recovered greatly.

This was because the blood that flowed out of Granny Nether Mountain, who had been beaten 108 times, turned into balls of extremely high-quality spiritual essence.

After being absorbed by the two Sacred Heart elders, they recovered a lot of strength.

Although this kind of method of directly absorbing spiritual quality was extremely dangerous and could easily pollute the soul and distort oneself, Jiang Li did not feel any heartache towards these two fellows.

“Child! Give it to me! My child!”

The two elders secretly hit her a few more times before stopping.

The pipa woman, who was almost a pile of mush, could not wait any longer.

Jiang Li waved his hand outside, and a ghost servant carried a child who looked to be less than a year old in.

The child’s clothes were wet, and his mouth and nose were covered in sand. It was obvious that he had died in the water.

After all, it was a water ghost that had been soaked in a pig cage. It was not strange for it to look like this.

This scene was formed from the pipa woman’s memories. The image of the baby inside was naturally identical to her memories.

In the original script, the pipa woman should never be able to see her child.

However, with Jiang Li’s intervention, he carried another child over to replace him.

This allowed the other party to see the child that she yearned to see every time she acted but could not.

Granny Nether Mountain pulled her body out of the twisted knife bed and crazily rushed towards the child who was crying and coughing out two mouthfuls of mud from time to time.

She hugged the child gently, afraid that she would hurt her child.

Compared to the ferocious granny in the Back Yin Mountain, it was simply a huge change.

“Lord Judge, please show mercy. Don’t let me be separated from the child!”

“Lord Judge, please show mercy and let him reincarnate with me. I will repay you in my next life!”