Chapter 615: Returning to the Back Yin Mountain (2)

In the distance, a few cultivators who had nothing to do happened to see Jiang Li and the other two and habitually teased them.

Just as they had said, when they first arrived in Tragic Death City, anyone would have to use their own methods and try hundreds of times for hundreds of years before they could stay here in peace.

These guys had long given up hope on this.

However, what happened next made their jaws drop.

Jiang Li and Pei Zhong seemed to have not encountered any obstruction and crossed the line that should have been impossible to cross without any delay.

They did not have the chains of the Tragic Death City on them, so this place naturally could not trap them. If the Tragic Death City had its own consciousness, it might wish for them to disappear as soon as possible.

“What… what’s going on?”

“The Tragic Death Barrier has disappeared?”

A few cultivators rode their artifacts out with unbelievable joy.

However, with a few muffled sounds, they collided with an invisible barrier and fell with bruised faces.

After falling into the crowd below, they finally reacted.

It was not that the barrier had suddenly disappeared, but that someone had really grasped the method to leave this damned place!

“Fellow Daoist! Senior! Wait!”

They erupted with spiritual qi and blew away the surrounding crowd. They stuck to the barrier and shouted to stay.

However, even if Jiang Li’s ears were sharp, he did not intend to pay attention to them.

A group of Earth Immortals begged him, but he had yet to relent. How could these guys be worth his attention?

After leaving the main entrance of Tragic Death City, they could see an area shrouded in illusions ahead.

In the illusion was a barren land with only a few cultivators guarding it.

Seeing someone fly out of the door in the opposite direction, they also stood up and looked over warily.

Although most of the forces of the Divine Judgment Hall had already retreated, because they did not know the subsequent situation inside Tragic Death City,

The Divine Judgment Hall, who was afraid that something would happen, naturally could not completely give up on this side. At this moment, the information they came out with had probably been sent back to the headquarters.

“Is that the Land of Blood in the illusion? I heard it’s a very dangerous place.”

He glanced over, but the intersection in space was far inferior to the Netherworld Illusion. He could only barely see the other side.

Without interacting much with the people from the Divine Judgment Hall, they directly circled around.

It was not until he was far away from Tragic Death City and casually found a wilderness that no one saw that Jiang Li pressed his palms together and summoned the familiar Gate to Hell.

Pushing open the door, the opposite side was already filled with sinister cries.

Of course, he still had to use Fengdu City as a jumping point to open the Gate of Hell.

However, he did not want to be affected by the rules of the Netherworld Illusion, so he directly summoned two pairs of the Gate of Hell at the same time.

One pair led to Tragic Death City and Fengdu City, and the other led to the Yin side of the Back Yin Mountain and Tragic Death City.

Then, he stuck the two gates of hell in the middle tightly together and connected this side to the Back Yin Mountain Bridge.

Although it consumed a lot of energy, it was never a problem for him.

After crossing the Gate of Hell, he arrived at the territory of the Back Yin Mountain.

A miserable cold wind blew over, and dense scratches immediately appeared on the rocks beside him.

This was the wind of the Back Yin Mountain. It was enough to blow away one’s flesh and bones. Their soul would be destroyed. Under the Soul Formation realm, they could not withstand even a gust of cold wind.

However, before such a cold wind, Jiang Li did not dodge. Instead, he opened his arms and took the initiative to face it, and his expression was like a spring breeze.

After returning to this desolate land, to Jiang Li, who cultivated the Nine Nether Dao Scripture, it was as if he had returned home.

In Jiang Li’s eyes, the harsh environment that could kill anyone below the Soul Formation realm was even more comfortable than a paradise.

However, this place was not too friendly to Sword Head Pei Zhong.

As soon as he arrived, he immediately lost his footing. He held his head and felt the world turn upside down. In the next moment, his entire body ‘fell’ upwards.

He could withstand the cold wind that corroded his body.

However, the Inverted Domain here was too powerful. Caught off guard, Sword Head Pei Zhong could not even pull out his sword, let alone use the Cliffless Sword Technique to slash open the domain.

Jiang Li, who was still enjoying the cold wind, finally recovered from his shock.

He hurriedly reached out and grabbed Pei Zhong’s sword head to prevent him from falling into the void.

Then, spiritual light surged in his hand and quickly transformed into a wooden tablet that hung on the other party’s waist.

Jiang Li’s Inverted Domain canceled out the Inverted Domain of the Back Yin Mountain. Only then did Sword Head Pei Zhong’s body return to normal and land on the ground again.

“Senior Pei Zhong, the effect of this wooden tablet can last for 30 days. If you use spirit stones to replenish it, it can last even longer.”

“If I need too much time to revive, I might not have the time to care about anything else. Sword Head Pei Zhong, please be careful and don’t take off the wooden sign.”

“In addition, if a demon attacks, please take note not to use long-range sword techniques.”

If it was the original Jiang Li, he would definitely be unable to do this.

However, after crossing the Back Yin Mountain and going from living to dead, the Nine Nether Dao Scripture made great progress. The Inverted Domain that was based on the Dao Scripture naturally obtained a huge improvement.

This was the effect of a long-term single domain on other items.

However, in terms of quantity, they could not compare to Granny Nether Mountain.

Then, a few more people came out from the Gate of Hell. They were Qin Shuman, who also had Jiang Li’s wooden tablet on her waist, and the thirteen Ghost Kings of Fengdu City.

The remaining Chang Le Guards and the demons of the Ten Directions Region were all alive.

Therefore, they could not appear on the Yin side. They were already waiting for orders near the mountaintop.

At that time, they would protect Jiang Li along with Qin Shuman and the others.

“Greetings, City Lord!”

Qin Shuman bowed with the thirteen Ghost Kings.

She was still the same as before. With a bow, she knelt on Jiang Li’s body. Her shoulders were smooth and weak-looking.

Due to the special method of death, this female ghost was molded into a clay statue.

The person who crafted it was indeed not bad, causing her body to be very intact.

Moreover, the soul and body had always overlapped, and the connection was much tighter than ordinary ghosts.

Now that her cultivation level had already reached the level of a Soul Formation cultivator, she had fused with her body again and cultivated the Yin Body. She looked no different from an ordinary person.

The cold white skin was even more tempting.

Cough cough!

There were elders present, so how could Jiang Li let her continue acting?

He hurriedly helped her pull up her sleeve and helped her up.

“Oh? Your long dress?”

When Jiang Li came into contact with the long dress, he clearly sensed something.

Qin Shuman immediately raised her chin proudly.

She turned around in front of Jiang Li and displayed the black dress on her body.

On it, a churning Yin Burial Ghost cloud appeared in the originally pure black color.

Qin Shuman actually put a large number of Yin Burial Ghost Soldiers into her dress!

“This is the Illusory Art Life Record!”

Previously, as the commander of the Yin Burial Army, she could have combined the power of tens of millions of ghost soldiers and displayed powerful strength.

As long as there were enough ghost soldiers, they could even temporarily surpass the Ghost King.

However, he did not expect that with the help of the Illusory Art Life Record, Qin Shuman could already do this.

She put away an exaggerated number of ghost soldiers and carried them with her.

This way, with the help of the ghost soldiers, there was no need to create such a huge formation every time.

They did not have to worry about being eliminated by the enemy again, causing them to become weaker and weaker.

This female ghost could be said to be overflowing with talent in the cultivation of illusions.

Even if Jiang Li’s investment in her was not small, Qin Shuman was the only subordinate who had walked all the way and could still keep up with his footsteps.

With Jiang Li’s cultivation speed, this was an extremely rare thing.

Of course, there was also Qiu Shui.

The reincarnation of Ksitigarbha was not a joke.

Every time they met, Jiang Li could sense a huge improvement in the other party. Presumably, it would not be long before that fellow became an Earth Immortal.

If he wanted to resist those reincarnated Immortals and Buddhas, he had to hurry up!

“Let’s go up the mountain!”

The last time he went down the mountain, he was still following behind Granny Nether Mountain. This time, when he went up the mountain, Jiang Li was already the leader.