Chapter 619: Pulling Out the Nine Nether Root (2)

As soon as the roots formed from the Nine Nether spiritual qi came into contact with the broken root, Jiang Li felt an enormous pressure.

The Barbarian Stone Demon King under his feet bent its back under such force. Cracks appeared all over its body, and countless huge rocks rolled down.

Jiang Li did not make things difficult for his dream puppet. He simply landed on the ground and started to compete with the root.

In the end, he was still a body cultivator.

The Beast Blood Diagram, the True Dragon Body, Ba Xia’s Strength, the Human Emperor’s Body Tempering, Chi You’s Muscles, and other powers combined made him nearly unrivaled in terms of strength.

He had always been successful in suppressing others.

However, this time, Jiang Li had finally met his match.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A sound that was like a thick steel rope being pulled apart sounded in his ears. Accompanying it was a tearing pain.

It was the sound of his muscles being torn apart under the huge force.

One had to know that with Jiang Li’s current physical strength, even lifting an ordinary mountain could not be considered hard work.

Every muscle as thick as a hair was enough to hang a ship.

However, such a powerful body could not withstand the competition of strength.

Fortunately, Jiang Li had a powerful recovery ability. The broken muscles immediately recovered and became even stronger than before, emitting wisps of seven-colored luster.

However, this speed of becoming stronger could not change the fact that he was not at a disadvantage.

Soon, more muscles were torn apart. In serious cases, there were even open wounds. Hot blood was squeezed out by the high pressure in his body.

He lasted for 30 breaths before a crisp crack sounded!

Jiang Li’s right ankle could not withstand the immense pressure and was actually directly torn apart. The sharp bone scab pierced through his muscles and cut open his skin, exposing it to the air.

He only needed less than half a breath to recover from such injuries.

However, at this moment, the bones and joints in his entire body began to creak.

Clearly, if he waited a little longer, his other bones would not be able to withstand it and begin to break.

This was under the premise that there were two other clones of the Nine Nether Wood to help him share the pressure.

It was clearly just a broken root, so why was it so difficult to pull out?!

Jiang Li gritted his teeth. He could still sense that the spiritual qi in his body was being quickly absorbed by the other party.

Although that speed was far from his own recovery speed, it was clearly not a solution if this continued.

It was clearly impossible for Jiang Li to give up on this root.

Then, he could only rely on other forces.

“Everyone! Spread out!”

The only successor of the Human Emperor in the world suddenly gave a strange order.

He was clearly at a disadvantage. Instead of asking for help, he let his subordinates leave. This order was not normal.

The Great Demon Guards surrounding the Yang side of the Back Yin Mountain and the Ghost King experts gathered on the Yin side retreated without any hesitation.

With their speed, they had already created a safe distance in the blink of an eye.

Ever since they joined Fengdu City, they only knew one thing. They should not have any doubts about the City Lord’s orders.

Only the Cliffless Sword, Pei Zhong, was worried about the safety of his junior and was unwilling to retreat. Under Qin Shuman’s persuasion, he barely pulled away a little.

After everyone left, the two Nine Nether clones also pulled away at the same time, leaving all the pressure to Jiang Li alone.

Under the explosive pressure, a layer of blood mist suddenly erupted from his entire body, and 50% of his muscles were torn apart on the spot.

The strong and muscular Alliance Leader could not help but cry out in pain.

However, his hands still grabbed the roots tightly, unwilling to let the other party leave.

The rock layer beneath his feet could no longer withstand such force and shattered.

Jiang Li hugged the Nine Nether Broken Root, but it was as if it was wrapping around him. He was quickly pulled down just like that.

The mountain rocks rolled. The successor of the Human Emperor who had not appeared for ten thousand years seemed to be dragged underground and crushed to death.

However, in the next moment, a strange fluctuation spread out. Wherever it enveloped, even the cold wind on the Back Yin Mountain fell silent.

Feeling the fluctuation that assaulted their faces, everyone in Fengdu City immediately retreated a distance.

Before that fluctuation, all the humans, ghosts, and demons subconsciously felt uncomfortable and terrified.

After all, that was the Cultivationless Age that ended the era of the ancient Immortals and Buddhas!

No wonder Jiang Li wanted them to retreat earlier.

If they were closer, they would have been injured.

Even the Dragon Rock Island’s Dragon Head was still recuperating in the cave. Not everyone could endure the taste of the anti-cultivation domain.

From afar, this group of experts grunted.

On the other hand, Jiang Li, who was at the core, turned pale and suffered considerable injuries again.

Even the Earth Treasury Buddhist Light could not resist the power of the anti-cultivation domain.

However, correspondingly, the root wrapped around its body was quite uncomfortable. The pulling force from it immediately decreased by half.

The Nine Nether Root wanted to get away from the anti-cultivation domain and shrug off Jiang Li to retreat underground.

However, how could Jiang Li let go of something that had fallen into his hands?

From the shield in his hand, a large number of dark red tendons surged out and instantly covered Jiang Li’s entire body.

Under the enhancement of the Chi You Armor, his strength increased exponentially.

He hugged the roots on his body tightly and stepped back to the ground.

Under the envelopment of the anti-cultivation domain, most of the power of the Nine Nether Broken Root was ineffective.

Compared to the Chi You Armor that had absorbed Jiang Li’s strength and was still growing stronger, he was finally at a disadvantage.

The broken root that was like a fossil was dragged out of the ground bit by bit.

A root without intelligence did not know how to survive.

After being dragged a few thousand feet step by step, it actually darted out of the mountain and wrapped tightly around Jiang Li’s body.

It seemed that it planned to use this method to directly deal with the source of the danger.

Then, because of the attack of the Nine Nether Broken Root, the Chi You Armor stopped working.

The dark red tendons that were originally focused on absorbing Jiang Li’s energy surged, and they started to resist the roots on the body. They continuously swelled and twisted, wanting to open the roots.

This time, it reduced the pressure on Jiang Li greatly.

Feeling the two ancient remnants that were tightly stuck to their bodies, it was hard to imagine how powerful their main bodies were at their peak.

“Since it’s already come to this, let’s work harder!”

Jiang Li took a deep breath and prepared himself, and then he directly closed the Anti-Cultivation Spiritual Bead on the sealed shield.

The anti-cultivation domain disappeared, and the suppressed Chi You’s muscles and Nine Nether Root immediately became active again.

Both of them were extremely greedy.

The speed at which Jiang Li lost his life force and spiritual qi immediately increased by more than ten times.

However, this did not stop his decision.

At this speed, they could not do anything to him for a while!

The Nine Nether clones that had originally retreated flew back. Each stretched out a root and entered the huge hole left behind after the Nine Nether Root was pulled out.

There was also a pool of the Yellow Spring Water that had been left behind for many years.

Taking advantage of the fact that the cave had not collapsed, the two Nine Nether Wood exerted their strength and sucked out all the Yellow Spring Water inside.

On the ground, the two statues on the Nine Nether Tree stretched out their hands and pieced together to form a pond. Then, turbid Yellow Spring Water surged out and filled the wooden pond.

Jiang Li was also prepared. He walked forward step by step with the double restraints of the Chi You Armor and the Nine Nether Broken Root.

With the last step, his entire body had already crossed the boundary that separated life and death.

In an instant, the boundary of life and death shattered in front of Jiang Li.

The life force that had been stripped away from the shadow instantly flowed back into his body.

The dead Jiang Li was revived.

There were great mysteries and opportunities between life and death.

It was as if two pieces of a puzzle had been pieced together seamlessly, revealing a brand new scene.

Jiang Li’s Nine Nether Dao Scripture broke through the shackles in time and transformed to a deeper level.


A crack immediately appeared on his Nascent Soul.

The barrier between the Nascent Soul realm and the Soul Formation realm could no longer be suppressed and began to break through.

Immediately, Jiang Li leaped into the Yellow Spring Water and took out a few things from the Yin Burial Coffin.