Chapter 621: Heavenly Creation (2)

These dragons that had cultivated could also be considered True Dragons.

However, compared to the true descendants of the Ancestral Dragon, there was still a certain gap.

It was not to the extent that, like some dragon blood demon beasts, they would be completely unable to move under the pressure of the dragon might and be at the mercy of others.

However, if this kind of River Dragon really faced the direct bloodline of the Dragon Palace, the power they obtained from the Dragon Race bloodline would also be suppressed and completely unable to be used. They could only use other powers to fight the enemy.

Now, this medicinal pill gave Jiang Li a chance to ascend to the heavens.

After all, to him, one medicinal pill was equivalent to countless medicinal pills.

As long as he went through the Dragon Transformation nine times, he would be able to raise his dragon blood to the level of the direct bloodline of the Four Seas Dragon Palace!

After that, if he were to transmigrate back to the ancient times, he might be able to go to the Dragon Palace to acknowledge his ancestors and become a prince.

Of course, only Jiang Li could think about this Nine Transformations Dragon. It was basically impossible for others to attempt this.

This medicinal pill could last for nine days, and one could undergo a level of Dragon Transformation in nine days.

However, even if it was a Heaven-rank medicinal pill, the effect would be the best when it was eaten for the first time.

When he consumed it for the second time, he might have to eat two Heaven-rank Dragon Transformation Pills to achieve the same effect.

As this continued, the effects of the medicinal pills would continue to decrease.

If it was anyone else, even if they had the Xuanyuan Clan’s Origin Blood Ancient Leech that could purify dragon blood and use the True Dragon Blood to purify the Dragon Palace’s direct bloodline, he had to kill more than a thousand True Dragons and refine more than a thousand Heaven-rank Dragon Transformation Pills to truly reach the Nine Transformations stage.

Not to mention now, even in ancient times, in the vast four seas, it was hard to say if there were so many True Dragons to kill.

Right when Jiang Li was happy about these two new statuses, the seemingly ordinary stone that he swallowed also changed.

[Consumed the Nüwa Stone. Added Status: Petrification Curse… Status: Blessing of Nüwa’s Descendant has taken effect. The Petrification Curse has disappeared… Added Status: Heavenly Creation]

[Heavenly Creation: Seize the power of creation of heaven and earth. Become the favored spirit of all things. Transforming from Postnatal to Connate, there is a small chance of obtaining the Connate Body. Reforge the spirit with all things and reconstruct the body. Duration: 7 days] (− +)


The effect of this Nüwa Stone did not seem to be as direct as the Dragon Transformation Pill.

There were not many specific stats, but the actual effect was not inferior to the Dragon Transformation Pill at all. In fact, it was even better!

The Nüwa Stone had a trace of Nüwa’s power of creation. It had a more magical effect than going back into the mother’s womb to be reborn.

In the Primordial World, God Nüwa had used mud to create humans. How profound was that?

Previously, Gallonfran had only used a little powder from the Nüwa Stone to successfully knead Mu Yulan’s body.

At this moment, Jiang Li used an entire Nüwa Stone. Not only did he have the chance to advance from Postnatal to Connate and transform his physique into that of the first human, he could also throw in other spiritual objects and reconstruct his body!

Of course, Nüwa’s power could not be used casually.

If not for that person, Jiang Li’s childhood sweetheart, Junior Sister Qiuhua’s approval, if others wanted to do the same, they would only be instantly petrified and become a lifelike statue.

Speaking of which, he had not seen the little princess of the Shenshan Clan with the water and fire swords for a long time.

This was a precious girl.

In the future, Jiang Li would condense the five qi in his chest. If he could draw out a strand of the Mother Earth Qi of Nüwa in his chest, the three divine pillars would be his little brother.

There was also the “water and fire dual cultivation technique” that he had learned from Tragic Death City. With their relationship, the other party would not reject him if he wanted to practice it together.

Cough cough. At this critical moment, Jiang Li temporarily threw away the distracting thoughts in his mind and focused on adjusting his condition.

His greatest confidence in the reconstruction of his body was this Nüwa Stone.

The materials that Jiang Li had chosen to forge his body were undoubtedly the Chi You’s muscles and Nine Nether Root.

One was the remnant muscles of one of the strongest ancient humans, and the other was the broken root of the Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth. They were extremely compatible with Jiang Li’s foundation.

Coupled with the fact that both of them had their intelligence erased by a mighty figure, they were an excellent choice for materials.

Next up, talent skill, Cocoon Break!

After everything was prepared, Jiang Li activated a skill that he had obtained a long time ago but used extremely.

Now that he had the buff, [Heavenly Creation], this skill would really have an even more magical effect in the future.

After activating Cocoon Break, Jiang Li, who was originally wrapped in Chi You’s muscles and Nine Nether Root, suddenly felt his entire body go soft.

Then, a large amount of liquid surged out and seeped into the outer layer of the most muscular roots, condensing into a layer of flesh cocoon that wrapped around the muscles and roots that were still wriggling.

Surrounded by the tough cocoon skin, the dark red muscles and grayish-white roots lost their target for a moment. They could only tangle together and curl into a ball.

In this flesh cocoon, it was filled with a vast amount of vitality and spiritual qi. To these two, it was an unprecedented comfort. The irritable them finally gradually calmed down.

Coupled with the influence of the Nüwa Stone, everything in Jiang Li’s body gradually softened like a burning iron ingot.

Then, the Seven-Colored Dao Essence swam in the human cocoon, turning into seven sledgehammers that began to ceaselessly reconstruct Jiang Li’s body.