Chapter 624: Deep in the Palace (2)

Not only would his will uncontrollably affect the transformation of his body, but it would also destroy the process of the Seven-Colored Dao Essence creating his body.

The changes during the body transformation would also directly reflect on his soul, causing some uncontrollable consequences for this breakthrough.

This was not something he wanted to see.

However, it was already too late.

The crack on the Nascent Soul had already expanded to his entire palm. It was impossible to stop.

Now, he only had two choices.

One was to let the soul and Essence Soul stay in the body until the soul completely entered the Nascent Soul before leaving the body to undergo the baptism of heaven and earth and finally transform into the Essence Soul.

This would definitely affect his soul and body, but the loss was still acceptable.

The second was to leave the body and be exposed to the outside world. While enduring the baptism, he would fuse his soul and Essence Soul.

By doing this, although the soul would be tested by the harsh environment of the outside world, wasn’t this also a way to accept the gift of the world?

Once he could endure it, he would definitely obtain greater benefits.

There was a certain amount of danger on both sides, but to Jiang Li, the second was undoubtedly more suitable.

This was not only because he was confident in the strength of his soul.

It was also because he still had this pool of Yellow Spring Water.

With a thought, a colorful bubble suddenly appeared in the flesh cocoon and quickly swelled.

When the colorful bubble swelled to the size of a person, a transparent palm suddenly stretched out from the flesh cocoon.

Then, he used his other hand to pull himself out of the flesh cocoon.

The person who crawled out of the flesh cocoon looked identical to Jiang Li, but he was in a translucent smoke-like state and was not corporeal.

It was Jiang Li’s soul that had left his body.

He looked at his hands and then at the Nascent Soul that was sitting cross-legged on the chest of the soul and continuously absorbing it.

Jiang Li felt a little magical.

This was the first time his soul had left his body and was exposed to the air.

It made him feel an unprecedented sense of weakness.

If a cultivator’s soul left their body before they transformed into an Essence Soul or a ghost, it would feel as if his skin had been peeled off, exposing his bloody muscles.

Any breeze that touched anything was enough to injure the soul.

Personally, when Jiang Li stayed in his body, he was not afraid at all even if an Earth Immortal wanted to possess him.

Not to mention arm wrestling, with his soul foundation, he might be able to keep the other party here and bury them in the ground as nutrients.

However, after his soul left his body, 90% of the methods in his consciousness were useless.

He would be at a loss if he encountered any Ghost King.

This was also the reason why cultivators would not take the initiative to let their souls leave their bodies before reaching the Soul Formation realm.

That was because doing that usually meant courting death.

Even if he was lucky enough to not die and return to his body, it was not so easy to recover from the pollution and trauma of the outside world.

Apart from that, a living soul was a fatal temptation to any demon or ghost.

Right after Jiang Li’s soul left his body, in a mere two to three breaths of time, the originally calm Back Yin Mountain immediately produced countless demons and ghosts that pounced at him.

These evil spirits that were originally hidden somewhere suddenly went crazy.

“What a wonderful soul! He’s mine! No one can snatch him from me!”

“First come, first served! I want to eat his eyeballs!”

“It’s too tempting! I want his left hand!”

“Left leg! The left leg is mine!”

All kinds of strange ghosts surged towards him with cold wind and black clouds.

This scene was more ‘lively’ than Granny Nether Mountain’s subordinates at her peak.

“Jiang Li, what’s going on? Quickly absorb the soul into the Nascent Soul!”

Sword lights transformed into streaks of light that tore apart the cold wind and black clouds that pounced over.

Jiang Li’s breakthrough at the critical moment when he returned to the living world already surprised Sword Head Pei Zhong enough.

Now, his soul was actually exposed in such a sinister ghost realm. What was the difference between that and courting death?

The other experts of Fengdu City also attacked together to stop the demons from approaching.

With their strength, they could barely block these demons and ghosts outside the safety line.

However, Jiang Li, who was in the center, felt that there was no need for them to work so hard.

He symbolically snapped his fingers, and the dream bubble that wrapped around him immediately expanded, enveloping the entire Yellow Spring Pool and even the two huge Nine Nether Wood clones.

“Capture as many as you can and throw them over after crippling those above the Ghost King realm.”

It was rare for Jiang Li to have the time to speak, but the order was actually to let those ghosts in.

They were only tasked with injuring the powerful ghosts and not anything else?

The subordinates who obeyed the orders decisively gave up on the large-scale killing spell technique and focused on dealing with the powerful ghosts mixed in a large number of ghosts.

Without their obstruction, a vast number of ghosts surged forward.

They all wanted to break through the thin layer of colorful bubbles and tear apart Jiang Li’s soul.

However, they were like raindrops hitting a lake.

After crashing into the bubble, they instantly disappeared.

The hundreds of thousands of demons and devils only caused the seemingly fragile seven-colored bubble to tremble slightly before stabilizing again.