Jiang Li ran down and looked at the bamboo shed where the banquet was held.

The three underlings who harbored ill intentions were already busy to the point of dizziness. However, they were at the mid-stage Qi Refinement realm after all. They were still capable of taking on such high-intensity tasks.

Behind them, six large white sacks as tall as a person were already full. The seventh sack was also about to be filled.

There was only half a box of silver left. It could not last long.


Jiang Li could not help but gasp. This was the first time he knew that the Soul Capturing Bag could be filled so fully.

This time, he had only brought ten bags with him when he went out. He did not expect that he would be able to fill seven of them in just a short time.

This was nearly 70,000 human souls. In Jiang Li's two lifetimes, it was questionable whether he had even seen 70,000 people.

With so many dead and their souls captured, Jiang Li felt his scalp go numb.

However, now was not the time to think about this.

Jiang Li hurriedly called the 30 burly men over. He first took out the gold, jewels, and other non-standard valuables from the city lord's mansion and temporarily replaced them.

Then, he called a few carriages and got them to knock on the door of the nearby bank to move the silver.

Jiang Li carried seven large sacks and left in an empty direction.

After the emergency operation, the silver was replenished. The souls in the Soul Capturing Bag were also transferred to the coffin, and the cloth bags were freed to be used again.

One after another, vaguely visible souls were sent into the coffin. Jiang Li should have been excited that the Yin qi in the coffin had been replenished, but he was still unable to feel happy.

So many were dead… and why exactly were they doing this?

Shouldn't cultivators not slaughter mortals wantonly?


Another four hours passed.

The next day, around seven to nine in the morning.

It did not rain that night, but the dark clouds did not seem to dissipate.

The originally bright sky was also dark and oppressive because of the thick black clouds.

At this moment, a small flag at the entrance of the inn suddenly shook more and more.

Soon, a violent wind blew from the northeast to the southwest, blowing the small flag so hard that it was kept straight the entire time.

The weather could no longer be described as strange.

With such thick clouds and such strong winds, how much rain and thunder would it rain?

Knock knock~

There was another knock on the door.

Jiang Li exited from the state of listening to the Heart Sutra. He waved his hand and used his spiritual qi to open the door.

The person who appeared at the door was none other than one of the three lackeys, Da Qiang.

At this moment, he had a look of panic on his face and wanted to say something but hesitated.

"If you aren't working hard down there, why did you come up to me?"

Just based on the content of their secret plan, Jiang Li did not believe that they would come to him with good news.

"This… this… Senior Brother Jiang Li, Ah Niu… he's gone!"

Da Qiang hesitated for a long time before finally saying this.

Jiang Li's gaze flickered. He knew that this Ah Niu was the fellow who had 'seen through' him.

He immediately closed his eyes and attempted to use his five divine senses to communicate with the wooden mask on Ah Niu's body.

The masks Jiang Li gave them were naturally not for decoration.

The mask had eye holes and could barely satisfy the conditions. He could use the Five Senses Technique to mark it.

But as he sought to communicate, the mark was broken.

After exhaling, Jiang Li's mood could not help but become a little nervous.

He guessed that the defected cultivators might attack the outer sect disciples who entered the city, but he did not expect their speed to be so fast.

This made things a little tricky.

"When did he disappear? How? Why did you only tell me now?"

Jiang Li calmly looked over, but it gave Da Qiang a shock.

They had been plotting for a long time and had given themselves a lot of encouragement, they were determined to overthrow Jiang Li's tyranny.

However, before they could start doing anything, they lost one of their teammates. Naturally, all their plans were for naught.

They immediately lost their bearings, so Da Qiang gritted his teeth and ran to Jiang Li to seek help.

When he heard Jiang Li's questioning, Da Qiang who was feeling guilty could not help but tremble in fear.

"We… we're not too sure either. Two hours ago, a fellow disciple from the city lord's mansion came over and said that he had something to discuss, so Ah Niu followed him."

"We… we thought he would be back soon… but just now, another senior brother from the city lord's mansion came to look for their person. He said he was called away by Ah Niu… and didn't go back."

"We… only then did we realize that something was wrong…"

Da Qiang had a crying expression on his face. Clearly, he was shocked by the sudden change in events.

"You guys actually didn't inform me when you had something important to discuss! You even left on your own! Hmph! Go back to work! Otherwise, I'll teach you a lesson!" Jiang Li reprimanded Da Qiang before frowning again.

However, there was another commotion at the banquet!

"Wow! A few of our senior brothers and sisters have gone missing! I think it's this bunch of demons behind this!"

"Watch me slay these demons and uphold justice! I'll avenge my fellow disciples!"

A few outer sect disciples who came from the city lord's mansion could not find their companions and saw a large number of spirits and small demons entrenched here. These fools did not consider the strength of these small demons but directly linked the two matters together.

One raised his weapon and was about to kill.

These small demons were practically all at the bottom of the hierarchy. Their cultivation levels were insignificant. If they could not even block a talisman, how could they survive under the 'magical artifact' of a Qi Refinement cultivator?


Just as the line of demons were about to be hit, a thick chain with an iron hook flew over in time and knocked back the "magic artifact" that was lashed out.

Everyone was an outer sect disciple to begin with. Some were poor while others were rich, but they were actually not much different.

Just from the fact that there were so many mortal weapons sold in the outer sect trading area, it was obvious that most of them were not of good quality.

On the other hand, after the chain in Jiang Li's hand was broken last time, it was tempered and strengthened with the Kun steel given to him by Yin Qiu, causing its hardness to increase greatly.

Coupled with the iron hook on the top of the chain, although it was stained by the Yin Corpse's blood, it was originally a magic artifact of a Foundation Establishment Cultivator. Its hardness was not reduced.

Not only did he not lose out in this collision, he even gained a slight edge.

"Why did you attack my guests!" Jiang Li's tone was furious.

Why were these people always spoiling his plans!

"It's you! Jiang Li! You actually colluded with these demons to commit evil! Quickly tell us! Where are our senior and junior brothers?!"

That person's weapon was knocked away by Jiang Li, and he noticed that there was a slight chip on the edge of the blade. His heart immediately ached endlessly, and he shouted loudly at Jiang Li.

"Collude with the demons? Hmph, I'm afraid you don't know what the Spirit Summoning Technique is."

"I invited these guests here to gather information about the evil cultivators for the sect, but you deliberately caused destruction here! I wonder if you've already betrayed the sect!"

The sinister chain danced around Jiang Li's body. He took step after step forward, and those people retreated step by step.

With his feat of instantly killing a late-stage Qi Refinement realm disciple, these few people did not dare to really attack him.

However, there was one thing that Ah Niu was right about. The current Jiang Li was indeed strong on the outside but weak on the inside. Therefore, when facing these people, he could only choose to use such a method to scare them away.