Although his body was still in intense pain, if he was struck again, he would probably die here.

Helpless, Jiang Li could only endure the pain and get up. He raised his leg once again and prepared to run towards the distant flying ship.

Fortunately, the effects of the painkillers were still working. Although Jiang Li had only taken a normal amount of medicine and it was not to the extent that he could not feel any pain, with such a layer of relief, at least it would not affect his movements from the pain.

Wait a minute…

Right when Jiang Li was about to take a step forward, he suddenly thought of something, and he carefully turned 30 degrees to the side before transforming into an afterimage and charging out.

Jiang Li's speed was very fast, and his figure quickly left the vicinity of Cloud Stream City. After pulling out a safe distance, he braked again and rolled to a stop.

Due to the angle that he had turned previously, Jiang Li did not directly approach the flying ship that had already landed and was waiting for him. Instead, he was 700 to 800 meters away. There was also a low mountainside as a cover, allowing him to hide himself without being discovered.

[Armored Horse Divine Travel: Increase movement speed by 1000%. Duration: ∞] (−)

Naturally, his idea involved the powerful buff that was just obtained.

This buff could directly increase Jiang Li's current movement speed by ten times.

Although this effect only worked on running on the ground, it was hard to control and could only move forward at a uniform speed.

However, even so, this Armored Horse Divine Travel was definitely a status that Jiang Li was unwilling to give up on.

The effect of the talisman paper was too violent when the speed was increased by ten times, and the current Jiang Li was utterly unable to control it.

Forget about hiding his speed, he could not even walk normally.

As for this ancient talisman paper, it should be able to last for a day in ancient times. It was enough for an ordinary Daoist to travel thousands of miles in a day.

However, times had changed. Most of the power of this talisman had already disappeared. Even if Elder Zhong used some special methods to recharge the spiritual qi in the talisman, it could only last for ten minutes.

What would happen ten minutes later? Or rather, what would happen after he returned the torn talisman paper to Elder Zhong?

The effect of his [Armored Horse Divine Travel] would not disappear…

Then, wouldn't his secret be exposed after taking a casual step?

Jiang Li could not accept such an outcome. However, he could not accept abandoning this powerful status either.

After thinking about it, there was only one solution.

He had to use some negative statuses to suppress and counteract his [Armored Horse Divine Travel]'s buff! At the very least, he had to reach a level where he could control his own speed.

Jiang Li's sinful right hand reached into his bosom again and started to search.

Fortunately, this was not something that he had just thought of. Before burying the coffin underground, he had already taken out this thing from inside.

No, not waste pills.

This time, Jiang Li took out four golden needles that were more than two feet long.

That's right, these were the golden needles that the parasitized Guo An used to seal the black zombie's movements.

[Name: Seven Golden Life Locking Needles]

[Type: Dharma Artifact]

[Grade: Medium-Grade Yellow-Rank]

[Note: There were seven needles originally.]

This artifact should have seven needles in a set. When combined together, it should reach high-grade Yellow-rank in power.

However, three of them were stuck in the black zombie's body. When the black zombie self-destructed, they were destroyed by the powerful might of the talisman trap.

Now, there were only four golden needles left, and they had fallen to the medium-grade Yellow-rank.

Magic treasures were different from medicinal pills. Every single one of them was of considerable value. Jiang Li guessed that Guo An most likely did not have such wealth. This should be the magic artifact of an inner sect disciple. It had only been transferred to Guo An after he had changed his body several times.

He remembered that once the golden needle pierced into the black zombie's body, the black zombie's speed would slow down. It should be a control-type artifact that limited speed. It was just right to use it now.

He grabbed a golden needle and stabbed it into his thigh without hesitation.


When the golden needle entered the flesh, Jiang Li deliberately avoided the thigh bone. Under the circumstances that Jiang Li did not activate his dual defense, the sharp medium-grade Yellow-rank golden needle did not encounter much resistance and directly pierced through his thigh.

"Ouch… it hurts so much. But… I won't die from this!"

"It's fine… it's fine. I have pain relief."

Jiang Li watched as his thigh muscles twitched spontaneously under the stimulation, but the pain he felt was barely within his tolerance range.

With a sigh of relief, he looked at the interface.

[Seven Golden Life Locking Needles stabbed into the right thigh. Added Status: Golden Life Lock on the right thigh]

[Golden Life Lock: Movement speed of the right leg will be reduced by 70%. Duration: 6 hours] (− +)

Only 70%? Jiang Li could clearly feel that if he moved his right leg, he would still be sent flying by the strength of the armored horse.

Jiang Li compared the effects of the golden needle between him and the black zombie. The effects were very different.

Jiang Li was only affected by a single right leg, and the effect was far from being enough to suppress the Armored Horse Divine Travel status.

But thinking about it, it made sense. He did not know how to use the complementary needle technique, so he was unable to unleash the full might of the artifact.

His own strength and resistance far exceeded the black zombie, and he also had a large number of status enhancements.

If there was no difference between him and the zombie, he could kill himself out of shame.

But now, he would have to suffer.

Jiang Li sighed and picked up another golden needle. He stabbed it ruthlessly into his left thigh.

[Seven Golden Life Locking Needles stabbed into both thighs. Added Status: Dual Golden Life Lock on both thighs]

As this was a set of artifact needles, they produced greater effect when used together. Thus, when these two golden needles were pierced into the legs, the effect was greater than separately using them.

However, it was still not enough!

[Seven Golden Life Locking Needles stabbed into both thighs…]

[Seven Golden Life Locking Needles stabbed into both thighs…]

[Quadruple Golden Life Lock: Movement speed of the legs will be reduced by 780%. Duration: 6 hours] (− +)

The four golden needles offset the buff of Jiang Li's [Armored Horse Divine Travel] by 780% increase. The remaining increase was 220%.

This way, Jiang Li's movement speed would become about three times as fast as before. Although it was naturally very fast, with his own dynamic vision, he would only need to practice for a period of time to roughly master it.

The remaining portion of the effect could only be unlocked and used after his cultivation became stronger.

However, these golden needles could only lock a cultivator's speed for six hours. This was probably the time the Seven Golden Life Locking Needles could last without additional spiritual qi replenishment.

Jiang Li pressed for five seconds and for the first time, he made a negative status last for an infinite amount of time.

[Quadruple Golden Life Lock: Movement speed of the legs will be reduced by 780%. Duration: ∞] (−)

If not for the fact that there was a minus button that could change the duration to zero and remove the status, Jiang Li would not dare to do this even if he was beaten to death.

After modifying it, Jiang Li removed the golden needles. Half a minute later, the four wounds automatically healed.

Only then did Jiang Li carefully stand up.