"Rise." Elder He's voice was serious but gentle. It did not have the loudness of a body cultivator.

However, Jiang Li's ears were sensitive due to the influence of the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra, and he seemed to have heard a few roars of ferocious beasts from that voice.

"Junior Brother He, I'll leave him to you in the future." The Valley Master said as he nodded in satisfaction at this result.

The Demon Vanquishing Hall had lost an elder and ten disciples this time, and they urgently needed new blood to replenish their losses.

"Don't worry, Senior Brother. This boy's blood vitality is vigorous and his skin is tough. One look and you can tell he's a good material for body cultivation."

"However, Jiang Li, once you become my disciple, you will definitely suffer a lot in the future."

Jiang Li had just stood up when a large hand that was like an excavator grabbed his shoulder from behind. It was the master he had just acknowledged.

This master's fan-like palm was abnormally stiff. He only casually squeezed it twice, and it caused Jiang Li's skin and muscles to hurt.

Jiang Li had several body refinement buffs on him at the same time. His blood vitality was always in a state of abundance.

As a result, he had to use the Meridian Relaxation Pill and Painkiller Pill to alleviate his discomfort of excess energy.

With this pinch, Elder He came to the conclusion that his body refinement talent was excellent.

"That's good to hear. Jiang Li, do you have any other questions and needs?" The Valley Master nodded and asked Jiang Li.

Jiang Li was just about to politely refuse when he suddenly recalled the matter of the formation runes, so he asked again, "Valley Master, can I still learn array formations?"

The Valley Master was also stunned. He had just said that he would let Jiang Li specialize in one area in the future. In just a short while, he actually wanted to add a new side cultivation program.

"You're quite greedy, kid. Fine, as a cultivator, you really can't be ignorant about the Dao of Array Formations. Otherwise, you'll be easily taken advantage of. However, you have to know which to prioritize. Don't ruin your cultivation."

The Valley Master casually pointed out a spiritual light and inserted it into Jiang Li's inner sect disciple token, giving him some authority.

"If you still have the energy to learn other things under Junior Brother He's training, you can go and learn them."

The Valley Master gave Jiang Li a few more words of encouragement, and after giving him one of the inner sect benefits, the Scripture Hall Token, he left with the other elders.

Jiang Li followed Elder He out of the hall.

"Jiang Li, what kind of body refinement technique are you practicing?"

Elder He wanted to test him. Every step he took was 30 feet apart, and his speed was extremely fast.

However, Jiang Li still had part of the enhancement of the Armored Horse Divine Travel on him now. His speed far exceeded cultivators of the same level, so he could barely keep up.

"I cultivate the Mountain Crushing Scripture." Jiang Li trotted over and answered truthfully.

"The Mountain Crushing Scripture is not bad for laying the foundation, but it's too incomplete. There's no way to reach the higher realms. What level are you at?"

When Elder He saw that Jiang Li could actually keep up, he increased his speed.

"Disciple is slow-witted. I've only reached the third level."

After Jiang Li replied, he discovered that his new master suddenly stopped. He himself rushed forward too quickly, only stopping after taking another seven or eight steps forward.

"You've only cultivated to the third level and you already have such muscles and bones?"

"Come over and punch me."

The more Elder He looked at Jiang Li, the more he thought about his assessment earlier. When he pinched Jiang Li's muscles and bones, he thought that his body had at least reached the sixth or seventh level. He did not expect that this kid had only reached the third level.

Didn't that mean that the disciple he casually took in was extremely talented in the field of body cultivation?

Body cultivators were indeed all impatient people. They were still walking in the public area of the inner sect. There were always people walking around. How could he test the strength of his disciple in public?

Moreover, why did body cultivators like to let others beat them up to test their strength? Was there no boxing machine that could appraise their strength?

"What are you waiting for? Come on! Do you think you can hurt me?" When he saw Jiang Li hesitate, Elder He could not help but urge him.

"Master, are you serious?" Jiang Li looked at the surrounding gazes and asked speechless.

He thought: I know I can't hurt you, but if others see this, they will think that I've gone crazy on my first day as your disciple.

"You don't say? Hurry up and attack! Remember to use your full strength!"

Jiang Li did not know what to say. Alright, perhaps being thick-skinned was also a necessity for body cultivators.

"Master, forgive me for my insolence."

Jiang Li took two steps back, then immediately lowered his waist and flexed his muscles. His figure suddenly rushed forward a few steps and raised his speed to the limit. He used the momentum of a demonic ape to punch his master in the chest.


Judging from the sound, Jiang Li's punch did not seem to have hit a human at all. It was simply hitting a solid metal statue.

"Hey, I've really found a treasure!"

The eyes of the Head Elder of the Demon Vanquishing Hall, Elder He, lit up. He scratched his chest happily.

Jiang Li held his right hand and wanted to cry but had no tears.

"Master, my palm bone is broken…"

This was due to the Armored Horse Divine Travel buff.

Speed and momentum created power. The Armored Horse Talisman increased Jiang Li's speed, and the method of charging in a straight line with the Mountain Crushing Scripture had a huge increase in strength.

It would have been fine if the target of his attack was the fragile wall of mud and stone. Now, Jiang Li had utilized his accumulated strength to punch the body of a cultivator that was harder than steel, and the unlucky one would naturally be him.

"Haha, this minor injury is nothing. If you practice under me, I guarantee that you'll break a bone every day."

Elder He stepped forward and grabbed Jiang Li's right hand. He pulled and squeezed decisively, and Jiang Li's broken palm bone was brought back to its original position.

"Don't worry. Our Demon Vanquishing Hall has the best physicians in the entire sect. The Rejuvenation Hall is right beside us. They can even reattach a few bones for you."

Elder He originally only planned to casually pick up a disciple to fill the ranks of the Demon Vanquishing Hall, so he did not take Jiang Li seriously.

However, he noticed that Jiang Li's strength and speed were several times that of those at the same cultivation realm, his skin was abnormally tough, and his blood vitality was extremely abundant. After realizing that this kid was a genius at body cultivation, he unconsciously spoke more to Jiang Li.

"Cough, thank you, Master."

Jiang Li thought internally: Thanks a lot indeed.

Jiang Li looked at his palm that was red and swollen with heartache. The chain on his waist automatically flew out and wrapped around his hand as a form of binding.

After all, if he wanted to walk the path of a body cultivator in the future, he had to protect his fists.

"What is this chain for? A belt?"

Elder He reached out and pinched the chain in Jiang Li's hand, leaving a clear mark on it. He was curious why Jiang Li would bring such a thing with him.

"Master, this is my… artifact."

Elder He was speechless.


Jiang Li followed his new master back to the Demon Vanquishing Hall.

What entered their sight was not anything else, but three heavily damaged warships.

They were warships after all. Although they were the property of the sect, these ships were mainly used by the Demon Vanquishing Hall. Now that the hull had been pulled back, it was directly sent back to the Demon Vanquishing Hall to be repaired.

After passing through a few training grounds, they entered a quiet courtyard.

That was the location of the sect's Rejuvenation Hall.

Two beautiful female cultivators with gentle auras were treating the wounds of a few disciples. Jiang Li recognized those disciples. They were the most injured among the outer sect disciples. At that time, they had only received simple first aid in Cloud Stream City. After they were sent back, they had to rely on more skilled medical cultivators to treat them.

"Elder He, why are you here? Is this your new disciple?"

A female cultivator raised her head and greeted them. Two water balls automatically appeared in her hands, wiping away the blood on them.

After entering the inner sect, in the case of many, the disciples and masters were of the same lineage. Thus, disciples often called their elders uncle-masters.

However, the Scripture Storage Valley was not like that. This was a sect created by rogue cultivators. There were some family and friends here and there, but they often addressed each other as elders.

"Yes, this is my new disciple. One of his bones is broken, so he came over to ask you guys for help."

Elder He pointed at Jiang Li's right hand. Jiang Li released the chain, and the swelling on it had almost disappeared.

In fact, with Jiang Li's recovery speed, he could heal a broken bone in less than ten minutes. In a few minutes, even the traces would be hard to see.

However, he used the cover of the chains to move his broken bones slightly, preventing them from healing, and insisted on coming to the Rejuvenation Hall to receive treatment.

It was naturally for the sake of getting a free recovery buff.