When it came to talent, Jiang Li recalled that during the Immortal Ascension Assembly, the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak had viewed the Sword Heart talent as more important than the spiritual root.

It could be seen that in the cultivation world, powerful natural endowments were definitely not limited to the concept of spiritual root grade.

There was nothing strange about his talent in body cultivation.

It was not a big deal to reveal one's talent. There were countless cultivators and demon beasts with all kinds of magical talent in this world.

What Jiang Li had displayed so far was actually not much. He was still far from the level of overpowered main characters.

The main reason why Jiang Li was cautious was to prevent others from discovering the source of his talent. After all, that was his foundation. He could not let others know about it.

Previously, as an outer disciple, his standing was low, and his safety was not guaranteed. Naturally, he had to maintain a 'reasonable' low profile.

Now that he was an inner sect disciple and had taken the Head Elder of the Demon Vanquishing Hall as his master, it was time for him to become dazzling in the eyes of outsiders with his strong backing.

In addition, only by revealing a portion of the secret could he better hide the more crucial part.

"Senior Brother Jiang Li, an outer sect disciple is holding your outer sect identity token from before and said he came to deliver something to you. He's right outside the hall now, do you want to let him in?"

At this moment, a disciple ran over and found Jiang Li.

Jiang Li turned around and saw that the person who called him senior brother was wearing a navy blue outer sect disciple robe and looking at his waist.

Oh, that was a registered disciple of the Demon Vanquishing Hall.

The Demon Vanquishing Hall often went out to carry out dangerous missions to slay demons and devils. The casualty rate was always high, so they recruited many outer sect disciples who were good at fighting to work for them.

According to incomplete statistics, the number of registered disciples in the Demon Vanquishing Hall should be the largest among the various halls.

That registered disciple handed over a familiar outer sect disciple token. This was indeed the token that Jiang Li had left with Yan Hong as a keepsake.

However, Jiang Li was slightly surprised.

He completed the purchase so quickly?

"Let him in."

Soon, a familiar-looking subordinate of Yan Hong was brought in.

Speaking of which, he should be the underling of the two of them. It was just that Jiang Li did not care about them, and they had only met a few times in total.

Along the way into the inner sect, this disciple should have been questioned quite a bit. At this moment, he was looking worried and his back was hunched. His eyes were staring fixedly at the ground, and he did not dare to look around recklessly. From head to toe, he showed fear and trepidation.

Only when he saw Jiang Li did his face reveal a pleasantly surprised expression.

"Jiang Li… Senior Brother Jiang Li."

"This is from Brother Yan Hong."

That disciple walked forward and handed Jiang Li a small cloth bag.

"Is Yan Hong returning so many spirit stones?"

Jiang Li opened the cloth bag and took a look. Apart from the things he wanted, there were also many spirit stones.

"The prices of goods in the outer sect trading area suddenly dropped quite a bit. We didn't spend too many spirit stones buying these things."

Jiang Li understood immediately after thinking about it. In order to support the heavily injured outer sect disciples to recover their strength as soon as possible, the sect took the initiative to lower the price of commodities.

Now, it seemed that this method was amazing and actions were taken very swiftly. It made the life of the entire outer sect much better.

Jiang Li took out two spirit stones and threw them over. That disciple hurriedly thanked him before leaving under the guidance of that registered disciple.

After they left, Jiang Li looked around and saw that there was no one around. He directly ran into the Demon Vanquishing Hall's bathhouse and took out the things in the cloth bag.

It was a bag of shiny powder and a box of golden-bright and dazzling paint. Both of them emitted faint Metal-attribute spiritual qi fluctuations. Just from the color, it was obvious that they were not cheap items.

When these two items were combined, they were a very practical consumable magical artifact.

This was something Jiang Li had found when he was in conflict with those outer sect disciples at the entrance of Cloud Stream City.

He still remembered the hand claw that the late-stage Qi Refinement realm disciple who ambushed him had stretched out.

The fingers were suffused with a faint metallic luster, and it was even to the extent that Jiang Li could sense a slight danger.

At first, he had thought that it was the effect of some Metal-attribute spell technique.

Later on, after asking around, he found out that it was actually a one-time use magic artifact.

After understanding these things, Jiang Li could not help but deeply sigh at the wisdom of the current generation of cultivators. There were indeed many strange and very practical things that had been invented.

This kind of 'coating'-type magical artifact was one of them.

It was said that there were quite a number of types of coating artifacts. Apart from the golden powder that could be used to paint golden hands, there was also poisonous powder that could temporarily make one's hand poisonous, and many others.

Jiang Li had always been very interested in such augmentation items. As soon as he returned, he got Yan Hong to help him purchase them.

The golden powder was produced by the Scripture Storage Valley's Weapon Refinement Hall, so it was not difficult to purchase.

However, the golden paint was a Buddhist artifact. It originated from Benevolent Travel Temple and could not be bought all the time.

This was also the reason why Jiang Li felt surprised earlier.

"My luck is really good this time. He bought it so quickly."

Jiang Li poured the golden powder in his hand into the golden paint. His finger reached into it and slowly stirred the two together, turning them into an even more viscous and blurry shape. However, when the two golden objects were mixed together, the color instead became dim.

Then, Jiang Li rolled up his sleeve, and as if he was applying sunblock, he evenly applied the blurry substance to his palms and arms.

This thing was very expensive and very little of it flowed into the market. Most importantly, its effects were durable and effective. It was a rare and luxurious consumable item.

This could be seen from the fact that the outer sect disciple who ambushed him had only applied his five fingers and practically used them as nail polish.

Although Jiang Li had spent quite a number of spirit stones, the amount he had bought could only barely cover his arms.

[Both arms have been coated with golden powder and paint. Added Status: Anti-Demon Golden Skin.]

[Anti-Demon Golden Skin: Skin hardness temporarily increased… Anti-Demon effect increased… Duration: 24 hours] (− +)

Jiang Li's hands collided with each other. When they made contact, there was actually a slight metallic sound. The skin on his arms became visibly tougher again.

Moreover, because of the Buddhist golden paint, Jiang Li's current hands were simply even more terrifying than hot iron to evil beings like zombies and ghosts.

He decisively set the effect to an infinite duration.

After that, Jiang Li ran to the side of a water vat in the bathhouse and scooped some water from inside. He quickly washed away the coating on his arms.

The two hands collided again. The seemingly ordinary flesh-colored palm still emitted a crisp metallic sound. The hardness did not decrease at all.