"No way, it can't be true, right?"

"After Elder Duan's accident, this courtyard was searched by at least three groups of people. Even Elder Duan Shuang's jade bed was taken away to be confiscated. Could it be that the thing that was hidden hasn't been found yet?"

Jiang Li stepped hard on the tile, feeling that it was clearly solid underneath.

However, speaking of which, if the thing hidden by a Core Formation realm elder was too easy to discover, it would instead be abnormal.

Jiang Li actually expressed his doubts about his dream last night. After all, it was only a dream. Could it be that he was dreaming about what he thought about in the day?

After thinking for a moment, Jiang Li still squatted down and punched the limestone slab.

"Hmph, it's just a stone slab. Damn, it hurts!"

Jiang Li held his fist with an expression of disbelief.

He was a man who had dug a grave with his bare hands. How could he be defeated by a stone slab? This was not a fairytale.

Now, he seriously suspected that there was a problem behind the stone slab!

Otherwise, even the floor of a Core Formation elder's house could not be paved with such good materials.

Jiang Li thought for a moment before taking out the damaged flying sword from the coffin.

The material of the Shu Mountain Flying Sword was definitely top-notch. Even if it was in a damaged state, it was still the most suitable tool for Jiang Li to pry open the floor tiles.

He pushed the wooden bed away and stabbed the slightly bent flying sword into the gap between the bricks.

The limestone bricks were extremely tightly bound to the ground, and Jiang Li was actually unable to open it.

However, that did not matter. Jiang Li took a step back and first dug up all the eight limestone bricks around the tile before starting to dig up the ground from the side.

After dismantling its foundation from the bottom to the top, he finally seemed to have dug out something. The limestone slab suddenly relaxed and was directly lifted up by Jiang Li.

On the back of the limestone slab, a profound formation pattern was carved on it. After being lifted by Jiang Li, it still emitted a faint fluorescent light.

Concealment… Hard… Absorption…?

Jiang Li barely recognized these few runes in the formation patterns.

After temporarily putting the stone slab to the side, Jiang Li took out a small cloth bag from a hole in the ground!

This feeling excited Jiang Li even through the cloth bag.

With trembling hands, Jiang Li opened the cloth bag and two small hexagon-shaped crystals rolled out.

This crystal looked extremely similar to a spirit stone. However, in the translucent material, one could still see wisps of golden threads swimming around.

This… seemed to be a high-grade spirit stone?

Forgive Jiang Li for being poor, but so far, he had never seen a high-grade spirit stone.

That was a good item worth ten thousand low-grade spirit stones.

He brought the spirit stone to his nose and took a sniff. A stream of pure spiritual qi entered his nose, stimulating him greatly.

"Damn, it smells so good! This is definitely a high-grade spirit stone!"

There were many impurities in medium-grade and low-grade spirit stones. Without a specific array formation, it was impossible for cultivators to use them directly.

However, high-grade spirit stones were different. Pure spiritual qi could be swiftly refined by any cultivation method. The effects of recovering spiritual qi and increasing cultivation were far greater than basic medicinal pills.

This thing was too useful to him.

Jiang Li's eyes lit up.

Using high-grade spirit stones to cultivate was such a luxurious method. However, to him, it could not be calculated like this.

A person with top-grade spiritual root would need around five years to break through to the Foundation Establishment realm with the help of medicinal pills.

His current cultivation speed under the enhancement of his statuses could basically be considered to be on par with top-grade spiritual root cultivators who did not consume medicinal pills. Perhaps, it would even surpass some.

He did not know how long he would need to establish his Dao Foundation after using this high-grade spirit stone.

Jiang Li licked his dry lips and forced himself to calm down before putting away the two high-grade spirit stones.

The question was, why would Elder Duan Shuang, a person who was about to betray the sect, leave these things in the sect?

Could it be that he had originally been determined to die when refining the Golden Core and Zombie Core?

He planned to sacrifice his life to refine the Golden Core and then rely on the spiritual root seed to reincarnate as an innocent disciple. After he entered the Scripture Storage Valley again, he would rely on these savings to make a comeback?

It was terrifying to think about it.

Jiang Li thought about the spiritual root seed in the coffin and felt a little nervous.

To be honest, he was still not certain if the seed was actually from Elder Duan Shuang.

If it was his, the situation was fine. If it was not, the other party might have already secretly returned to the sect. Then, wouldn't Jiang Li die a terrible death if he occupied the courtyard where the elder buried his belongings?

Forget it, he did not want to think about this for now.

Even if Elder Duan Shuang really became another person, he would definitely only be an outer sect disciple who returned. As long as Jiang Li paid attention to any outer sect disciple who suddenly rose up, he could roughly guard against him.

After covering a few pieces of the limestone floor back to their original location, Jiang Li ran to another area and discovered that there was something buried there. He dug out everything one by one.

Looking at the items on the table, what else could Jiang Li say? The Bodhisattva Heart Sutra was awesome!

These hiding locations were so concealed that no other method could work and discover them.

The elder's courtyard was expensive to construct. Even if the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall searched it, they would not dare to destroy it casually. Therefore, they naturally did not discover what was hidden inside.

However, in Jiang Li's dream, these things could not be hidden. When he casually moved around the courtyard in his dream, he easily saw them.

Unfortunately, Jiang Li's dream was not a lucid dream. He was unable to control his actions in it, so he was unable to truly investigate all the places in the courtyard.

This also meant that there were very likely still some treasures left behind by Elder Duan Shuang in this courtyard. This made him involuntarily look forward to sleeping next time.

'Wait, did I forget something?' Jiang Li looked at the ray of sunlight that shot in from the window. A drop of cold sweat slowly rolled down his forehead. He instinctively felt that something was wrong.

After all that he did, the sky was already bright.

Jiang Li suddenly recalled that his master seemed to still be waiting for him. He was probably going to be late at this time.

He immediately knew that this was bad and rushed out of the door towards the training field yesterday, running over rapidly.

At this moment, Elder He looked at the pot of boiling medicine in front of him and fell into deep thought.

"Could it be that Jiang Li already knows what he is going to do today?"

"Who told him about it? They're getting more insolent."

As he spoke, Elder He scattered a handful of 'peppers' into the large vat and added two sticks of firewood to the bottom.