Knock~ Knock~

Jiang Li did not find his master outside, so he directly found the main courtyard located at the side.

He knocked on the door and it opened automatically.

"Come in." His master's voice sounded. From his tone, it seemed that he was not angry with him for being late.

Jiang Li heaved a sigh of relief and followed the direction of the voice to find a quiet room that was surging with the fragrance of medicine.

"Master, what are you doing?"

Jiang Li opened the door and was directly pushed back by the water vapor that gushed out.

In the middle of the chamber, there was a huge vat that was obviously very old. It was filled with medicine that was boiling in the hot water.

When he looked closer, it did not look like medicinal soup at all. It was simply the scene of a Sichuan hot pot.

"What am I doing? Since you've become my disciple, I naturally have to impart some true abilities to you."

Elder He casually threw a jade slip over, and Jiang Li subconsciously received it.

On it were a few words written in ancient text, "Beast Blood Diagram"!

"Learn it as soon as possible, otherwise don't blame me when you end up cooked."

It seemed that the Head Elder of the Demon Vanquishing Hall had another interest in scaring children.

It was not so easy to burn Jiang Li to death with a pot of red oil soup.

"Yes, Master."

Jiang Li found a meditation mat to sit on and placed the jade slip on his forehead. Soon, a stream of information that carried a barbaric aura surged into his brain.

Under the buff of the [Focused Spirit] status, Jiang Li's Enlightenment attribute was two points higher than normal, which practically made it three times stronger. His learning ability was greatly enhanced.

Soon, "Beast Blood Diagram Level 0" appeared in Jiang Li's cultivation method column.

As expected, this was a powerful ancient cultivation method.

After joining the inner sect, Jiang Li learned more about the hidden knowledge of the cultivation world. He knew that a huge change in the world had happened many years ago, and a long period of emptiness had appeared on the originally flourishing Immortal Way.

The current history of the cultivation world was actually not very long, and many things were naturally unable to compare to the ancient times.

Therefore, it was now generally believed that ancient things were all good things.

However, at the same time, the Beast Blood Diagram was also an extremely dangerous body cultivation method with a high mortality rate.

Jiang Li raised his head to look at Elder He's densely packed tattoos. Clearly, his master had already cultivated this method to an extremely profound level.

The so-called 'Beast Blood Diagram' used one's body as a painting scroll and the blood of demon beasts as ink material. One could collect demon beasts all over the world and use them to strengthen oneself. This path of cultivation was extremely domineering and barbaric.

After mastering it, one could obtain the help of a hundred beasts. That was an abnormally fierce battle strength!

However, as mentioned previously, the danger and high mortality rate of this cultivation method were also something that could not be concealed.

After organizing the many key points of the cultivation method in his mind, Jiang Li suddenly asked his master, "Master, if I hadn't defeated that demonic ape and completed the test of digging a hole, would I not have had the chance to learn this cultivation method?"

Elder He glanced at Jiang Li before he spoke, "It's not that you won't have a chance, but that you won't meet the prerequisites."

This was not Elder He being heartless.

According to the cultivation method, drawing the blood of demon beasts into the body was a rather dangerous thing. It was not that the temperature of the medicinal soup would boil a person to death. As a cultivator, there were a hundred methods to resolve this problem.

The problem was that if he wanted to retain the power of the demon beast in the blood, he would definitely be unable to completely eliminate the ferocity of the demon beast.

If a cultivator wanted to control this powerful external force, they had to rely on their will to suppress that irrational ferocity.

But there was no logic in a battle of wills. Sometimes, no matter how strong a person was, his collapse could only happen in an instant.

Therefore, if he wanted to cultivate the Beast Blood Diagram and ensure that his success rate was as high as possible, other than requiring tenacious willpower, the demon beast that was used as a material had to be killed by a cultivator personally. The help of others could not be permitted.

As for the thought of accumulating strength by killing a large number of weak demon beasts, it was at least impossible during the Qi Refinement realm. This was because Qi Refinement realm cultivators could only carry one demon beast mark at any one time.

Now, he finally understood why Elder He's first class was so tough.

Fighting was to sharpen one's ferocity, while digging pits with one's bare hands was to test one's will. If either one failed, it meant that this person was not suitable for this method.

After a while, after Jiang Li repeatedly confirmed that the cultivation method was familiarized, he stood up and removed his clothes.

"Master, I'm ready."

Jiang Li stepped forward and leaped into the boiling pot of medicinal soup.

Elder He raised his hand and touched it. His spiritual qi guarded the medicinal soup, not letting the expensive spiritual medicine lose a single drop.

Jiang Li felt alright soaking in the boiling medicinal soup. It was just like ordinary people soaking in a hot spring. It was a little hot and a little scalding, but it was still acceptable.

"Focus your mind!" Elder He took out the heart and reminded solemnly.

Jiang Li did as he was told. He calmed his mind according to the technique and waited for the change to happen.

Thump! It was the sound of something heavy falling into the water.

The basketball-sized demonic ape's heart in front of Jiang Li sank into the medicinal soup, and a dense bloody smell instantly filled his nose.

Under the medicinal soup, a dark red color spread out and enveloped Jiang Li's body.

It was as if there were hundreds of insects swimming around him, and they would bite the moment they had the chance. The itchiness and pain made one want to scratch them.

Body refinement cultivators were indeed unlucky. Unlike the comfortable feeling of Qi Refinement, body refinement cultivation methods were basically aberrations of self-torture. Whoever was more ruthless would become stronger.

As the demon beast blood seeped into Jiang Li's pores bit by bit, he also suffered a blood-colored intrusion in his sea of consciousness.

Before he could react, frustration, anger, hatred, and other emotions arose in his heart.

Jiang Li frowned as his mood suddenly became horrible. In his mind, he suddenly recalled the people and things that he had experienced.

However, it was not a warm and nostalgic feeling.

This time, for no good reason, he was dissatisfied with everything that had happened, disgusted with everyone he had met, and wanted nothing more than to kill every creature that had appeared before him.

Jiang Li's mind, which he had been quietly guarding, broke down on its own. His rationality quickly disappeared under the furious onslaught.

He waited in his sea of consciousness in frustration. All he wanted was for that damned beast to appear quickly and let him beat it up.

In his consciousness, the blood color gathered more and more. As he wished, it quickly turned into a blood-colored demonic ape more than four meters tall, roaring at him ferociously.