"Master, it seems that I've succeeded."

Jiang Li crawled out of the medicine jar. Behind his broad back, a fierce and malevolent demonic ape tattoo appeared.

[Beast Blood Diagram has successfully recorded a beast's blood. Added Status: Demonic Ape Blood Tattoo.]

[Demonic Ape Blood Tattoo: Strength+5, Constitution+4, Speed+2, physique will improve more quickly. Duration: 60 days] (− +)

"Well done. It seems that the ghost did not affect you much."

Elder He put away the ice piece in his hand and went forward to check the tattoo on Jiang Li's back.

"Hehe, Master, you might not know this, but the Qi Refinement technique I cultivate is called the Ghost Wood Art. It's perfect for restraining such ghosts."

Jiang Li also turned his head to look behind him, but because of the angle, he could only see a tiny pattern on his shoulder.

"Master, how's my blood tattoo? Is there any problem?"

He could clearly feel that his body had become stronger, and the strength of his muscles had increased by a huge deal.

Moreover, there was a special power hidden within the tattoo on his back. If he activated it, he could even unleash an even more terrifying power.

"This first demon beast tattoo is pretty good. If you don't use it excessively, it should be able to last for about two months."

Elder He studied for a moment before coming to a conclusion. He casually picked up the clothes by the side and threw them onto Jiang Li.

"Study the secret technique of burning the blood tattoo yourself. Put on your clothes and go out to dig a hole. Familiarize yourself with this power."

"In addition, there's a movement technique here. Take it and learn it. I see that your speed is good, but you can't control it. If this goes on for too long, it will definitely become a hidden danger in the future."

This was the difference between having a master and not having one.

The movement technique that Jiang Li had been wanting for a long time was given to him by his master after just a few days.

After he happily received a jade slip, he cupped his hands again and left the room.

However, because he did not control his strength well enough, he almost stepped on the door frame when he went out.

Outside, the sound of Jiang Li pounding the ground continuously sounded.

However, the blow this time was obviously stronger.

The increase in strength and improvement of his physique made the lethality of his fists become more and more terrifying. The stiff rock ground was a fist pit, similar to an ordinary person striking foam.

Thus, Jiang Li fell into the cycle of cultivation.


Two weeks later.

Jiang Li's figure flew through the jungle. About ten meters in front of him, a petite flying squirrel was running for its life.

Jiang Li suddenly stepped fiercely on the tree trunk behind him. Under the enormous reaction force, he shot out like a cannonball, instantly pulling the distance between him and his target.


A tree shattered into pieces under Jiang Li's punch.

However, the flying squirrel was extraordinarily agile. Surrounded by a green whirlwind, it slid close to Jiang Li's fist.

The skin between its four limbs opened up. With the support of the green whirlwind, it glided in the air, turning into a yellowish-brown shadow. It then flew towards the dense forest ahead and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


The Dragon Imprisoning Lock flew out of his waist and stretched out a hundred meters in an instant, catching the cunning flying squirrel.

The Dragon Imprisoning Lock was pulled back as the flying squirrel stopped struggling, it was obediently tied up by the chain.

Jiang Li grabbed it in his hand and put the flying squirrel into a small cage.

The flying squirrel was obviously experienced in this. It lay down in the cage and skillfully picked up a nut next to it and nibbled.

Jiang Li looked at the flying squirrel in the cage with a helpless expression.

"I still can't capture it without using the Dragon Imprisoning Lock. That movement technique is ridiculously difficult to cultivate."

This flying squirrel was not a wild demon beast, but a training demon rat raised by the Demon Vanquishing Hall. It was specifically used for training the disciples' movement techniques.

After sending the flying squirrel back to the Demon Vanquishing Hall for the registered disciples to feed it, Jiang Li ended his cultivation for the day. He stretched his muscles and walked out of the hall.

In the past two weeks, Jiang Li had been extremely busy. His time was fully occupied by various arrangements.

Qi Refinement, body refinement, runes, movement technique, and he also had to spend time every day listening to the Heart Sutra.

He was practically squeezing out time from the gaps between his teeth every day, and he was extremely exhausted. If it wasn't for his strength constantly improving rapidly, Jiang Li would have long been unable to endure such a lifestyle.

After leaving the Demon Vanquishing Hall, Jiang Li did not return to his room to rest, nor did he go to the outer sect to look for Yan Hong and the others to catch up.

Instead, he walked around the inner sect and finally entered the Alchemy Hall that he had been a pill testing disciple for a few months.

The temperature of the air was several degrees higher than other places, making Jiang Li feel extremely familiar. When the disciples at the entrance saw his clothes, they did not stop him at all and instead greeted him in a friendly manner.

After making a few turns, Jiang Li stopped in front of a pill refinement room.

"Greetings to Elder Red Hair, disciple Jiang Li would like to meet you."

Jiang Li addressed him as an elder, and his tone and expression did not reveal any displeasure towards the other party.

Speaking of which, Jiang Li was actually still a registered disciple of the Alchemy Hall.

Even though he had become an inner disciple, his identity did not disappear. Instead, it remained.

Even Elder He had always thought that Jiang Li had a certain talent in alchemy, so he simply let him keep this "promising" sub-class.

However, since he had officially acknowledged a master, it would be inappropriate for him to address other elders intimately.

"Come in." Elder Red Hair's voice sounded from the Pill Chamber. Clearly, he was a little surprised by Jiang Li's sudden visit.

Jiang Li pushed open the door and entered, but he did not see Senior Sister Little Four who was like a rabbit. Only Elder Red Hair was dealing with the spiritual materials in the Pill Chamber.

"Jiang Li, don't tell me you still want to learn alchemy? I told you before that you don't have that talent."

After Elder Red Hair created the "Hair Loss Hard Skin Pill", he received a large reward from the sect. It was said that he had even set up a long-term deal with the Benevolent Travel Temple. It could be said that he had made a killing.

Towards Jiang Li, this useful registered disciple (tool), he actually had a pretty good impression of him.

Previously, out of the intention of keeping this pill testing tool by his side, he had indeed taught Jiang Li alchemy for a period of time. However, due to his limited talent, it was left unsettled in the end.

On the other hand, after Jiang Li became an inner sect disciple, he still had some thoughts of going to the Long Clear Hall to observe the ceremony, and give it a try to become Jiang Li's master for the last time.

However, after Jiang Li became the disciple of the Demon Vanquishing Hall's Head Elder, he completely gave up on finding Jiang Li.

After all, who would dare to let the disciple of the Demon Vanquishing Hall's Head Elder test pills?

"Elder Red Hair, you've misunderstood. I came here to ask for a bottle of Spirit Melting Fluid from you."