'Too much! Too much!' Jiang Li cried out in his mind.

Why was he shouting in his mind?

It was because when he opened his mouth, a wave of pure spiritual qi would spew out from his throat. It was the type that could not be stopped.

The status of "50 points of high-grade spiritual qi absorbed per second" looked simple, but the effect was actually terrifyingly exaggerated.

The problem now was that there was too much spiritual qi entering his body. Jiang Li's mere Level 4 Ghost Wood Art was unable to refine it at all.

According to the cultivation speed of his medium-grade spiritual root, which was at the mid-stage Qi Refinement realm, it would be amazing if he could refine and increase his spiritual qi by one or two points every minute.

The principles behind the previous support cultivation statuses were also to gather more spiritual qi for cultivation. It could not essentially speed up the refinement of his cultivation method.

His cultivation was originally having equal input and output of spiritual qi. As long as Jiang Li cultivated, there would be no problem.

Now, as soon as the high-grade spirit Spirit Melting Fluid entered his stomach, the sudden increase in spiritual qi was equivalent to a reservoir opening the floodgates for this small swimming pool.

Forget about water, even Jiang Li's swimming pool would collapse under the pressure.

High-grade spirit stones were not things that Qi Refinement realm disciples should use.

It was one thing if there was a large gap of spiritual qi when he broke through to the next realm. However, if he diluted the Spirit Melting Fluid by more than ten times, it could barely be used.

This was also the common practice for ordinary disciples to use high-grade spirit stones to break through.

However, Jiang Li's actions just now were too ferocious and direct.

As a result, his entire body began to feel like a pressure cooker that had been pressed to the limit. The capillaries on the surface of his skin broke open in large numbers, and all the holes in his body began to leak spiritual qi that spewed out.

50 points of high-grade spiritual qi per second was definitely not something that he could endure.

If this continued, Jiang Li would probably explode.

Jiang Li was dumbfounded. To be honest, he originally thought that the more spiritual qi he had, the better.

But now, a drop of spiritual liquid was about to kill him?

Jiang Li's consciousness had already landed on the minus sign behind the [Spiritual Qi Infusion] status. He was hesitating whether he should directly eliminate this life-threatening status.

One second, two seconds, three seconds, four seconds.

Just before the status was about to disappear, Jiang Li released the minus button.

He noticed the spiritual qi that was becoming denser in the cultivation chamber.

Thoughts immediately surfaced in his mind.

His first thought was, if this spiritual qi leaked out, would it be discovered?

Then, the second thought that came to mind was that it would be great if he could collect and use this much concentrated spiritual qi.

Eh, wait a moment.

If he could not so much spiritual qi while cultivating his own cultivation method, he could use it for other things.

Jiang Li's eyes immediately lit up, and he took out the Yin Burial Coffin before tossing it out.

The coffin quickly enlarged, and when it landed on the ground, there was a muffled sound of collision.

Pushing open the coffin lid, Jiang Li dragged his bloated body and directly jumped in.

Yin Refinement Technique! Yin Refinement Technique! Yin Refinement Technique! Yin Refinement Technique! Yin Refinement Technique!

After Jiang Li flipped into the coffin, he did not force himself to cultivate anymore. He raised his hand and casted the Yin Refinement Technique consecutively.

This Yin Refinement Technique might not have a high grade effect, but it was not without reason that Jiang Li had chosen it back then.

The advantage of this spell technique was that it was a rather widely usable refinement method. There was basically nothing that it could not refine as long as the target was not alive.

In addition, among the many spell techniques that Jiang Li had, it had the highest cost to use.

When he was refining the Yin Burial Coffin back then, it almost sucked his life away.

However, it was very suitable to use it now.

The only unlucky ones were probably the ghosts in the coffin.

This Yin Refinement Technique was a spell technique that required casting materials. As for these spirits and ghosts, they were the best materials to cast this spell technique.

Jiang Li casually stretched out his hand, and he was able to capture seven or eight spirits. After he refined these souls into a strand of black light in his palm, he casually raised his hand and slapped them onto the coffin lid within the coffin.

Black spell seals were left on the grayish stone-like Bloodsucking Wood.

Every time he executed a Yin Refinement Technique, he would be able to form a passage to distribute the spiritual qi, and the pressure in his body would be reduced slightly.

After striking out thirty-six seals in a row, he placed six seals on each of the six coffin sides.

Jiang Li undid the Dragon Imprisoning Lock on his body, and similarly, he applied a Yin Refinement Technique on each of the ten metal rings.

The surging spiritual qi flowed into the magic artifact through the passage formed by the Yin Refinement Technique and continued to refine it. It was simply an unimaginable luxury for Jiang Li.

This kind of refinement that did not take into account expenditure also caused the two artifacts whose grades were at the Profound-rank to cheer like fish in water. The surface of the artifacts flashed with brilliant lights and vibrant colors, and their condition became better and better.

A large amount of pure spiritual qi flowed out, and the tearing pain in his body was mostly relieved.

However, it was still not enough.

Jiang Li looked left and right in the coffin space, trying to find a target worthy of him placing the Yin Refinement Technique mark on.

However, at a glance, other than the Yin Corpse Blood and a pile of corroded and damaged metal, he seemed to have nothing else to target.

'As expected, I'm still poor.'

At this moment, a corpse suddenly floated up from the Yin Corpse Blood as if it was sleeping.

He had a young, handsome face and thick eyebrows.

Out of 10, this brother could score at least 9.2 points in appearance. He was the kind where even a guy would feel that having a crush on him was not unacceptable.

Due to the soaking of the Yin Corpse Blood, the corpse did not show any signs of decay. Other than its pale face that was like paper, it looked no different from an ordinary person.

Looking at the clothes on the corpse's chest, there was a small sword embroidered with red threads.

This was the Fire Element Peak Foundation Establishment Sword Cultivator who had perished at the hands of the Golden Core zombie demon during the battle at the Mother River…

Hmm… What was his name again?

Well, that did not matter.

However, if he used the Foundation Establishment Sword Cultivator as the target now, what would he end up refining?

Could he keep the "Sword Heart" talent that the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak valued so much?

Jiang Li suddenly had this thought, and then he stretched out his hand and pulled the sword cultivator's corpse out from the Yin Corpse Blood.

He did not immediately use the Yin Refinement Technique to refine the corpse. Instead, a green ball of light the size of a lead ball appeared in his palm and slapped the back of the sword cultivator's head.

He raised his hand and condensed a green ball of light again, slapping it into the middle of the sword cultivator's brows.

The ball of light was none other than the seed of the Zombie Puppet Technique.

However, Jiang Li's current usage of spell techniques was extremely bold. He did not seek the best effect, but rather the greatest expenditure. As such, he formed the two super-large light balls.

After planting the seeds into his body, the sword cultivator's corpse slowly opened its eyes. Jiang Li immediately felt that the surging spiritual qi in his body had decreased again.

However, he was not shocked but delighted. This meant that the Sword Cultivator's Dao Foundation was intact!

"As expected of a Foundation Establishment cultivator's corpse. It really consumes a lot of spiritual qi to make this guy move."

If it was the original Jiang Li, he could barely control the Foundation Establishment corpse to walk. However, if he wanted to use his Qi Refinement realm spiritual qi to support the Foundation Establishment corpse in battle, that was simply a pipe dream.

But now, it was just what he wanted!

One by one, the Yin Refinement Technique was inserted into the major acupuncture points around the corpse. The sword cultivator's movements gradually became agile and powerful.

Under the continuous infusion of spiritual qi, the Foundation Establishment aura of the sword cultivator corpse slowly recovered.

Finally, after Jiang Li used the last Yin Refinement Technique, the continuously swelling spiritual qi in his body finally calmed down.

The bleeding and swelling caused by the overflowing spiritual qi also recovered quickly under the effects of various buffs. In just a few minutes, the obvious injuries disappeared.