Jazlynn's expression instantly warped when she heard the name of everyone's common enemy!

The air suddenly became suffocating as she looked at the towering giant. She had never thought the target she was supposed to search for would appear right in front of her so abruptly and even reveal his identity.

'But his size didn't match the description, nor did he wear a mask!' She screamed in her head, and the next moment, she decided, and her eyes turned decisive, and ice mana exploded from her sword.

However, an insanely fast dark streak flashed past her shoulder, and when she tried to swing her sword, nothing happened. She felt empty all of a sudden before piercing pain struck her.

She moved her head towards her right arm and saw it lying on the ground, and blood gushed out from her dismembered shoulder!

Bloody realization dawned on her, and her eyes went wide with pain and horror.


She screamed, and before she could even snap out of her trauma, another dark streak flashed past her left shoulder, and another arm was gone! Her screaming turned into even more piercing.

In less than ten seconds, she had lost both of her arms, and she couldn't even see the attacks or dodge them.

Yet, Jacob wasn't done as the swords in his hands vanished, and green flames replaced them, and he directly grabbed the bleeding shoulders of the screaming elf.


Jazlynn screamed in pain as she felt the scorching flames burning her wounds. It was like dipping the wounds in salted water!

Jacob remained impassive as he said, "Now that your sticky hands are out of the way, start speaking, or I don't mind removing your slender legs to motivate you further."

He removed his hands, and the bleeding was stopped, but the unimaginable pain was there, not to mention the trauma of losing both of her hands!

"ahhhh, kill me, you fiend!" She screamed with a pale expression. Losing both her arms was like a death sentence to her because there is no place for a cripple like her in a place like epic plains.

However, Jacob didn't even mind as he merely chuckled darkly, picked up her bleeding arms, and removed the cloth, revealing his handsome face. Right before her aghast expression, he took a bit out of one of the arms!

Jazlynn felt icy and frightened as she watched the giant chewing on her skin and bones while her blood covered his lips, making her take a step back and trip. He appeared nothing short of an absolute fiend at this moment, and the little bit of strength she had was gone entirely.

Jacob nonchalantly said while taking another bite of her arm, "Who said I was going to let you live? Didn't I say death will appear like a blessing to you? Now, the only question is if you really want that blessing or not. Trust me, I won't let you die until I eat you up right in front of you!"

Terror… boundless terror ran in her very being at this moment as she had never even seen something, much less experiencing it herself. Torture wasn't even the right word for what she was experiencing at that moment. The cruel giant in front of her was like a hungry beast who wanted to eat her but also wanted to cause her as much suffering as she could endure before breaking her mind!

At this moment, death really seemed a blessing to her, and all that arrogance and bravado shattered like a dream as the light in her eyes dimmed, and they became empty as she started to speak without knowing what she was saying anymore.

'Heh, she breaks just like that…' Jacob sneered as he listened to her information regarding the Bank Manager. He held a deep grudge with Lucy and Ellie, and he could ignore anyone but them, and they had to pay for what they had done!

Jazlynn was Lucy's one of the three personal guards, and all of them were from the Ice Elf Clan, just like Lucy. According to her, Lucy inherited her position after the old bank manager, who was also from the Ice Elf Clan and Lucy's father.

But in truth, she only managed to gain that position after her elder brother's mysterious death. The Bank Manager position was passed to the Ice Elf Clan for generations in Lucy's family, and Jazlynn didn't know why.

All she knew was her ancestors held pretty high positions in the higher plains.

After she descended the throne, the Bank and the Ice Elf Clan flourished, and whoever opposed her vanished without any trace. Everyone feared her, and her secrets were many.

Jazlynn only knew about a few of her hidden assets and hideouts, and they were all hidden all around the epic plains.

It took her over half an hour to tell Jacob everything.

"Please kill me now!" She demands with an empty voice.

Jacob had a thoughtful expression as the arms of Jazlynn were already gone into his stomach. He questioned, "Don't worry, I'm a man of my word. Last question: what do you know about Vice Alchemy President Ellie, and are they connected somehow?"

Jazlynn replied, "Nelsen and Ellie are from an unknown elf species, and they are the only ones present in the epic plains. She is the only daughter of Nelsen, and her character is vile and shrewd. Mistress and Ellie are like fire and water."

Jacob was intrigued, "Reason?"

"No one knows. I once heard a rumor from my senior. The President once had a relationship with Nelsen, but then she found that he was also involved in an affair with her late mother, so it ended very quickly. I don't know if it's true or not, but Mistress seemed to hate both of them." Said Jazlynn.

Jacob's eyes flashed with surprise, "Could it be she is her daughter?"

Jazlynn shook her head, "No, Ellie's mother was actually Mistress's younger sister, and she eloped with Nelsen. It was a huge scandal when they announced their relationship to the world, and Mistress almost declared war on the Alchemy Guild."

"Are you kidding me? That old man fucked the entire family?" Jacob couldn't help but question in disbelief. The image of the prestigious Alchemy Guild President becomes nothing but that of a playboy.

If any of this was true, that guy was a real player.

Jazlynn shook her head, "Nothing is clear. But Ellie's mother was assassinated when Ellie was around ten. Many speculate that Mistress was behind the assassination, therefore the hate between Ellie and Mistress. But Nelsen never raised any finger or seemed to hate Mistress at all. All the skirmish between the guild and bank is because of Ellie."

Jacob didn't know what to make of this as it was all too confusing yet simple at the same time. Even he knew that Lucy was a vengeful bitch, so it won't surprise him if she was behind the assassination.

Yet, if Nelsen didn't do anything and endure all this time, then he was a terrifying person, the kind that Jacob wanted to avoid messing with if not necessary. Or he was just a coward, or he knew Lucy wasn't behind it.

Whatever the case was, he wouldn't spear either Lucy or Ellie. If Nelsen stood in his way, he'd be dealt with.

"Alright, you did great." Jacob nodded before his sword appeared in his hand, and he slashed past Jazlynn's neck.

But right then, when Jazlynn's head was rolling down, an unexpected announcement was made, making Jacob horrified!

"Congratulations, Amenable Wizened Monk, for clearing a Trial Condition!"