After the entire trial plain turned into a necropolis, Jacob slowly advanced towards the large tombstones.

He noticed that after covering a certain distance, not only did the designs of the tombstones change, but their size and a strange dark aura emitting from them also increased.

That's why he didn't want to touch any of them and flew deeper into the direction of large tombstones.

Right then, Jacob stopped a few hundred meters away from him. He stopped at an ancient white mausoleum with two stone statues of vicious beasts on its square roof.

The mausoleum sticks out because it was the only building or tombstone in the five-hundred-meter radius, and in this darkness, the magic blue flame torch over its entrances could be seen from a vast distance.

This was the first structure other than the tombstone that Jacob had come in contact with, and truth be told, his attention was drawn by the runes engraved on top of the entrance.

'Death is but a dream lead to Netherworld!'

Intrigued he may be, it doesn't mean he was going to investigate that creepy building. It didn't look like his target.

At this moment, a commotion suddenly breaks out, drawing Jacob's attention. He spotted a few people running towards the mausoleum from the opposite direction, and his eyes widened ever so slightly when he spotted bronze skeletons riding skeleton horses galloping after those people.

Furthermore, as those people passed the tombstones, one tombstone would suddenly shatter, and a bronze skeleton emerged on a skeleton horse from the underground!

This scene was bizarre yet eerie as tens of skeleton riders were chasing after the group of people like crazy, and it soon became clear why they were running instead of fighting.

A lion orc desperately tried to attack the skeleton rider when it was about to pierce the chest with a bone spear. He activated an attack magic scroll, but surprisingly, the moment that magic spell landed on the skeleton, it instantly bounced off without leaving a scratch on it!

"Not even magic scrolls are working; these bastards really have Magic deflection, and they are not like the usual dark beings with dead flames. Only physical attacks will work! We need to take a stand, or our enemies will continue to multiply if we keep running." Another wolf orc roared in frustration.

"Let's continue to move towards the mausoleum. There are no graves in its vicinity. If we stay out of the building, we can kill those annoying bone freaks and then rest!" A Bronze Barbarian stated with a grim expression as he seemed to be leading everyone.

'Not like the dark beings…' Jacob watched and heard everything from above as he could tell those skeleton riders were really not the dark beings, but they were spamming out from the misty grounds after a tombstone would shatter.

Furthermore, only a handful of tombstones would shatter, not all of them, or there would be an army of thousands within seconds.

'I first consider the Dark Beings the Undead, but only after gaining access to the Witch Palace did I get to know that the Undead is merely tools of Dark Being. Undead are creatures that are summoned after their death or reawakened by powerful dark beings as an undead race of Dark Beings.

'The undead race also didn't have dead flames like dark beings because they can't evolve like natural dark beings. Instead, they had their particular evolution system, especially if they were living beings before their awakening as undead. To sum it up, the undead are the most mysterious of them all.

'If those skeleton riders are really undead, then there has to be a medium that is awakening them from those graves, and they seemed quite special as they emerged with an undead mount. It has to be a high-level undead magic. Or I'm missing something.' Jacob mused as he recollected the information he had got on the dark beings in the witch palace.

Witch Queen wasn't just interested in the living but also the dark beings as well. She had numerous records of experimenting with dark beings because those guys have a natural affinity with curse magic rather than living beings.

But she was only interested in researching the curses, not the origin of dark beings, or she just knew her limit.

Whichever the case was, all that knowledge was under Jacob's control now, and he didn't even scratch the surface yet. He was in a hurry, so he only managed to get the best of everything.

The Undead Race was one of those topics that Witch Queen was interested in because she assumed that the undead race was a bioproduct of a specific curse, and having no proof of it or aptitude, she didn't dig deeper into it.

Nonetheless, this entire place gave Jacob a lousy feeling after transforming into an actual necropolis. Now, the emergence of an undead race made it even more apparent that he would not have an easy time with the final beast.

'As long as I can find its location…' Jacob's eyes shimmered with dark decisiveness as he continued to observe the fleeing living and pursuing undead.

At this moment, the group entered the empty vicinity of the mausoleum, and something strange happened. The undead skeleton riders who were furiously chasing after them abruptly stopped their skeleton hours on the boundary of an empty area.

The group naturally noticed this, and they were both surprised and uncertain. But soon, relief washed over them as they ran for those skeletons for a while and at the end of their rope.

This place was where they decided to go all out, but now, suddenly, those skeletons stopped, which was nothing but good news for them.

"Don't let your guard down, everyone. Since they are stopping at the edge, this means they are either afraid of something or this area has some special effect. Let's stay here and don't go closer to the mausoleum. Once we recover, we'll find a way to leave!" The barbarian solemnly stated that he wasn't a fool to believe that they were safe. In fact, he knew it was the opposite. But they can do nothing about it!


At this moment, a powerful metallic sound of steps resounded in the entire vicinity, and it was coming from none other than within the mausoleum; something unknown was walking out!