It was quite a strange scene seeing the dark beings and undead at each other throats, and the dark beings had a clear disadvantage.

The Wight Dead Duke was clearly struggling to keep up with the onslaught of the undead as they were dominating the Ghost Wights with their magic deflection and superior agility.

At this moment, the Wight Dead Duke, who was enshrouded in a dark mist, suddenly let loose a roar of fury, and a massive magic circle suddenly appeared behind him. Thereby, all of a sudden, more Ghost Wights begin to emerge from the sinister dark magic circle.

Jacob watched all of this with an impassive expression. The number of dark beings was enough for his hex core to enter the next rank. But he knew if he entered the fray, he'd be exposed to undead as well.

Besides, he knew once he was done with this trial, there were plenty of dark beings in the epic plains to serve his purpose, so he decided to move on.

He could now see a massive mausoleum in the distance, which was the size of a castle. Magic torches surrounded its corners, and the statue of four beasts of directions was standing tall. There was a phrase written on its entrance.

'Life is full of limits, and Death is at the end of each one!'

Furthermore, as he got closer, he spotted a massive army of undead skeletons wearing armor and powerful flying mounts guarding its open entrance.

Observing from the above, he mused that it would be impossible to sneak in with all those undead as he knew if he got in specific distances, those undead would notice him.

So, he decided to go all out from the start. He took out three atomic grenades and dropped them on the vast army from high above the sky. He wanted to confirm the beast of the necropolis was really inside that mausoleum by drawing it out.

The best way to do it was to destroy its home and army!

Four massive explosions sounded in miles of radius, and mushroom clouds rose in the darkness.

It was loud enough to draw everyone present in over a hundred-mile radius attention.

However, Jacob remained at a safe distance, and this much radioactive smoke was not enough to harm him or the heat.

He didn't directly go down and decided to wait for any movement. He was pretty sure his surprise attack wiped out the undead army, and the mausoleum was most likely destroyed.

However, Jacob suddenly noticed something absurd when he saw the light of magic torches within the thick smock and the silhouette of the mausoleum outlined within the light.

'Are you kidding me? It even survived four atomic grenades?' Jacob was shocked as he wondered if he was imagining things or if the mausoleum was made of something that even the atomic grenades couldn't blast off.

Whatever the case might be, Jacob had to go down to make sure, so he slowly glided towards the entrance.

The undead army was really blasted into smithereens, but the mausoleum was still standing tall without any scratch, and there wasn't any movement from the inside. Furthermore, the smock seemed to be avoiding the dark entrance as if there was an invisible wall present.

Jacob frowned, and he found this situation quite absurd since it was clear that he had to enter the mausoleum or he could try to launch a Blue X-Sun Missile. But the latter option was quite risky since he had to escape far away, and if it remained ineffective, he had to wait a long time to come back to check.

That's why he first wanted to draw the beast out to ensure it was there before launching it. But the final condition has surpassed Jacob's imagination, and now he has to decide between risk and waiting.

But deep down, Jacob was getting impatient because he wanted to get out of there as soon as possible, and there was no telling what would happen if he delayed this. There were many possibilities, and waiting might not be a good choice.

So, biding his resolve, Jacob headed towards the dark entrance amid the intense radioactive heat.

As he got closer and closer, he felt a peculiar aura that wasn't threatening but filled with warmth, which was quite strange.

At this moment, Jacob's disc finally crossed into the dark entrance, and suddenly, the high heat vanished rather, a bone-chilling coldness engulfed him. He stood in a vast frozen space, and in the center of space was a black column, and above that column was a pitch-black egg wrapped in dark flames.

Just looking at it made Jacob feel alarm like never before. He felt extreme danger just looking at that pitch-black egg.

Furthermore, looking at it closely, there were few cracks on the egg, as if the creature within was still in the hatching phase.

Jacob instinctively looked behind and was shocked when he found the entrance was gone entirely. There was nothing but a frozen wall. Now that he looked closely, those frozen walls were filled with magic runes, and most of them were unknown to him despite learning the unique rank rune language.

His attention again retracts to the pitch-black egg, which made even him feel fear despite his overbearing aspect.

'Don't tell me the beast of Necropolis still needs time to hatch…' Jacob came to a terrifying conclusion, and a part of him wanted to let it hatch so he could measure its strength, which Jacob instantly suppressed.

Killing intent flashed past his eyes as his rifle appeared. Even if it wasn't the Beast of Necropolis, he had to kill this thing before it could fully hatch. This much was clear.

But before he could pull the trigger, an excessively gentle, ethereal voice rang directly into his mind, "Wait… you're making a mistake!"

Jacob's eyes widened as he looked at the egg. He clearly didn't know the language of that voice, but he could clearly understand it!


The voice rang again, "If you help me, I'll grant your deepest dream! I'm the Beast of Primordial Dream, entrapped in this place for eons. If you help me, I'll be your partner and help you achieve any of your dreams!"

Jacob frowned as he wasn't expecting to encounter such a situation in the trial plains. He was under the impression everything here was without intelligence or at least unaware of their situation.

The trial plains were like an illusion, but at the same time, they weren't because it was all too real to be just an illusion. No one knows where the lands and being within the trials came from. It was one of the biggest mysteries of the Zodiac Plains.

Now, this egg was telling him it was trapped for eons, and it seemed highly intelligent, so Jacob naturally hesitated.

Still, from his experiences up to this point, he was sure that nothing in this world was free or without any price.

"I'm afraid we can't help each other. Whatever trapped you here won't let you walk out of here alive, and I have no intention of offending that kind of existence!" Jacob coldly stated.

He was telling the truth; this monstrosity was trapped here, and now his objective was to kill it. He didn't want to find the consequences of going against a trial condition. Not to mention, he has no way of confirming if this thing is even telling the truth and won't just kill him once it is born.

The voice rang again, "I know why you are here, and I also know it is impossible to escape my current situation. All I want from you is to form a contract with me before you kill me. I'll be able to escape my long nightmare!"