Jacob remained rooted in his place in a daze before he finally snapped out of it, and killing intent emitted from his very being as he looked at the pitch-black egg.

He tries to communicate it as he does with Immortika this time, and he knows it is possible because of the contract, "Do you purposely target me because of Universal Godly Scripture? How did you know?"

The Primordial Nightmare nonchalantly replied and no longer seemed to be afraid of Jacob's killing intent, "I was planning to fight with you to death as I supposed to you, even if it meant harming myself. But then suddenly, the moment you entered, my blurry memories suddenly became clear, and I finally remembered what happened in the past and how I ended up here.

"I didn't lie about me being trapped in this place for eons. It's just that I'm helpless to do anything about it as I was being influenced by something and can only wait for my fated battle. But you, the moment you entered, that influence seemed to have just vanished, and I got my memories back."

After hearing an unexpected reply, Jacob was startled and asked, "Is it because of the Universal Godly Scripture?"

It was the only explanation he could think of because he still did not understand Universal Godly Scripture completely. But he couldn't understand how Primordial Nightmare discriminated that he had one and whether the others had such an ability like it out there.

If there were such an ability, Jacob would be in massive trouble because not everyone would be as helpless as the Primordial Nightmare. It was like declaring to the world that he was the wealthiest person and he had no power to protect that wealth!

"I'm pretty sure it is. As expected of it..." Primordial Nightmare didn't deny it.

"How could you tell someone has Universal Godly Scripture?" Jacob questioned with an ashen face.

"Oh, my owner worries that others like me will target you, huh? Hehe, don't worry. I don't think other than me someone can tell you are the owner of Universal Godly Scripture. Unless they are like me, who were captured by another owner of Universal Godly Scripture and have my unique detection abilities." Primordial Nightmare replied with pride.

But Jacob was stunned as this was another piece of unexpected information he wasn't imagining. It was even more shocking than finding out Primordial Nightmare knows he has a Universal Godly Scripture.

"Y-you were captured by a-another owner of Universal Godly Scripture?! Does this mean this trial is under the control of another owner of Universal Godly Scripture?" Jacob hurriedly asked as he felt a chill running down his spine.

This was too much to swallow. An owner of Universal Godly Scripture in control of trial plains? It was hazardous for Jacob. If he had ill intentions, Jacob wouldn't have been able to do anything it because he wasn't powerful enough, not by a long shot.

"This… I'm not sure. When he found me, I've only developed my consciousness and instinctively recorded his unique aura that I'm sensing from you. Afterward, I remembered being in a dark place for an unknown time.

"When I saw the light again, I saw him standing in front of the blinding light, and he placed me in front of it. He said, 'This is good material for the next scenario.' In response, a voice so unrealistic it doesn't sound real replied, 'O' owner of Universal Godly Scripture, you've worked hard.'

"That's the only thing I remember before that light engulfed me, and after that, I remember being constantly influenced by a strange force that muddled my thoughts for a long, long time.

"Until recently, I found myself in this place where I regain control over my abilities, and I have only one thought: to kill every person who comes here. My hatching process, which has been stopped for a long time, also continued.

"But it was so slow that it is pitiful, and then you've come, my owner. How glad I am that it was you." Primordial Nightmare sighed with emotions and a hint of loneliness.

Jacob's eyes were narrowed into slits as that information was quite startling as well as terrifying. If what Primordial Nightmare stated was true, then an existence seemed to be ordering an owner of Universal Godly Scripture or simply working together.

'Could that light be Zodiac Will?' Jacob thought about the unknown entity that even Immortika seemed to be afraid of, and it was very likely true because the trial plains were under the control of Zodiac Will.

Still, it won't change the fact that Primordial Nightmare could somehow remember all that and even break free from the restraints put on it. Furthermore, it was still just an egg with a consciousness at that time and now as well.

If it was extraordinary, then why would someone like Zodiac Will or the Owner of a UGS would let it go? Unless they didn't know, which was hard to believe, or they didn't put Primordial Nightmare in their eyes.

"Just what are you? Shouldn't you hate me since I'm also like the person who put you in this prison? Why did you force this contract on me and become my servant who will die with me? You're clearly up to something." Jacob asked coldly.

The Primordial Nightmare Contract was nothing but an advantage to him, with the only restraint being he couldn't kill Beast of Primordial Nightmare unless it broke the rules of that contract. Furthermore, in a situation where Jacob dies, it will die with him, while Jacob would remain ineffective if something happens to Primordial Nightmare.

Furthermore, Primordial Nightmare can't lie to him no matter what, which is why Jacob believes everything it says.

"I'm the Beast of Primordial Nightmare. Sorry about the earlier lie about being the Beast of Primordial Dream. I was afraid you would not listen if I said Nightmare. And why should I hate you? You're clearly not that scoundrel, but you just gave me the same feeling as him.

"All I wanted to do was survive and escape this nightmare, and being a partner with a person like you would be my only choice. You see, I can't exist without a partner. Hmph, but I had to admit, you are an even bigger scoundrel than that scoundrel.

"At least he didn't kill me. You, on the other hand, won't listen. So, what choice do I have to become your lowly servant?" Primordial Nightmare replied in indignant tone.

Jacob was somewhat speechless as he couldn't help but ask in a strange tone, "Tell me the truth, do you even know what Universal Godly Scripture really is?"

"Well, of course, I don't. I know the owner of such a thing has to be equally powerful as the person who found me and that light. So, relying on such a person isn't bad for me. If I had this ability then, I would've used it on that guy too!" Primordial Nightmare smugly replied, clearly very proud of its choice.

For the first time, Jacob smiled as it was filled with mockery and found Primordial Nightmare naively cute. It was just as he guessed. Its intelligence was really of a child, no matter how cunning it was.

It decided to force a contract on him on instinct, not because it knew what a Universal Godly Scripture truly is, and it almost frightened Jacob. Still, he has to clear it with Immortika as well, whether it was telling the entire truth or not.

"It's really too bad… I guess I have no choice but to educate you as my servant. But first, tell me, how do you plan on escaping?" Jacob smilingly said with a hint of ridicule.

Since there was no danger to his life and Primordial Nightmare was powerful, he accepted another free meat shield. He would let it know just how big of a mistake it had made.

In the future, Primordial Nightmare would lament every time she remembers this day and always wonder who the real nightmare is between them!