Now that the Primordial Nightmare Contract was established, Jacob can sense Primordial Nightmare's emotions just like the Brain Hunter, which also gave him some confidence about Primordial Nightmare. But he still didn't know its abilities and what else it could do, or how he would be able to hatch it.

The Beast of Primordial Nightmare was still an egg; it could only rely on its intentions through this strange mental ability. Its body still hadn't developed in all these years, which was quite strange. Yet despite all that, it has awakened its intelligence and could use abilities like Primordial Nightmare Contract.

This alone would prove how talented and terrifying the Primordial Nightmare is, and letting his guard down would be a mistake unless he confirmed the authenticity of the Primordial Nightmare Contract like the Eternal Enslavement of Brain Hunter.

He even wondered if every terrifying being has such a weakness to ensure they never get out of control.

Primordial Nightmare answered Jacob's question, "Hmph, don't call me a servant. It's too uncouth! Although I'm your servant, I demand respect, my master!"

Jacob cocked an eyebrow; this egg was really something, or it was just fearless, and he couldn't help but think that Autarch was far more superior in demeanor than Primordial Nightmare and never spoke against him.

'I need to confirm this contract as soon as possible before it's too late.' Jacob grimly thought as he couldn't let this superiority complex cloud his emotions. The giant fighting spirit was too dominant, and like a Tyrant King who looked down on everyone and combined it with Jacob's natural Wise King-like bearing, it was a dangerous combination.

"If you don't like to be called a servant, choose any name you like and get it over with. Just tell me how I can complete this condition. Remember, in the contract, it is clearly written then, 'If the 'Master' encounters a situation where the 'Servant' death is necessary for 'Master's' safety, the Master shall sacrifice the 'Servant' therein!' and this situation can easily become such senior." Jacob coldly said matter-of-factly.

"Hmph, I'm not even born, yet you're already trying to find a loophole to kill me? Are you really so heartless? Are you sure you are not the Beast of Primordial Nightmare, not me, my master?

"Still, I guess, as a loyal and caring servant, I must take care of you. Since you want me to choose a name very well, I have one that suits me quite well. You can call me Nyx, meaning Night!" Primordial Nightmare, or Nyx now, seemed extremely excited about naming itself.

'Strange…' Jacob suddenly felt his connection with Nyx become even stronger the moment she chose her name, and her voice became even more gentle and precise in his mind.

After being proud of herself for a while, Nyx spoke again, "I know from the restraint put on me that it's either do or die for me. Even if your presence made me sane enough to gain control of my consciousness, it still does not free me from my connection with this nightmarish place.

"It's like this place is my body, and I'm the heart, and we can't exist without each other. One thing is clear, though: this place has been empowering me for the past 100 or so days. The growth process that was stuck countless years ago suddenly started again, and it's far faster than expected.

"The closer I am to being born, the more inheritance memories are awakening and my abilities. The Nightmare Flame that's protecting me right now, the Psyche Reasoning that lets me implicit my thoughts to your mind, and the Primordial Nightmare Contract are the abilities I gained in just three months.

"Though I can only use it once in a lifetime, too bad, huh? It's quite ironic that I can only force this on someone to become their servant, not master, and all the conditions can't be changed no matter what. I wonder if my entire existence is for suffering…" Nyx lamented with bitterness.

Jacob frowned as he could feel the unimaginable loneliness in her voice and a darkness that could engulf everything.

But he cut her short, "Look, I know it's been hard on you. But you were able to preserve for countless years. It might be because of someone's spell on you, but when you regain control, you don't succumb to the darkness and try your best to live.

"You grasp every chance, even yourself, to become my servant just to get a chance to live, and I really respect that if it's true.

"But truth be told, I don't trust you until I confirm the authenticity of your claims. In a sense, we might be alike as I also don't want to die, period, and might've done the same thing if put in your shoes.

"But if your grit to live is true and you're sincere with your gesture, I won't mistreat you. However, if I discover even a hint of falsehood, I'll put in my entire being to ensure you won't implicate me and get in my way to longevity. This is my only goal, my dream!"

A terrifying determination hid behind killing-intent rage in Jacob's eyes as he declared, "So, now stop ranting on about how pitiful you are. I understand, I really do. But this is not the right time. Instead, make me believe you are worthy of continuing to live under me!"

Nyx became silent for a while as Jacob's cold expression didn't crack even a little. He seemed to be waiting to listen to something worth listening to.

"I have two ways. After getting closer and closer to being born, I found I couldn't die as long as I had a partner or a Nightmare Contractor. That's the true purpose of the Primordial Nightmare Contract.

"So, now that you have become my Nightmare Contractor, I can create my Dreamscape Nightmare Realm in your Psyche and live there while putting on a show that you've killed me. I'm sure the connection will break when I am isolated from this world and enter the Dreamscape Nightmare Realm!" Nyx stated sternly.

Jacob frowned and questioned, "What is creating a Dreamscape Nightmare Realm into my Psyche? Did I hear wrong? Explain more clearly!"

Nyx explained, "Dreams are a product of a person's imagination or desires; sometimes, pain, grief, fear, or traumas would change these dreams into Nightmares. But it happened in the Psyche, or Spirit, or Soul, whatever you like to call it.

"Anyway, my point is whenever a dream occurred, a temporary Dreamscape Realm would automatically create in the Psyche. Once the dreamer awakes, the Dreamscape Realm also suffers destruction, but it won't cause any harm to the dreamer, and the only side-effect is no one can fully remember their dreams. This cycle lasts until the Psyche dies.

"But I, as a Beast of Primordial Nightmare, can invade anyone's psyche without them realizing it, turn their dreams into nightmares, and then feed on their Dreamscape Realms to become stronger.

"However, there are dire consequences of devouring others Dreamscape Realms. One of them being 50% of their lifespan becoming mine. Also, they will lose the ability to dream and slowly plunge into never-ending emptiness, which will become their reality one day, and they will die in this world.

"But before sending my victims into their enteral damnation, I can do many more things. Like manipulate their dreams, turn them into powerful nightmares, and so no…

"My point is, I can do all this, but I need a Nightmare Contractor to do this, who can let me establish or turn their Dreamscape Realm into Dreamscape Nightmare Realm. It's like a nest if you want to hear it in simple terms."

Jacob couldn't believe what he was hearing; this thing was too dreadful, and the concept it just explained was mind-blowing. He never thought such a complex truth was hidden behind something as insignificant as dreaming.

Not to mention, there was this beast that could feed on them and then left its victim to die. He had no idea why this beast was trapped here and not killed or put in legendary plains.

"So, you want to create your nest in my mind? Do you take me for a fool who court death!?" Jacob rebuked with vigilance. This was too dangerous. What if Nyx directly devours his mind and takes control of his body?

It was like a sheep inviting a wolf into its house.

"What are you afraid of? I can't do anything to harm you, and you didn't even listen to the benefits you'll get from having a permanent Dreamscape Nightmare Realm in your Psyche.

"First, no one would be able to invade your mind, and mental attacks will not work on you as long as they are not stronger than me or the Dreamscape Nightmare Realm.

"Second, since our contract is not on equal terms, but I'm your servant, every time I devour someone's lifespan, you will automatically get 70% of it added to your lifespan.

"Third, you can enter the Dreamscape Nightmare Realm anytime and conjure whatever you imagine, practice magic skills with endless mana martial arts without physical exhaustion—research, and so on. Everything can be emulated in the Dreamscape Nightmare Realm like Reality.

"Fourth, time difference, the stronger the Dreamscape Nightmare Realm, the slower time from reality. And this is just the tip of the iceberg that even I don't know how deep it can go yet!"

Nyx's words were filled with passion and temptation, sending Jacob into an utter daze when he heard about Dreamscape Nightmare Realm!