"Welcome to the Pan Suppression Sect." Darius greeted the group of over 200 elite cultivators who manned the various top sects around the continent, as well as their retinue.

"Haha, today I get to see Lord Darius in the flesh, truly a man of power!"

"Amazing, amazing! Only here for two weeks and already Golden Core peak? Such divine talent!"

"Not just that, but also reaching Golden Body peak, such mastery!"

"Tsk, tsk, truly a dragon among men! Even his subordinates have such unbridled talent!"

The fellows began commenting on Darius and his Branded Servants with shocked and pleased expression, like they had accepted Darius as one of their own, and wanted the best for him.

However, in their hearts, their killing intent was soaring crazily. It took this fellow and his people only less than two weeks to reach this level which took some of the best talents over 5 to 10 years, while many were even capped here for life.

Didn't that meant that if they gave him a year, he would reach the same level as them? How could they allow such a talent to grow when it didn't belong to them?

Eliminate, eliminate, eliminate!!

However, they maintained calm and pleasant smiles as Darius led them through the gateway from the outer sect to the inner sect. All they had to do was wait for their rivals from Houto to arrive and they could launch the operation!

Thinking like this, they felt calmness wash over them and they couldn't help but look forward to the future. However, that calmness was soon shattered once they took a single step into the inner sect.

The moment they fell into the literal mist and fog of Spirit Energy so pure that it almost formed the fabled Immortal Energy, their hands sunk to their anuses and their dreams shattered. Their fear rose to the height and many trembled on the spot.

For people of their level such visible reactions were rare, but the sheer energy density blindsided them and they reacted slightly like how the normal fellows outside did when they first entered the outer sect.

This level of purity was enough to make them aware that this Pan Suppression Sect was beyond anything they could fathom. If the outer sect was unique and special in the world, enough to spark greed and fear to even ally with Houto, then this inner sect extinguished any will to fight.

Someone who could craft something like this was possessing a power that they could not even begin to comprehend, and they quickly realized that they had already become slaves of this sect the moment it had come into being.

Their reactions might seem exaggerated, but it was actually quite tame.

It was like on modern earth, if many countries existed side by side on a continent and one of them being newly formed and small from another bigger country on another continent. However, the bigger countries come to hear that the small country is rich in technology and resources that were 10 years ahead of the rest.

Naturally, they would feel a mixture of fear and greed, pairing together to form a large army and trying to take down that country to enjoy their wealth and riches.

However, they were invited to the country by its leader and attended with suspicion. Then, that leader opened a vault and casually showed them futuristic weaponry of mass destruction that could even wipe out the planet.

At that moment, how would the leaders of the other countries react? They would naturally fall to their knees in despair and realize that the planet already had a ruler, and the ruler had just shown his hand.

The same applied here, but unlike the example, this was just the beginning. Darius them gave them a tour of some of the heavenly palaces, and the various powerhouses almost unleashed all their cultivation to smashed them down.

What did they see?

Literal elemental holy lands where cultivating your element for either body or Qi would yield 10 times the result with 10 times less effort!

And what else?

Young cultivators no older than 6 years old with cultivation bases at the Foundation Establishment stage!

It should be known that even the heaven's chosen son or daughter who started cultivating at age 6 would reach peak Qi Condensation by earliest 16 years, peak Foundation Establishment by earliest 25 years and Golden Core by 50.

It had nothing to do with talent but stats, They were now starting from scratch, so their stats limited them, especially their Magic stat. Only those powerhouses from elsewhere who had high stats who came over and cultivated could pass through the early stages once a month or a year, but they would eventually reach bottlenecks.

Nobody compared them to youngins starting out because those were two different categories altogether. It was like comparing a pro swimmer with a ice skating professional. They were both sports, but not even closely related to each other.

However, these were youths at Foundation Establishment and they could even tell that most had not cultivated longer than Darius and co. If they were at this level at age 6, then what would they be at when they reached age 20?

Immortal King? Or the peak Immortal Emperor?

How frightening! There weren't more than a hundred Immortal Emperors on the entire continent and every single one of them was currently here, even those who were presumed dead or were super seclusive.

The majority were Immortal kings and peak immortal Kings who led most of the forces who had yet to breakthrough to Immortal Emperor. All the Immortal Emperors were old fogies who looked half dead, and they had been silent most of this time.

Most of the plotting and reactions were done by the younger Immortal Kings, but the Immortal Emperors finally reached when they saw the children. They, more than the Immortal Kings, understood that Darius was mass-producing Immortal Emperors.

Given the environment and the children's own talent, it would be difficult for them not to reach the peak with enough time and nurturing.

In truth, it was harder to become an Immortal Emperor than it was to go from level 90-91 in any other continent. Vena had limited the ability of cultivators and raised the passive requirement to even qualify as an ordinary Immortal Emperor.

After all, Immortals were stronger than their peers of the same level by about 10-50% depending on their talent. If as many of them could form as on the other continents, then wouldn't the entire Faust be conquered by them in time?

However, Vena could not have predicted a monster like Darius with this specific talent of Transmutation would appear, allowing him to manufacture all the perfect conditions needed to mass produce such powerhouses.

Still, even if she knew, she would rather be excited, because it proved her judgment was right about Darius' resourcefulness, and it was also an idea she could take to gather some low-level forces to suppress her enemies.

That's right, to Vena, these Immortal Emperors who considered themselves paragons of life and the masses were just cannon fodder tier troops to besiege the enemy. Even the Supreme that Darius was supposed to become was a general at best, the peak of a mid-tier fighter.

This was why Darius had began to desire greater forms of power outside Faust ever since he received the True Supreme System. More power meant more safety and more value, and he would be able to achieve more in the end.

However first things, first, conquer Faust and secure it as his backyard. Then the rest of the cosmos that Vena created would become his muse.

Darius then led the numb and despairing top echelon cultivators to his central palace. Here, when they saw the arrays and the perfect spirit energy that had already formed the legendary Immortal Energy, their minds almost exploded.

Here, if one cultivated, the mortal stages would be like a breeze while the immortal level would be easy peasy. In fact, the Immortal Energy wouldn't just be called 'legendary' if it was limited to just that.

It was said that a top talent cultivating this energy might be able to breakthrough the limit and achieve Immortal stages higher than Immortal Emperor!

Seeing this many were foaming at the mouth slightly, and they were dragged forward by their retinue who were already pale and could hardly hold on.

However, everything came to a head when Darius showed them the source of this energy, which was his conversion array that changed the unlimited Source Energy into Spirit Energy.

Once the powerhouses came to understand that Darius was using some strange endless energy and converting it into Spirit Energy of such purity, many directly coughed out blood essence from their heart and fainted over, their bodies paling greatly.

The life and death of these Immortal Emperor and Immortal kings who fainted were on the brink, and even the slightest wrong move could send them to nirvana.