After saying everything she needed to say, Kelly was waiting for the Dark spirit to reply. She was hoping that he would understand the risks she was taking, and for her, she was only doing this because he was a creation of the Dark Magus, the same person that had brought justice to her situation and gave her some light at the end of the dark tunnel.

The reason why Raze hadn't replied straight away himself was because he was in the middle of thinking about the whole situation.

'I would have to disguise myself as this person's family member. It would certainly get me into the academy, but I would have to stick around her for a while. I would have to try to find the right opportunity to break free.

'If she is helping me out this much, I don't wish to get her into trouble. What's more, if she is saying all of these things, it means that she is a student of the academy. It makes me wonder what happened to her, to make someone so young dive into the world of Dark Magic.'

"You are risking a lot, and for that, I am thankful," Raze answered as he proceeded to take off his hood, showing his sincerity to her. When he did, his white hair was shown along with the rest of his features.

Now, seeing the full view of the person in front of her, she was a bit taken aback again. That was because the Dark Spirit didn't look like anything she envisioned at all. His face was relatively young.

He had the appearance of somewhat of a normal young adult male, apart from the color of his hair. She had expected the spirit to look a bit disfigured, or even like that of an old man, maybe a replica image of what she imagined the Dark Magus to look like, but it was none of those things.

"I guess if we are to enter the academy, the only way would be as my brother," Kelly answered. "This can work out. I should keep you updated on a few things just in case they ask a few questions.

"Just so you know, all my family are dead. I currently have no one, but I can state that you are someone who looked after me before. You are an adoptive older brother of mine and my guardian.

"This way, it wouldn't be so strange if there are some things that they ask that you don't know about. This leaves little room for error. As for my name, you can call me Kelly. Is there anything that you would like to be named as?"

Raze thought about it. He couldn't just be called Raze or Dark Spirit, so he would need an alias for the time being. That was when a certain person came to mind. He remembered the book that Charlotte had handed him, who was from Alter, the name on the book of Wind Magic spells.

"You can call me Jake," Raze answered.

"Alright, Jake," Kelly replied back. "The event lasts the entire day, so we can meet here tomorrow in the morning. When we reach the surface, we will change clothes, and I will provide you with something to wear. After that, we will go from there, and you can do what you need to do, and I can do what I need to do."

Raze agreed, and with that, his body soon started to disappear. As the Dark spirit left, so did Kelly, but she had a deep thought at the back of her mind, a worry.

"I hope it's okay, bringing him. The other students, they might try and interact with him. If that happens, I don't know how the Dark Spirit will react. I just hope they're all too busy with their own parents that they don't try to interact with me the same way they usually would."

Heading back, Raze found himself in the cave once more, and immediately he tried to sense the amount of mana that he had in his body. He was comparing this with the amount of time he had spent in Alterian. Because now, he would need to make the adjustments to his Qi pills that would keep his body going as he was in the other world.

'Things are looking up. Since I can spend a lot longer in Alterian, it also means I can use magic without it affecting my body as much as well. I guess just in case, I can set up some of the pills to activate when my mana drops below a certain amount as well.

'I need to prepare for anything.'

Before that, though, Raze wanted to test something else out. He changed the magic circle of the light blue pill to activate almost immediately, and in doing so, he used the astral projection technique again.

When he arrived in Alterian, he could tell that the effects of the light blue pill were working. He couldn't sense himself, the magic that was leaking from his body. So with the light blue pill's effects, he was confident that no one would figure out that he wasn't just like any other mage.

Immediately he canceled the technique and found himself right back where he was in the cave.

'Thankfully, there was still the lingering of Dark Magic in that place. Since I can only use the astral projection while linking it to something and that link is Dark Magic. Maybe it's because they have had their meetings in that place several times, I can appear there without having to link to the two of them.

'Still, I need to be careful with these Dark Magic links; otherwise, I could end up at a completely different place altogether, especially if there are other users of Dark Magic.'

With everything said and done, now all he needed to do with all the preparations complete was wait until tomorrow.

'Tomorrow, I will be heading back to the Central Mage Academy after so much time has passed. Thinking about that, it reminds me about the Pagna academy. I have probably been here longer than they thought. I wonder if everything is okay with them.' Raze thought.