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Yet, the truth was that Rean knew Havek wouldn't have gone away. Why? Because Rean had something that all the resources in the Realm of Gods couldn't match, the Circuitry Formations Repository's simulation feature. It could precisely simulate formations, which they had never seen anywhere else. Havek did really go and help Rean and Roan. Well, more like Rean since Havek and Roan never had that kind of deep relationship. It's just that Rean didn't mention that.

"So, why don't you show me what you worked on while we were apart?" Rean asked Qia with a smile. He wasn't too worried about Havek since he was sure they would contact each other a lot from now on.

Qia looked at all the improvements in the Formation Hall and felt lost, though. "What I've done doesn't come anywhere close to what you and Havek achieved here." She looked at her own System Sect Badge and how her Divine Sense saw so much information. The communication ability of that thing was simply amazing. "I don't even know how to start building this thing."

Rean laughed in response and was just about to continue when suddenly, Klaus called his attention. As mentioned before, Klaus was one of the Formation Masters from the Formation Guild that Rean convinced to enter the System Sect. "Rean, how about you help us here a little? Those demon beasts and Formation Masters from the Formation Guild insist that they want to hear from you."

Rean didn't understand. "Eh? Why? You and the others know everything necessary. There's nothing I can add there other than just looking at your teaching. You did participate in the development with Havek and me, after all."

"Don't tell me that." Klaus shook his head. "I'm not the one complaining. They are. They think that only you and Havek know anything, if at all."

"Sigh..." Rean looked at Qia with a helpless expression. "Do you want to join them? They've just started to learn about Circuitry Formations, so it might take some time until we reach the point where you, Havek, and I have stopped. You can go around the sect and do other things if you want."

"It's fine." Qia didn't mind. "It'll be nice to start everything from the basics again." She continued with a Divine Sense message. 'I didn't have your Soul Gem System to help me, so I'm a little rusty.'

Calina, on the other hand, didn't really expect some extra time with Roan. He wasn't that type of person to start with. Instead, she went to see Kentucky and talked to him. They did know each other from back in Sunkan, after all. "Is that true? I knew you were something different, but I didn't expect that you had a bloodline capable of challenging all experts in the Realm of Gods."

"Hahaha!" Kentucky laughed in response. "What did you expect? I'm amazing! What about you? What did you, Calina, and Qia do during this time?"

Calina then spoke with Kentucky about all the adventures she had gone through with Qia and Zuo. Red was also part of some of them, although they did end up parting ways at some point. "Your group wasn't the only one who got close to Roaning."

"Roaning?!" Kentucky burst out in laughter after that. "Hahahaha! Indeed, getting close to death... or getting close to Roan. So fit! I'm going to use Roaning from now on."

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Celis, who was cultivating by the side, warned Kentucky. "He'll definitely kick you again." Celis glanced in the direction of the Formation Hall. "But I guess Rean wouldn't care about it."

Calina and Kentucky smiled in response. "He definitely wouldn't."

A few days later, Rean met Zuo in the Blacksmith Hall. "Oh-ho... so you forged these weapons, huh?" Rean looked at the weapons that Calina, Zuo, and Qia used. It turned out that Zuo took up blacksmithing. With the little knowledge he had back on the Zasfins' planet, he started to progress as a blacksmith. He was also the one who forged the girls' equipment.

"Yes, uncle Rean. However, I've never been able to reproduce your Element Gathering method very well. I knew too little about it back then, so I'm only this good." Zuo sighed as he said that.

"No, no, no." Rean quickly shook his head. "You did very well. The Element Gathering method was something I created with the knowledge of my previous life. Considering what you knew before we parted ways, I'm truly amazed you could replicate some of it in your weapons, if at all."

Rean immediately decided. "Alright, I'll have Jaiyo work with you and teach you everything you need to know." Rean quickly spread his Divine Sense before Jaiyo appeared. "Jaiyo, take him as a disciple of the Blacksmith Hall. You can teach him the latest Element Gathering method and the usage of the Blacksmith Hall's Circuitry Formations and equipment."

"Eh?" Zuo became a little disappointed. "I thought uncle Rean would be the one to teach me."

"Shut up," Jaiyo quickly spoke. "Sect Master has already told me at which level you are. Just so you know, I helped develop the forging methods of our hall with him, so I can teach you as well as he can."

Rean nodded in agreement. "In fact, he's probably a better teacher than me. He knows everything I do and is used to having many disciples of the sect. You won't go wrong if you listen to him."

Jaiyo was satisfied to hear that. "It's good that you know that, Sect Master." He also took the chance to ask. "By the way, Sect Master, why did you come to the Blacksmith Hall today? Was it only for Zuo?"

Rean shook his head. "As if! He's Roan's disciple, not mine. I came here to work on something new. I'm planning to forge a pair of gloves."

"You mean a gauntlet?" Jaiyo asked back.

"No," Rean shook his head in response. "The image you have in your head is definitely different from what I have in mind."