'I see...' Rean understood the problem. 'Your soul is a proper living one now. I guess that's to be expected.'

Suddenly, Fleus' Divine Sense reached them. 'Thank you, Dean. I didn't really expect that you would make a move at the very last moment. You saved all six of us.'

Rean and Roan decided that they could discuss the issue of the connection with the Underworld later. For now, they were more interested in what all of that was back in the Realm of Gods. 'Right! What the hell was that Light Devil Clan thing? Also, that devil on the other side said something about your Light Devil Clan never eating living souls. If that's the case, then what are these humanoids doing here? Last but not least, why did you say they were more important than yourself. I don't remember ever seeing a devil considering its life less valuable than its own.'

Fleus pondered a bit to see if he should talk or not. However, when Rean used his Divine Sense to ask back, he didn't ask only Fleus. Instead, the same question reached Orklia, Zektak, and the three humanoids.

Thanks to that, the one to talk first was, in fact, one of the male humans. 'Fleus, it's fine. We have finally reached the Underworld. If these two decide to investigate a little, they'll find out about us quite easily.'

Rean looked at the guy who had just talked. He was the weakest humanoid in the trio. Nothing but a Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. 'So I wasn't wrong. When I helped Fleus and these other two devils find the tracker in their bodies, the ones who seemed to be really relieved were the three of you. Why would some soul food feel good that its buyers were safe? Seems like you three aren't just some cheap living souls that Fleus bought back in Fraghal.'

The young man nodded in response. Yet, the other two humans on his side tried to warn him. "Little Fagund, they're devils. It doesn't matter if they were born in the Realm of Gods. It's not good to talk too much."

"Glirava, Lugrak, it's quite late for that, don't you think?" Fagund asked the other two humans, a female and a male. "They did save us back in the Realm of Gods. Besides, we need help later."

Rean and Roan noticed that Fleus, Orklia, and Zektak had their eyes closed as they ignored Fagund. No, to be more specific, they were being respectful. If Fagund was talking, they didn't intervene. That was quite a sight since it was Fleus' group that were devils.

"Our help, you say?" Roan snorted after hearing that. "Ha! Why should we help some humanoids? You're lucky that I haven't started to torture you with my Dark Element yet."

Fleus, Orklia, and Zektak immediately put themselves in between Roan and Fagund, ready to protect the human with their lives. Yet, Roan didn't seem to be worried at all. Space began to bend around his hand as he coldly smiled at Fleus. "What, do you really think you can stop me? A devil who can even bend space while still in the Void Tempering Realm?"

"I don't," Fleus answered. "But even if it costs my life, I will try."

"Same for us," Orklia and Zektak also joined. They were only Soul Transformation Realm devils, but they were just as determined to put their lives on the line for Fagund.

Rean shrugged his shoulders and didn't say anything. Since Roan wanted to do the talk, that was fine.

Contrary to Fleus and the others' expectations, Fagund didn't look concerned at all. Instead, he stepped forward and opened the way to Roan, much to Fleus's group's concern. "Little Fagund..."

Fagund smiled back at Fleus before using his hand to put Fleus' hand down. "It's fine, Fleus. Doan has absolutely no intention of doing what he said. It's just a test to see how important I am to you even though you're also in the Void Tempering Realm. Your actions just told him that I'm a lot more important than he initially thought."

The space around Roan's hand returned to normal after hearing those words. "Oh-ho... at the very least, you're a lot more interesting than I thought."

"You and your brother are just as interesting, Sir Doan," Fagund answered.

Yet, those words did impress the twins a little. Rean and Roan had changed in a way that they still looked like humanoid-type devils. However, their appearances were very, very different. Not something another devil would think. "You can tell, huh? Well, it's not like we were trying to hide it. Yes, we are brothers."

In any case, one thing was certain. Rean and Roan did have the same blood. They were twins, after all. They had already considered that some devils might notice their connection because of that, and Fagund's words just confirmed it. That was especially so if the devil checking them was at a much higher level. Well, Fagund's cultivation was much lower, though.

Suddenly, Fleus' group became tense. Rean also approached and began to pat Fagund's head as if he was a kid. "What a smart child. Doan, let's take him home."

"Stop your bullshit," Roan wasn't in the mood for jokes. "Speak. What is this all about? Depending on your answer, we don't mind going separate ways here. Gean and I already repaid the favor for the free passage through the spatial gates back in the Realm of Gods." Well, to be more specific, Roan didn't even intend to help back then. It was Rean who once again acted on his own and gave them that last helping hand.

Rean nodded in agreement. "I also want to know what this Light Devil Clan is all about."

Fagund pondered over it for a bit. He was organizing his thoughts to see how he would explain everything. This time, however, he used Divine Sense. 'Hmm... where do I start... well, it's true that our Light Devil Clan doesn't use souls. That's because we're more like a branch of the angels rather than the devils, to be honest.'