Suddenly, six wings made out of Light element grew from Fagund's back. However, Rean could tell that those wings had also been somehow contaminated with Dark Element. They weren't completely made of light as Dark Element surged from a few spots there. Nevertheless, Fagund's wings only lasted there for a second or so before they completely disappeared.

"An angel?" Rean couldn't help but ask. "No, not exactly." Rean had seen an angel before in the Lost Star Realm. Because of that, he identified some differences. The Dark Element mixed in the middle was the main one.

"It feels like the Dark Element is harming your wings, though," Roan added.

Fagund was taken aback to hear that. "You can tell?"

Roan didn't answer. "That doesn't matter. Continue your story."

Fagund could only nod in response. "Very well. The Light Devil Clan acts as the contact between angels and devils. When there's some official topic that needs to be discussed between the two races, the Light Devil Clan is responsible for calling this meeting."

"Well, this goes both ways. While you have a Light Devil Clan, you also have a Dark Angel Clan. It should be pretty obvious that the Dark Angel Clan is located in Heaven. Such meetings are extremely rare as both races simply don't get along with each other. However, they do happen."

Roan considered Fagund's words for a moment. "Alright, a link between Heaven and the Underworld has to exist. There's no such thing as light without dark, after all. Even here in the Underworld, where Dark Element is mostly predominant, it's still possible to gather Light Element. I can see why your Light Devil Clan is considered important. Yet, I don't think your status is just like any other Light Devil Clan member. First of all, you were disguising yourself as a human a moment ago. Why did you have to go to the Realm of Gods?"

Fagund went silent for a moment. Glirava and Lugrak tried to stop him as well. "Little Fagund, there are things you can say and things you can not."

Roan coldly smiled in response. "It seems like the Devils were not aware that such an important member of the clan like you went to the Realm of Gods. Or should I say it would be very bad if they did find out?"

"Sigh..." Fagund sighed after hearing that. "It's alright. We can't stop these brothers if they decide to leave and tell other devils about us. What's the point in hiding it? The Elder Devils would definitely understand the meaning behind my journey to the Realm of Gods even if we didn't tell Gean and Doan."

"You went to the Realm of Gods to meet with the Angel Race, am I right?" Rean suddenly asked back. In fact, Roan had the same idea.

Fagund's friends were surprised that the twins understood it so quickly. Yet, Fagund didn't seem to mind since he had already decided to talk. "That's correct. It should be pretty obvious that such a meeting, especially one with the next Light Devil Clan Master, would not be very good for the devils. Let alone one that we tried to hide."

Roan understood that part. "Sure, it doesn't seem good. Your Light Devil Clan probably has some information about the Underworld that the Angel Race would make good use of. The same goes for the Realm of Gods since the devils are the ones that have control over the path."

Roan still found it weird. "Yet, aren't you afraid that Gean and I will immediately tell the devils about it? No, even better. We could capture you now and have the devils decide what to do. I can even imagine what reward we could get from it. In any case, it's bound to be something very, very good. Last but not least, since it's detrimental for the devils, it also means it's detrimental for my brother and me."

Fagund shook his head after hearing that. "Detrimental for you and your brother? Quite unlikely. You just helped us at the very entrance of the Temporal Path. That alone might have been incredibly detrimental for you, but you still did it. If you really cared about it, you would have simply left us behind. Don't worry, though. The devil back then was just trying to make things difficult for our Light Devil Clan. He won't go as far as entering the Temporal Path just to pursue us. I'm pretty sure he took action on his own."

That sounded reasonable, so Roan decided to accept that. To be more specific, Rean and Roan didn't care much about the devils because they weren't devils themselves. Their ultimate objective was still the Universe Fragments, just that. "Very well. Now, what's this thing you said you needed our help with? Surely your Light Devil Clan has higher realm devils that can be used. Perhaps an Elder Devil at that. Whether you're the next Light Devil Clan Master in line or not shouldn't change this fact."

Rean added another thing. "He still hasn't told us what the objective of his visit to the Realm of Gods was either."

Fagund refused Rean's question. "I can't tell you what my meeting with the Angels in the Realm of Gods was about. I hope you're satisfied just knowing that we met one of them there."

"But I can tell you what I need your help with. Doan's right. Our Light Devil Clan does have devils with higher cultivation. It should be pretty obvious that the only reason I didn't bring one of them with me was to keep a low profile."

"However, the thing I need help with can only be accomplished by Void Tempering Realm experts or below. You see, even though we're somewhat closer to the angels, we're still considered devils. Odd devils, sure, but devils nonetheless. The Light Devil Clan just so happens to be one of the dominant clans of the Underworld. After seeing your strength, I understood that you two aren't normal devils either. With that said, could you lend the Light Devil Clan your strength in the Underworld Soul Reincarnation Contest?"