Rean shrugged his shoulders as he looked at Nolui. "Well, it's up to you now."

Nolui scratched the back of his head, knowing that Kinblei wasn't a character easy to deal with. In the end, he positioned himself in front of Kinblei, blocking him from reaching Rean. "Kinblei, I already said that the things related to this trip to the other side of the Universe would be discussed once we are back. I'm still this group's leader, remember?"

Kinblei then thrust his spear, forcing Nolui to dodge at the last moment. Even Nolui didn't expect him to do that. "Are you crazy?"

Kinblei couldn't care less. "I have never been someone rational to start with. If you get in my way once again, I'll take you down with him."

Nolui's cultivation then began to circulate as his expression turned serious. Kinblei might be stronger, but he is only a single stage higher in cultivation than Nolui. That wasn't enough to scare Nolui at all. "Then this is my last warning, too. Attacking Goku is the same as attacking a member of the Realm of Gods' Army. You better think it through. Not only will you not be able to get a single job anymore from the army during this war, but you will definitely be hunted by both senior Fosleve and Flinyu, two Divinity Realm experts who are waiting for our report."

Nolui noticed a change in Kinblei's eyes and smiled. "You said you are not rational, right? I wonder if you are truly crazy enough to buy a feud against the two powers controlled by those two seniors. Will you even have a chance to ever show your face in the Realm of Gods again? Even I can't tell. Besides... that also means the huge reward that had been promised for this mission will be gone. You won't get a single merit point."

Kinblei tightened his grip on the spear as his fury boiled up. If possible, he would simply eliminate everyone in this place and extract everything he could from Rean. However, Nolui is a Space-Time Realm cultivator like him. Even if he could somehow hold Nolui down, could he hold Kanglia as well, who was also a Space-Time Realm cultivator? Let alone the fact that Rean and Kentucky were obviously as strong as an Initial Stage Space-Time Realm cultivator on his own. Last but not least, there were also the Elemental Space Realm cultivators here too. Simply put, it was impossible for him to get rid of everyone while still keeping Rean alive.

Well, Rean was at least as strong as a Middle Stage Space-Time Realm average cultivator. It's just that he hasn't shown his full power yet. If anything, as long as Nolui joined hands with him, Kentucky, and Roan, the one who would be forced to flee in the end would be Kinblei instead. It's just that Rean would rather not do it.

Finally, Kinblei took his spear back and sent it into his Pocket Dimensional Realm. "Hmph! So be it. However, Goku, this doesn't mean I gave up. I'll keep an eye on you. Sooner or later, I'll find a chance to take what I want."

Right after, he looked at Nolui. "We are back to the Realm of Gods, so the mission is over. Make sure to transfer my payment to my communication badge." Following his words, Kinblei had no intention of traveling together. He simply opened a Spatial Gate for himself and left.

Nolui's cultivation then calmed down as he sighed in relief. "I understand that the power of someone like him is necessary, but still..." He couldn't help but comment.

Kanglia, who was also nervous about the previous situation, agreed with Nolui. "We can only keep our group together while we go back to the army. We hired Kinblei, but we must not forget he is an Evil Cultivator who was already being hunted by several powers. It's just that he never dared to mess with Divinity Realm powers before, and he definitely didn't want to do it now, either."

Nolui nodded. "In any case, we have no need to stay in this place anymore. I already know which direction to go, so just follow me." Finally, Nolui opened a Spatial Gate, and everyone followed him inside.

With Nolui's cultivation, it only took a few days for their group to reach a Spirit City where they could use a Long-DistanceTeleport Formation. Nolui quickly paid the fee, and the group once again left. They teleported to another three cities to finally get a teleport formation that sent them back into the war zone.

Yet, as soon as they arrived at the first spot, Rean and the others noticed that the air was very heavy. "Weird..." Nolui commented. "There are too many cultivators, demon beasts, and spirits here. Most of this army was supposed to be far into the Devils' territory, conquering more land. Why are they back here?"

Kanglia noticed that, too. "When we were about to teleport here, I also saw that the spirits and people in the cities we passed seemed to be quite constrained. It's just that we were in a hurry, so I didn't stop to ask anyone what was happening. But now..."

A few moments later, Nolui's communication badge turned on. He quickly took it out and read the message. "Senior Flinyu and Folesve are already waiting for us."

From inside the Soul Gem Dimensional Realm, Roan warned Rean. 'There is a good chance they will also not let us leave that easy.'

Rean agreed. 'Nothing can be done about that. I still need those serene golden filaments. Besides, we can definitely resist a teleport in a messed space now, so running away isn't that big of a problem... although I would rather not rely on such a roulette.'

'I'll keep the Circuitry Teleport Formation ready for use,' Roan answered, already expecting the worst.

Their group arrived at a big building in that city. However, Nolui didn't let everyone follow them. He simply sent everyone a Divine Sense message: 'You can all return to your armies. Remember, this last mission was a secret, and if you let it leak outside, don't blame senior Folesve and Flinyu for holding a grudge.'

Right after, he looked at Rean, Kentucky, and Essefy. 'As for you three, follow me.'