Nolui and Rean's group arrived in front of a big hall, which was quickly opened. "Enter," said a voice from inside. There were many seats, although none was being used. At the center of the hall, two men stood. Rean immediately recognized one. It was the furred humanoid, also known as Folesve. As for the other, it wasn't hard to guess he was Flinyu.

Nolui approached them and then kneeled in front of Flinyu. "Master, I have completed my mission."

Flinyu nodded with a satisfied expression. "You did well. Now, you can share everything that happened during your trip into the Pseudo-Temporal Path." Truth be told, Flinyu already heard the entire report through the communication system. As soon as Nolui got a singal of the communication towers, the first thing he did was to call Flinyu and tell him everything. This was nothing more than a formality.

"Yes, master," Nolui nodded. "It turned out that the Pseudo-Temporal Path was connecting to the other half of the Universe that had been separated from side side during countless years. It seems like the Death Spirit Race has taken full control of that place, and your subordinate wasn't able to find a single other race of beings with cultivation."

Folesve wasn't surprised. "We already knew about that. The other side doesn't have cultivation energies, so after so many years, the races there now evolved to live without it."

"You already knew about it, master?" Nolui asked Flinyu instead.

Flinyu nodded. "One of the Death Spirits on the other side is one of the Semi-Celestials."

'Semi-Celestials?' That was the first time Rean and Kentucky heard about it.

However, Essefy, as the Huban's disciple, already knew about that term, so he explained it to Rean and Kentucky. 'Semi-Celestials is the name given to the experts like my Master or senior Kafan. Do you remember that they have the ability to change the celestial laws of the Universe to their own use? It was due to this ability that the name Semi-Celestials came from. They can mess with the Celestial Laws, like using it to communicate with other Semi-Celestials as senior Kafan and my Master, senior Huban, did. But they always have to pay a price.'

Rean understood. 'That's why Semi in the name, uh? Because they can't do it freely.'

'Exactly,' Essefy nodded. Of course, he used Divine Sense since no one there other than Rean, and Kentucky knew he was a member of the Essence Race and knew Huban.

"I see..." As a close confidant to Flinyu, Nolui was also aware of the Semi-Celestials, although he had never seen one before. However, he quickly remembered that Death Spirit who sent them back to this side of the Universe. His power was definitely much higher than even Flinyu, and Nolui had seen Flinyu going all out before. "Master, I believe the Death Spirit I met last was this Semi-Celestial Death Spirit you mentioned."

Flinyu already expected that. "Only someone like that could possibly open a gate to this side of the Universe. And according to my Master, it is only possible to be done from the other side. Even Semi-Celestials can't open a passage from this side to the other half."

"Master's master!" Nolui took a deep breath. He had never seen the person before, but he had heard about him from Flinyu. "Senior Gragatou said something?"

Flinyu narrowed his eyes as he looked at Nolui. "Is my Master's name something you can say with this mouth of yours?" It was obvious to everyone just how much respect Flinyu held for this so-called Gragatou.

Nolui quickly dropped his head down. "I have misspoken, Master. Please punish me."

Flinyu's expression eased a little bit. "Just be more careful in the future."

Folesve continued from there. "What we want to know is what the Vruves wanted on the other side. They seemed dead set on not allowing anyone to enter the Pseudo-Temporal Path and monopolizing it. What did you find?"

Nolui then told what he knew. "We fought the Vruves and managed to emerge victorious. However, this subordinate believes the Vruves are having some kind of deal with the Devils, considering that no Devils intervened during the battle. After our victory, we immediately set for the Temporal Path and traversed it because we believed the Vruves wouldn't come alone next time."

Nolui continued his tale of how they arrived at the other side and got separated. They couldn't find the exit of the Pseudo-Temporal Path anymore, either. He then traveled through that other half of the Universe, and the only race with cultivation he found were the Death Spirits. Yet, trying to capture one of them was a mistake. They left through the Death Doors, and even Nolui couldn't prevent it. Not long after, Divinity Realm Death Spirits appeared, and Nolui was easily captured by them instead.

Kanglia and everyone else, including Kinblei, suffered pretty much the same fate. Finally, he reached the point where Rean appeared and had some deal with the Death Spirits. Naturally, he also told how it was a lie and how Rean's group mentioned after they returned that his group actually knew the Death Spirits before, although Rean also mentioned that was the first time he saw the Death Spirits. Well, first time only if you don't count Roan, that is...

Finally, Nolui told them about 'Goku' and 'Kenny's' strength, which far surpassed anyone he had ever seen at their level. From what he heard from Rean, the Death Spirits seemed to be involved with it.

Folesve and Flinyu nodded, finally turning their attention to Rean and Kentucky. There was also Essefy, but they at least knew Essefy only joined their group much later. They had nothing to do with Essefy before. "It doesn't matter how I see it... you guys are definitely deeply involved with the Death Spirits. However, that matters little to us. What matters the most is what the Vruves are trying to do there. The other side doesn't have any cultivation resources, so what could the Vruves possibly be interested in?"

Folesve continued. "Your abnormal strength definitely caught our attention, but it is not what we are interested in at the moment. Thorugh history, geniuses that could show such ridiculous power for their cultivation always appear once in a while. They are rare but not myths. For us, the Vruve Organization objectives are of much higher priority, especially after hearing they might be alling with the Devils. Since you dared to return to the army and even meet us face to face with our cultivation difference, there must be something you want to tell me and Flinyu."

Rean shook his head, though. "In fact, I have nothing to tell you, seniors." Before Flinyu and Folesve could complain, Rean continued. "The one who has something to say is Senior Kafan instead." Right after, Rean took out a Jade Slip that seemed to have some kind of seal on it. Even Rean couldn't undo it since it wasn't a formation. It seemed to have something to do with Kafan's Semi-Celestial powers.

Finally, Rean passed it to Flinyu before saying, "Senior Kafan told me to give it to you. You would know what to do after that." It wasn't a lie. He did receive it from Kafan... Well, Roan did. But since Roan wasn't the one doing the conversation here, Rean took over the job of passing the massage over.