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Ghasts were monsters, born from the malice and fear of creatures, they were considered to be in between demons and evil spirits, and could only be dealt with by magic, but they were not a major threat if one was a magician.

But if there were more than one of them, they would be a threat to normal students.

The cause of the outbreak was an unintentional release of magic power, but the fact that it sprang up here indicated that perhaps the magic power of the demon that had been exterminated long ago remained intact.

At any rate, as students of the Capital, Amelia calculated that even they could make it back to the entrance if the three of them worked together.

“Kyaaaaaaaaaah!!! Nooooo!!!”

Suddenly panicking, Eva pushed Amelia away and ran off by herself.


Unable to comprehend what had happened for a moment, Amelia almost plunged head first into the rubble with a stunned look on her face.


Cyril quickly intervened and fell down while protecting Amelia.

“…Cyril-sama? Cyril-sama!?”

Amelia screamed at Cyril, who had perhaps been hit on the head and fainted.

“I’m going to cast holy magic…!”

Amelia was only apt at Holy Magic and Summoning Magic, and she had learned in class that she should not move a person too much if they hit their head.

She could also use Spirit Magic, but that was not an option because, for some reason, when she would call a spirit, it would simply remain motionless as it lay flat on the ground, but even with the most useful Holy Magic, Amelia was still only able to use magic on contact, and when she touched Cyril’s head, the slippery feeling of blood upset her, and she was unable to activate it properly.

“What do I do, what do I do?”

All the while, the Ghast was slowly closing in on them, but all Amelia could see was Cyril in her eyes.


At that moment, without any particular deep thought, whether it was a flash of inspiration or a recollection of something, Amelia called out to Cyril.

“[Wake up]!”

As it was, when Amelia’s lips touched Cyril’s cheek, a light of sacred magic spread around that point of contact, and Cyril, who had been unconscious, quietly awoke.



Cyril’s eyes were dazzled by the touch on his cheek and Amelia’s embrace, but when he realized the situation with the Ghast still remaining, he hugged Amelia tightly as if to protect her.





The approaching ghasts apologetically bow their heads in a rather human-like gesture to the two, and after falling flat like the spirits that had appeared before Amelia, they carefully cleaned up the debris in the area and went away.

“…What is the meaning of this?”

“…Well? Maybe, it only came to say hello?”


Soon after, the escort knights came looking for Eva, and when they returned to the entrance, Eva was not only protected by the knights, but was also captured.

Since it was certain that Eva had endangered the Lord even if she had no bad intentions, Eva was to be sent back to her parents’ house without further punishment.

Although they were not sure about the attitude of that Ghast and had their doubts, Cyril was in a better mood than when he went out, and Amelia was somewhat uncomfortable.

“Alright, from now on, when you wake me up in the morning, will you give me a kiss on the cheek?”

“I would never!”