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Chapter 1041: Token

In the secret room of the main tower of Golden Light City, the old man surnamed Yao and the gray-haired middle-aged man stood side by side in the corner of the array with a solemn expression.

The space in front of them was empty at the moment, and the entire array on the ground looked dim.

“The communication array isn’t working. Could it be that Taitian Fortress… has been captured?” The gray-haired middle-aged man looked at the array under his feet and said with a rather unsightly expression.

“The fortress has 4 Celestial State elders, plus the elite disciples dispatched before, the strength is stronger than our Golden Light City. There is also the Taitian Array as a trump card. It can’t be captured so easily. According to my estimation, the ghost army used some mysterious method to isolate the communication array in the fortress, which is why we lost the connections with the other cities.” After a moment of silence, the old man surnamed Yao replied.

“It is very likely that this is the case. In this way, we are a little passive. Now the situation outside the city is a bit complicated, and our reinforcements can’t get out of the encirclement for a while.” The gray-haired middle-aged man heard the words and nodded slowly road.

“The most urgent task is to inform Master’s Junior Huo Ye about this matter… But now that all our means of communication have been cut off, how do we notify Master’s Junior Huo Ye?” The old man surnamed Yao was really worried.

“When the Taitian Fortress was besieged before, after some considerations, I reported the matter to Master Junior’s Huo Ye. He guards the Black Peak Valley and is not far from the Taitian Fortress. Once the Taitian Fortress is in trouble, he will know it with his mighty power. If he helps in person, the siege of the Taitian Fortress may be solved.” The gray-haired middle-aged man smiled slightly after hearing that. He took out a fist-sized piece of white crystal jade. It looked like a curled up worm, but it looked natural without the slightest trace of carving.

“This thing is?” The old man surnamed Yao looked at the white worm-shaped crystal jade and asked in doubt.

“Brother Yao, you haven’t been here for long, so you don’t know about it yet. This is the secret communication treasure forged by Master’s Junior Huo Ye using the special product of this place, hell insect jade. There are a pair of yin and yang. It can deliver messages using the yin qi in this place. He gave me the yin jade, and he kept the yang jade for himself. However, it can only be used once in a short period of time.”

“Fortunately, you thought it well, otherwise this will really be troublesome.” Seeing this, the old man surnamed Yao said with a sigh of relief.

At the same time, the garrison disciples of the 4 major legions in the Taitian Fortress. Under the coordination of the Elder Deputy, he was running back and forth on the city wall as if he was arranging something.

Now that the fortress was trapped by the Xuan Door Ghost Burial Array for most of the day, even if there was a defensive enchantment, the yin qi in the city was gradually thickening. Many disciples who were not high in cultivation had turned green-black.

Xiao Wu and other Golden Light Army’s high rank disciples were now sitting cross-legged on the 6 tall platforms of the Golden Light Array, constantly injecting their spiritual power into the golden mirrors in front of them. Under the command of Cao Changhe, the golden light released by the fortune bowl on the top of the tower was magnified as much as possible, purifying the yin qi in the city.

Everyone was holding an upper grade spirit stone to recharge their spiritual power.

In the main hall of the fortress not far from the tower, 4 Celestial State elders were standing in the hall with dignified expressions. A disciple of their sects stood beside each of them.

Standing opposite the old man with a bottle nose was Liu Ming.

At this moment, although he did not show any expressions on his face, his thoughts kept spinning in his mind.

Being summoned by the Celestial State elder suddenly, it wouldn’t be something good. Since he was here, he could only watch the matter unfold.

In addition to him, standing in front of the other 3 Celestial State cultivators were a young man in yellow armor from the Nature Work Sect who had a simple and honest face, a muscular man in white armor from the Haoran Academy with a full beard and a masked woman in black armor from the Demon Mystic Sect.

Judging from the fluctuations of spiritual power from them, they were all at the Real Pellet State period. The honest-looking young man was at the Real Pellet State intermediate stage, and the other 2 were at the Real Pellet State early stage.

Liu Ming also had some impressions of these 3 people. They were all powerful captain-level disciples among the reinforcement of the 3 major legions.

At this moment, the old man surnamed Fang from the Nature Work Sect waved his hand and launched a yellow light to cover the entire hall.

Seeing the cautious expression of the old man surnamed Fang, Liu Ming’s eyes flashed a little bit of strangeness.

“Okay, I will not waste the time. We have an important task for you 4 to accomplish.” The old man surnamed Fang said in a deep voice.

Liu Ming and the other 3 looked calm after hearing that.

The old man surnamed Fang nodded slightly when he saw their reaction, then he continued speaking in a low voice.

“You all must know the current situation. The Taitian Fortress is sealed by the ghost army with the Xuan Door Ghost Burial Array. It can be said that it is an inescapable situation. The connection between the 4 major cities must have been cut off at this moment. At this moment, the situation of our human cultivators in this Evil Ghost Way has reached a precarious point.”

“May I ask, isn’t there a Mystic Comprehending State elder of the Taiqing Sect in the Evil Ghost Way now?” The muscular man from the Haoran Academy asked after cupping his fist.

“With Master’s Junior Huo Ye’s power, he should have known the situation here long ago. As for why he hasn’t appeared until now, he must have been stopped by some other matters.” The Taiqing Sect’s old man with a bottle nose shook his head after hearing this.

As soon as these words were said, whether it was Liu Ming and the other 3 or the other 3 Celestial State elders, they all looked surprised.

The reason why Mystic Comprehending State powerhouse entered this Evil Ghost Way was mainly to guard the path that connected the Black Peak Valley and the Middle Sky Continent. At the same time, it was to deter the mystic ghost. After many years of fighting, the 2 sides had gradually reached a tacit understanding. The Mystic Comprehending State powerhouses on both sides would not easily intervene in normal battles.

The current situation was extremely unfavorable for the human side. It had reached a critical moment of life and death. As the reason why the Mystic Comprehending State had not yet appeared, it was pretty obvious.

“Although the situation is bad now, we can’t wait for our death. Back then, when our 4 major sects took root in the Evil Ghost Way, in order to cope with the unpredictable crisis in the future, the 4 major legions set up an ultimate means in their respective main cities. When it is the moment of life and death, we can use our own ultimate means to overcome the crisis. However, the cost of using these ultimate means is huge. Therefore, we set a rule that after getting the approval and tokens of the 3 Celestial State elders of the respective sect, the ultimate means can only be used.” Elder Fang said.

“Elder Fang wants us to bring elders’ tokens back to the 4 major cities?” When Liu Ming heard this, a hint of clarity flashed in his eyes.

“Yes.” This mission is related to the safety of Taitian Fortress, and it can only be handed over to the most powerful disciples. We picked out the 4 of you. I hope you won’t let us down. “The middle-aged man from the Haoran Academy said.

“Understood!” Liu Ming and the other 3 responded.

At this time, these Celestial State elders would naturally not allow them to reject.

But after that, the other 3 Real Pellet State disciples looked at Liu Ming with doubt. They were obviously very confused. Why did the Taiqing Sect choose Liu Ming, a cultivator at the Pseudo Pellet State period.

In fact, not only the 3 of them but even the 3 Celestial State elders were also puzzled.

Only the old man with a bottle nose looked at Liu Ming with a smile.

Not to mention the news he had learned from the other 2 Celestial State elders before, he saw how Liu Ming killed a few Real Pellet State ghost captains in the battle previously.

“Elders, how can we get out of the fortress? There is the Xuan Door Ghost Burial Array of the ghost army outside.” Liu Ming hesitated and asked.

“Don’t worry about this. We have our own way to let you break out of the array. Just do as we said.” The old man with a bottle nose said without thinking.

The 4 had different expressions upon hearing that.

Half an hour later, within the Taitian Fortress, the cultivators of the various sects were suspended in mid-air under the lead of the 4 Celestial State elders.


The old man surnamed Fang of the Nature Work Sect shouted and waved his arm suddenly.

The cultivators from all sects flew onto the city walls and launched attacks of various lights at the black air array.

In the rumbling sound, on the tall platform of the Golden Light Array in the city, Cao Changhe waved the formation flags with both hands several times and launched several symbols into the fortune bowl above. It shot 6 light beams at the surrounding 6 tall platforms.

The next moment, 6 golden light beams condensed into an incomparably giant light beam in mid-air, then it shot at the array.

The attacks hit the Xuan Door Ghost Burial Array, making bursts of thunderous explosions. Half of the sky was brightened. The momentum was astounding.

The ghost army outside Taitian Fortress discovered the situation inside the fortress, and many ghost creatures immediately flew into the air, waiting for them.

Although the Xuan Door Ghost Burial Array was strong, under the combined attacks of more than a thousand people, the originally thick black mist also tumbled violently.

Outside the 4 walls of Taitian Fortress, there was a Celestial State ghost general suspended in the air. Seeing the situation inside the array, they cast a few black flags with solemn looks.

As the huge black runes flew out from their flags into the black mist, the Xuan Door Ghost Burial Array quickly stabilized again.