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Chapter 1043: Interception

The other 3 Real Pellet State disciples glanced at Xie’er who stood on Liu Ming’s shoulder in surprise. Seeing that it was just a ghost creature spiritual pet of the Pseudo Pellet State, they quickly looked away.

At this moment, the golden cockscomb mark on Xie’er’s forehead suddenly flashed, and a dazzling golden light shot out.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was overjoyed. After Xie’er advanced to Pseudo Pellet State, the golden cockscomb light was much more dazzling than before.

The next moment, all the golden lights converged into a thick light beam that shot at the black light curtain. The black mist melted like ice encountering fire. The effect was even greater than the enchantment-breaking weapons of the 4!

The Nature Work Sect’s honest-looking young man gave Xie’er a surprised look. He glanced at the golden cockscomb mark.

The others were as surprised as the honest-looking young man, but this was good to their side, so they also continued to channel their attacks.

Under the support of Xie’er’s golden light, the black light curtain dented at a speed visible to the naked eye.

5 inches, 4 inches, 3 inches…

Finally, the black light curtain shook violently, breaking open a 1 meter hole. The black air around the hole tumbled as if trying to close back the hole.

“Run now!”

The honest-looking young grunted, then he flew out of the hole.

The other 2 followed behind closely. Liu Ming retrieved Xie’er and looked back at the fortress, then he went through the black light curtain.

Just as his body flew out of the hole, the hole recovered with a “poom“.

As soon as the four of them escaped from the Ghost Burial Array, they didn’t dare to stay and immediately scattered in different directions.

When breaking the Ghost Burial Array, because this array isolated the spiritual power fluctuations and the ghost army was attracted by the shocking attacks from inside, no one found that they had escaped from it.

In the blink of an eye, they escaped the besiege of the ghost army.

However, just when Liu Ming was relieved, he suddenly felt a throb as if he was being stared at by some kind of giant monster.

“Try to run!?”

A loud shout came from the sky. A mighty spiritual pressure shocked the 4 of them.

The next moment, a giant claw shadow the size of an acre struck from the top on each of their heads. The 4 ghost generals manipulated the flags in one hand while grabbing in the directions of Liu Ming and the others.


Liu Ming’s eyes flashed. As long as they escaped within a certain range, these Celestial State ghost generals would not be able to chase after them since they had to maintain the array. Even if the pursuers were at the Real Pellet State, they would not pose a threat to them at all.

He immediately made a gesture. His figure blurred and turned into 4 phantasms that ran in different directions.

As a soft eh sounded, the giant crimson palm that chased Liu Ming stopped in midair for a moment. Afterward, it turned into 4 and pressed at the 4 phantasms.

What Liu Ming wanted was this pause!

A loud bang!

Before the 4 huge palms could fall, the four phantasms transformed by Liu Ming had already flown out of the attack range.

In the Illusive Demonic Pupil’s illusion, he had already simulated countless battles with Thunder Beastkin. Facing the giant palm of the Celestial State cultivators, he could adapt with ease!

The disciples of the other 3 sects were also the best among their peers. As they had prepared for it, they dodged the strike of the 3 ghost generals without taking damage.

Immediately after, Liu Ming waved one hand, and a purple sword light flew out from his sleeve. He rode on the purple sword light and dashed for hundreds of meters.

The other 3 also used their own means to dash in 3 directions.

At the same time, inside the Taitian Fortress, the old man surnamed Fang and the other 3 could not see the specific situation of Liu Ming and others outside the Ghost Burial Array, but they channeled the aspect phantasms at the same time without hesitation. The powerful attacks made the entire Ghost Burial Array tremble with colorful lights again.

Above the array, the green-haired ghost general with bone armor looked at the 4 escape lights that were drifting away, a brutal look flashed across its eyes. A human junior ran under his nose, how could it not be furious. Its figure moved as it was about to pursue.

“Ke Man, stop! Protect the array first!” The green-faced old man’s voice sounded in the ears of the green-haired ghost general.

They barely held the array under the continuous attacks of the human cultivators in the fortress. If 1 of them left, the Ghost Burial Array would be breached.

The ghost general with bone armor finally stopped.

After this moment of delay, Liu Ming and others had turned into 4 light spots and disappeared into the distance.

“These 4 people must have a plot to escape from the Taitian Fortress. Is it okay to just let them go?” The ghost general with bone armor said a little unwillingly.

Hmph, even if we send someone to chase now, it’s too late now.” The green-faced old man said.

“Looking at the direction they went, it should be to the 4 cities of the human race. Xuan Yang, immediately informs the guys who besieged the 4 cities of this situation and let them send someone to deal with these 4 human race juniors.” The ghost general with red eyebrows smiled coldly, turned its head and said to a ghost captain in red heavy armor beside.

It agreed, took out a palm-sized black square object and launched a symbol to it. A black light array lit up.

The ghost general with bone armor looked at the directions they escaped, then it took a deep breath and focused on stabilizing the Ghost Burial Array.

Over a low mountain more than 10,000 miles east of the Taitian Fortress, a purple sword light galloped from a distance. It stopped, and Liu Ming’s figure appeared from it.

Liu Ming turned his head and looked in the direction behind him with a hint of contemplation. He waved and retrieved the Bitter Wheel Sword, then he rushed toward the Golden Light City in a black cloud.

The Taitian Fortress and Golden Light City were far apart. The last time he departed from Golden Light City to the Taitian Fortress took about 2 days, but this time he rushed all the way, so it only took 1 day and 1 night to fly more than half of the distance.

When the black cloud flew over a low mountain, suddenly countless black lines shot out from the mountain below, covering him like raindrops.

In the black cloud, Liu Ming’s face turned grim. He waved and released the Bitter Wheel Sword. It flashed and turned into a purple sword wheel, blocking in front of him.

A piercing metallic sound burst out. The dense black lines were crushed by the sword wheel.

Above the mountain below, 2 black escape lights flew out and stopped 300 meters in front of Liu Ming. There were 2 ghost captains. One was burly and was wearing a thick black armor; the other was wearing a black robe and holding a black umbrella.

“Purple flying sword, it should be this person!”

The ghost captain with black armor glanced at the Bitter Wheel Sword and said coldly.

Hmph! Just a mere human junior in the Pseudo Pellet State, they actually dispatch us together? It’s just in time that I can flex my muscles. You don’t have to do anything.” Another burly ghost captain looked at Liu Ming contemptuously. A black light flashed, and a 3 meters long bone spear appeared. A bone-piercing yin qi gushed out from the spear.

A loud shout!

The burly ghost captain stomped its feet fiercely, and he charged toward Liu Ming like a black arrow.

Liu Ming calmly patted the soul-recovering bag around his waist with one hand, and Xie’er wrapped in a golden light flew out in front of him.

The burly ghost captain saw that it was just a ghost creature of the Pseudo Pellet State, it snorted coldly. The bone spear burst into black light. It shook its arm and launched dense black spear shadows.

Bone Scorpion crossed her pincers, and the golden cockscomb mark shot a golden light beam at the spear shadows.

The ghost captain with black armor who was standing in the distance was watching the battle with its arms folded, but the moment Xie’er emitted the golden light beam, it was utterly shocked.

Before it could react, there was a burst of sizzling sound!

As soon as the pitch-black spear shadows touched the golden light, it vanished into thin air.

The burly ghost captain’s eyes also widened several times at the moment when the golden light appeared. It roared and retreated as if it met its nemesis.

Right at this moment, Liu Ming appeared behind him elusively, then a 30 meters long purple sword light rolled out!

The burly ghost captain could no longer move in mid-air. In this critical moment, it spat kht a black-white round disc in front of it.

The disc spun and released black-white mist, which condensed into a house-sized black-white vortex. A strong suction tried to devour the purple sword light.

Liu Ming’s face was expressionless. He shook his arms, and 2 more than 30 meters long black mist dragons charged into the vortex.

With a muffled sound, the black-white vortex suddenly trembled, losing half of its brilliance.

Immediately afterward, the purple sword light transformed by the Bitter Wheel Sword slashed down with a crackling thunder.


The black-white vortex and the strange disc behind it were slashed into 2.

The purple sword light continued to swirl around the burly ghost captain, slashing it into a few segments. The black armor broke like decoration!

They fought each other for only a few seconds, then the Real Pellet State ghost captain was killed instantly.