The yellow light flashed. When the yellow mist from the last Mountain River Pearl merged into the giant mountain phantasm, a sharp whistling sounded. A layer of yellow light appeared outside the giant mountain. The 12 yellow light clusters could clearly be seen in it.

Immediately afterward, a black light flashed, and 12 black long river phantasms rolled up again in the 12 yellow light clusters. The black air that had collapsed outside the giant mountain condensed into a majestic long black river phantasm again.

The yellow light and black water light blended together, closing the huge crack on the mountain quickly. The silver lightning snakes on the surface of the yellow mountain also collapsed and disappeared.

Before Liu Ming could breathe a sigh of relief, a thunderclap sounded in the sky. The silver lightning arcs struck from the black thundercloud with a terrifying momentum.

All the silver lightning arcs coiled in mid-air and turned into countless silver thunderballs the size of heads in the blink of an eye. The sparks on the surface flickered. The thunderballs rained down, leaving trails of silver afterimages. The area was illuminated like it was a sunny day.

Liu Ming took a breath. He formed gestures swiftly with both hands while chanting.

Below the black hell river, nearly 100 big and small black vortexes appeared. It was almost impossible to find a place without a vortex.

Black yin qi surged out from the vortexes and gathered around Liu Ming. They were constantly absorbed by Liu Ming to replenish the rapidly depleted spiritual power.

As the black symbols were launched into the giant yellow mountain phantasm, a burst of yellow light flowed at the mountain surface.

A noise sounded, and cracks continued to appear on the surface of the entire giant mountain. Countless stones were extracted from the mountain and rose into the sky, rushing at the falling silver thunderballs.

As soon as they came into contact, the stones burst open one after another, turning into clouds of yellow mist.

Every time the silver thunderball smashed a stone, the falling momentum also slowed down, and it became a little smaller.

The giant yellow mountain phantasm was getting smaller as more stones were launched, but because of its giant size, the number of stones far surpassed the thunderballs. The thunderballs became smaller as they fell, and the momentum became a little chaotic.

Liu Ming launched a symbol after seeing this. The long black river phantasm around the mountain phantasm released countless black tentacles, whipping on the silver thunderballs. The silver thunderballs were shrinking amidst a burst of rattling sound.


In this way, when there was only the giant base left on the giant yellow mountain and the long black river phantasm was extremely dim, all the silver thunderballs were eliminated.

At the same time, the dark thunderclouds in the sky were getting smaller and smaller. After the last silver thunderball dissipated, The dark clouds dissipated and the sky returned to its original state.

Liu Ming’s forehead was full of cold sweat. He was gasping heavily with a pale face.

However, just when there was a hint of joy in his eyes, a scene that shocked him also happened!

But when the last silver thunderball collapsed, a golden light suddenly flashed. A golden lightning arc as thin as a hair flashed.

As soon as it appeared, it was like an agile little snake, rushing toward Liu Ming at an unbelievable speed!

Because the speed was too fast and Liu Ming has just relaxed his mind at this moment, it was too late to react.

“”Golden… Its Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder reshaping body! “

Liu Ming was utterly shocked, then he made a painful scream, and the scream came to an abrupt end.

As soon as the tiny golden thunder touched Liu Ming’s body, it frantically roamed around Liu Ming’s body at an incredible speed. A burst of crisp crackling sounds could be heard.

For a time, Liu Ming’s whole body seemed to be covered with a layer of light golden lightning clothes. He felt like being bitten by hundreds of gnawing bugs at the same time, feeling a heart-wrenching pain, but he couldn’t move; not even scream.

What Liu Ming had encountered at the moment was exactly the step that all Pseudo Pellet State cultivators must go through when they advance to the Real Pellet State – reshaping the body!

During this process, the cultivator’s body was continuously destroyed under the heavenly thunder, then a new body was constructed using the pure spiritual power of the pseudo pellet or one’s own body regeneration.

Once the regeneration was slower than the destruction speed of Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder to the body, the cultivator was likely to die without leaving a corpse.

This was the most dangerous, yet extremely crucial step. It directly determined the physical strength after forming the real pellet. From this moment on, the cultivator would truly be reborn and achieve the immortal body. In a sense, this was the real step into the Immortality Cultivation Realm. The longevity would increase greatly since then.

Generally speaking, the more spiritual power crystals there were, the stronger the power of the heavenly thunder would be, but if one could survive, the physical body would be stronger and the level of the real pellet would of course be higher.

Liu Ming had a total of 153 spiritual power crystals, 9 more than the Sky Spiritual Pulse cultivator who could condense 144 spiritual power crystals, so this pale golden Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder he attracted was also extremely terrifying. Although it was much weaker than the five-color divine thunder that Liu Ming attracted into his body to seal the demonic will, it was not something that ordinary cultivators could bear.

If one knew that he couldn’t survive the tribulation, he could generally use various means to assist the process of reshaping the body, and even avoid the invasion of the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder. This method of relying on external forces might cause one to form a real pellet, but due to violating the heavenly way, the quality of the real pellet would drop greatly, which was the Three Holes Inferior Real Pellet. His cultivation would hardly get any improvement.

However, due to the vast world, the Crystallization Period cultivators who could finally condense the pseudo pellet were very few. There were even fewer for those who got the opportunity to condense the real pellet. There were even more for those who survived the thunder tribulation, but die in the process of reshaping the physical body.

In order to improve the strength of the real pellet and obtain a long life, most Pseudo Pellet State cultivators still chose to advance to the Real Pellet State through external force.

After all, Three Holes Inferior Real Pellet was better than not being able to condense a pellet at all.

In the following time, Liu Ming’s body was under the erosion of the pale golden Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder. His body continued to collapse, regenerate, and collapse again.

At this moment, his whole body was bloody and mutilated. Many parts had been fragmented, faintly revealing the pale golden bones. It looked extremely miserable.

Although Liu Ming’s body was regenerating quickly under the channel of the Hell Bone Secret, the pale golden Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder had reached an extremely high level in both speed and power. Before his flesh was regenerated, the divine thunder had struck the place.

This made Liu Ming feel overwhelmed.

At this moment, the blood that was hidden somewhere in his body suddenly boiled up. It rolled and turned into a drop of blood that was different from other blood essences. When the pale golden thunder went through it, an astounding change occurred.

It turned out that although he had integrated most of the Sky Beastkin blood essence with his body, there was still a small part that could not be swallowed. It was still dormant in his body.

As strands of gray air continued to come out from the blood bead, the drop of Sky Beastkin blood essence turned redder and began to dissolve.

After about 15 minutes, Liu Ming’s whole body was almost damaged. Most of his body collapsed, and he was on the verge of dying. Suddenly, an inaudible sound suddenly sounded from somewhere in his body.

Immediately afterward, a faint white blood gushed out from his body and spread frantically, covering his entire body in an instant.

The pale golden divine thunder, which was getting more and more rampant, was flowing more and more slowly in this blood.

The next moment, Liu Ming’s body was rapidly regenerated at a speed visible to the naked eye. In just 3 seconds, his body was already reshaped. In his blood, there was a white aura similar to the beastkin.

Immediately afterward, his skin was also recovering swiftly as the blood silk intertwined. It took only about 10 seconds for him to completely recover.

The pale golden divine thunder that was as thin as a hair suddenly detached from Liu Ming’s body and disappeared into the black thundercloud that was gradually shrinking above.

Liu Ming felt his body suddenly relieved, and he regained his mobility again.

After he was cleansed by the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder, he finally succeeded in reshaping his body. He felt extremely comfortable.

In joy, Liu Ming made gestures and pointed at the yellow mountain phantasm in the air, turning it back into 12 yellow Mountain River Pearls.

As the last small black cloud dissipated in the sky, a stream of pure spirit poured toward Liu Ming’s body.

At the same time, the surrounding yin qi also rushed toward him.

These 2 different spirits roamed in his meridians and surged into the sea of ​​consciousness, and they entangled and rubbed against each other, igniting a black and white flame in the sea of ​​consciousness. The 153 spiritual power crystals were being burned in the flame.

After Liu Ming meditated for a year, the spiritual power crystals that had been tightly attached to each other finally dissolved and began to truly fuse together.

A look of pain suddenly appeared on Liu Ming’s face, and a black and white light enveloped his body.

Time passed little by little. Suddenly, a long whistle came from the black and white light!