Chapter 1082: Real Pellet State Intermediate Stage

Heavenly Thunder Spell had always been Liu Ming’s powerful means against the enemy. He hadn’t been able to use it since sealing the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder in the sea of consciousness. Now, he could finally use it.

He slowly exhaled and walked to the Illusive Demonic Pupil. According to what Luo Hu said, he spat out a drop of blood essence, chanted and formed one after another gesture.

A series of symbols fell on the blood essence, turning it into a bloody flame that slowly merged into the Illusive Demonic Pupil.

Liu Ming immediately felt that the connection between himself and Illusive Demonic Pupil had strengthened a lot. He even felt an inexplicable connection with the prison space.

“What Luo Hu said is indeed true!” Liu Ming raised his brows and muttered to himself.

Next, Liu Ming quickly left the prison space, returned to the bottom of the hell river, sat cross-legged, and waited quietly.

After a long time, he heard Luo Hu’s command in his ears, then a mysterious bubble emerged in the sea of consciousness. With a shake, a stream of extremely pure spiritual power surged from it.

“It’s coming!”

Liu Ming was delighted. He hurriedly channeled the spiritual power. The black and white real pellet in the sea of consciousness emitted a black and white glow, which enveloped this spiritual power and pulled it into the sea of consciousness.

The spiritual power in the sea of consciousness quickly merged with this spiritual power, then it formed streams of warm currents which gradually turned into a spiritual power vortex.

Liu Ming only felt that his dantian was faintly hot, and the spiritual power in the sea of consciousness rose steadily.

In the following time, Liu Ming comprehended the 10th level of Hell Bone Secret while refining the hell river heavy water using multitasking talent.

Heavy water was also an extremely precious treasure in the Middle Sky Continent. Since he was in the deepest underworld where the hell river heavy water was at his fingertips, he of course didn’t want to miss this great opportunity.

Every 3 months, Luo Hu would channel the injection mystic art to transfer the spiritual power from the mysterious bubble into Liu Ming’s body.

As time passed, the Hell River area had already returned to its former serenity.

In the blink of an eye, 20 years have passed.

One day, the thick and dark hell river suddenly tumbled violently. Several vortexes that were originally about 30 meters in size suddenly converged and formed an incomparably huge dark vortex.

Cold aura rose up along with the rotation of the vortex, decreasing the surrounding temperature slightly.


In the center of the gigantic vortex, a splash of water tens of meters high suddenly rose. Then, a figure wrapped in black air flew out from the center of the vortex and stopped in mid-air.

The black air slowly dissipated like water, revealing the figure inside. It was Liu Ming!

At this moment, he emitted waves of strong spiritual power fluctuations. His cultivation had reached the Real Pellet State intermediate stage. He seemed to be only one step away from reaching Real Pellet later stage.

“Spiritual power injection is really amazing. It took me just 20 years to advance to another level again!” A hint of joy appeared on Liu Ming’s face as he muttered to himself.

However, although this method was great, it was obviously not a long-term solution. 2 months ago, after the last injection, Luo Hu had told him that it could no longer be used lest waking up the weapon spirit.

After saying this. Luo Hu disappeared again. No matter how he called for the past 2 months, there was no response.

According to his estimation, using this injection mystic art had consumed a lot of vitality. He was currently recovering in a deep sleep.

In addition to the improvement of his cultivation, his Hell Bone Secret had also reached the 10th level several years ago. The golden light of his bones was now even brighter. The absorption and transformation efficiency of yin qi was even more efficient.

In addition, he also condensed a lot of hell river heavy water, almost filling a gourd container as large as a foot.

Don’t underestimate a gourd of this size, there were nearly a thousand drops of hell river heavy water in it. The weight was not less than several million catties.

With so much heavy water, he could at least exchange it for hundreds of millions of spirit stones in the Middle Sky Continent.

Now that several of his goals had been achieved, there was no point in continuing to stay here. After taking a long breath, he took out a jade slip and read it with Divine Thought.

This was the map of the entire Serene Water Region that he bought at Cold Moon City with a lot of money.

The deepest underworld was not where Liu Ming should stay for a long time. Now the Mountain River Pearls had been forged and the hell river heavy water was enough for the future training of Hell Bone Secret.

He planned to find the last part of the Hell Bone Secret and the way to leave the deepest underworld.

In addition, according to his estimation, it was only a few years before the next burst of the mysterious bubble. With Liu Ming’s spiritual power, it should be enough to feed the mysterious bubble, but in case, he still needed some preparations.

A little bit of starlight twinkled on the jade slip of the map. It was all the cities in the Serene Water Region. Liu Ming’s Divine Thought quickly locked the brightest and largest light spot, which was the main city of the Serene Water Region, Bi You City.

As the largest main city in the Serene Water Region, he should be able to find many interesting things or clues to Hell Bone Secret.

Liu Ming withdrew Divine Thought from the jade slip and flew into the distance in a black light.

3 months later, in a blue jungle in the Serene Water Region, a burly man with a gray face and a height of about 7 feet was standing there. He was holding a gray long sword that was three feet long.

Around him, there were 3 one-horned ghost creatures resembling wolves.

These ghost creatures were covered with gray-brown hell patterns all over their bodies. As the patterns flickered, a faint aura of Real Pellet State was emitted, but the aura was a little unstable. They were grunting, but they didn’t pounce at the man in the middle as if they were afraid of him.

Outside the encirclement of these 3 ghost creatures, there were 2 ghost creature corpses. The corpses’ skin was ripped apart, and their heads were cut off.

Suddenly, the muscular man smirked slightly, and he disappeared in a flick.

The gray light flickered one after another in mid-air, and a series “swoosh” sounded almost at the same time!

Blood marks suddenly appeared on the bodies of 2 of the ghost creatures, then they were torn apart while collapsing.

The last one-horned ghost creature finally roared and turned to flee.

At this moment, an unnoticeable gray light flashed from the back into its head and pierced out of its forehead!

After the one-horned ghost creature ran a dozen meters away, it collapsed to the ground.

Behind him, the figure of the burly man appeared again. He waved 1 hand, and 2 gray lights shot back into his sleeve.

Needless to say, this person was Liu Ming!

He walked unhurriedly to the 2 ghost creatures, grabbed their chests, and pulled out the hell yin cores wrapped in blood. He folded his hands to examine the yin cores before keeping them and the corpses in the Sumeru Ring.

Then he swayed and turned into a black escape light.

6 months later, on an uninhabited mountain peak, the seven-footed burly man whom Liu Ming disguised was facing 9 Senere Clan men in white armor.

A Serene Clan man, who had a visible scar on his face, had seemed to reach the Real Pellet State intermediate stage.

“Sir. We can’t see through this person’s cultivation at all. It’s better to… ask first before attacking.” Beside the Serene General with a scar, a short Serene Clan man looked at Liu Ming a few times and whispered to the Serene General with a scar.

Hmph, I don’t care who you are. Who doesn’t know that this Flame Hell Mountain Range is the hunting ground of our Yanyang City. You actually intruded our territory. If you don’t pay something for this, wouldn’t this lose the face of our Yanyang City.” Serene General’s face turned grim. He ignored the words of the short Serene Clan man beside him, snorted coldly and scolded Liu Ming.

“It seems that you guys aren’t willing to let me pass through here??” Liu Ming touched his nose and asked with a smile.

He made a detour because the road ahead happened to be a dangerous forbidden area marked on the map. He thought that traveling through this barren mountain would save several days, but he did not expect to enter the territory of Yanyang City by mistake.

However, just the Serene General of the Real Pellet State intermediate stage plus 2 Real Pellet State early stages and 5 Pseudo Pellet State weren’t simply delusional to stop him now.

“Stop talking nonsense, since you don’t appreciate your chance, then don’t think about leaving!”

Following the Serene General’s order, several Serene Clan men in white armor had already surrounded Liu Ming and patted the black leather bags around their waists.

A burst of ghost howl sounded!

However, 8 ghosts wrapped in scarlet flames rolled out and charged toward Liu Ming with a rolling heat wave.

Liu Ming smiled. He rushed forward to greet them and made a sword gesture. A gray sword light flashed out from his sleeve, then he launched a punch with black air at the scarlet flame ghost figure that was at the front.

A loud noise!

The scarlet flame was shocked away byt the punch, and the ghost figure was knocked away for 30 meters far before exploding in the air!

The next moment, the whistling sounds came!

The remaining 7 scarlet flame ghost figures were pierced through by a swift gray light.

The next moment, with a burst of muffled sounds, all the scarlet flames scattered, and the ghost figures had been slashed in half from the middle.

From the time these ghost creatures were summoned to being killed by Liu Ming, it only took 3 seconds.

When Liu Ming appeared in midair again, most of the surrounding Serene Clan men still had their hands on the leather bags. Their faces were full of unbelievable expressions.