Chapter 1083: Bi You City

This scarlet flame ghost was one of the high rank ghost creatures. Although its cultivation was only at the Crystallization Period, it was extremely difficult to deal with when a few of them joined forces. Even their city lord could kill 8 scarlet flame ghosts in an instant like this.

“Si… Sir, I think there seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding between us…” Serene General’s complexion instantly turned pale.

At this moment, how could he still not understand that he had encountered a person whom he couldn’t afford to offend at all.

At this moment, Liu Ming didn’t say anything. His body just blurred and disappeared in place.

Almost at the same time that Liu Ming disappeared, a black shadow faded out behind the Serene General.

“Sir, be careful…” The nearest man exclaimed.

However, Liu Ming’s speed was too fast that they were all caught off guard.

As soon as the word “careful” sounded, there was a soft thud, making all Serene Clan’s breathing almost stop.

A bloody hand pulled out from the Serene General’s abdomen, holding a gray real pellet in his hand.

The Serene General only reacted at this moment. He looked down at his stomach with an unbelievable expression as if he didn’t believe that his real pellet was dug out before even seeing the attack of the opponent.

“Run! This person… may be a Celestial State!”

The other Serene Clan men were terrified by this. Someone shouted, and everyone turned into white escape light.

Liu Ming slowly crushed the real pellet pill in his hand, then he waved slightly with the other hand. A gray light flashed and cut off the head of the Serene General.

A Real Pellet State intermediate stage Serene General was killed just like that. Even if a Celestial State cultivator was here, he would be surprised too.

Liu Ming then turned his attention to the other Serene Clan who were fleeing everywhere. If these people were to escape back to the Yanyang City, they would probably cause unnecessary trouble again. Since he had made a move, there wasn’t no need to keep them alive.

As his thoughts turned sharply, he patted the soul-recovering bags around his waist. A black mist and a green mist rolled out and turned into Fei’er and Xie’er.

After communicating with Divine Thought, a silver light flashed behind him as he chased 2 men who had stronger aura.

Fei’er and Xie’er naturally chased the other Pseudo Pellet State men.

After a while, there were several screams from different distances from the barren mountain, and there was no sound anymore.

Bi You City, the main city of the Serene Water Region, was located in the southeast of the entire Serene Water Region. More than a thousand miles away on the east side was a wide hell river, and the north and south directions were open.

The west side of the entire city was backed by a cylindrical giant peak that went straight to the sky.

No one knew how high the giant peak behind Bi You City was, but if one looked up in the city, he could see the hell aura that surrounded it.

It was rumored that there were countless precious spiritual herbs on the top of this giant mountain. There were even rumors that this giant peak could be directly connected to other planes, but not many people had the opportunity to actually go up and check it out.

Because the cave house of the Serene King of the Serene Water Region was located at the peak. It was also the foundation of this Bi You City that has prospered for tens of thousands of years.

Bi You spent thousands of years to cultivate at this place, and he finally reached the Mystic Comprehending State. He defeated the Serene King in the Serene Water Region by himself, then he opened up the city and established the foundation of today.

To this day, Bi You had not appeared in public for a long time, so most of the people of Bi You City had never seen his true face, which added a mysterious charm to him.

After a long journey of nearly a year, Liu Ming finally came to a highland hundreds of miles north of Bi You City.

Along the way, he also passed several cities of Serene Clan forces, so he naturally heard more or less rumors about Bi You City.

Whether these rumors were true or not, Liu Ming naturally had no way to verify, because the mountain had been sealed by Bi You. Unless he was summoned by Serene King’s personal guard or Bi You himself, no one was allowed to approach the peak for half a step, not to mention going to the peak.

However, looking at this mountain from a distance of hundreds of kilometers outside Bi You City, it gave people a majestic feeling. Liu Ming was slightly startled too.

In addition to the sky-reaching spiritual mountain behind Bi You City, the size of its main city also made Liu Ming sigh in surprise in his mind.

The entire Bi You City covered an area of tens of thousands of acres, which were equivalent to dozens of Cold Moon City. Outside the city gate, there was a gray stone tablet of 300 meters tall.

Even from a hundred miles away, Liu Ming could clearly see the 2 green characters “Bi You” on the stone tablet.

The city wall was made of white boulders. There was a faint white light on the boulders. A giant gray stone ballista could be seen on the city wall every certain distance. The surrounding towers were also tall and majestic. The momentum was quite magnificent.

Near the city gate, a dense crowd of people could be seen moving in and out constantly, making the entire city look exceptionally prosperous.

After Liu Ming checked Yin Han’s identity token on his waist, he turned into a black escape light and flew away in the direction of Bi You City.

To Liu Ming’s surprise, perhaps there were too many Serene Clans coming and going, the guards in Bi You City were not particularly strict. The guards at the gate wearing bright green armor just briefly questioned Liu Ming, checked his identity token and charged a little hell stone, then they let him go into the city.

After entering the city, Liu Ming was really uncomfortable with the prosperous scene of people coming and going.

If it weren’t for the grayish-white color on the Serene Clan people’s faces, he almost thought he had returned to the Middle Sky Continent and entered a large and prosperous city.

However, in addition to the Serene Clan people who looked like humans, he would sometimes see some who had a strange look. Some had a beast head but a human body. Some had beast claws on both arms.

To this. Liu Ming wasn’t surprised, because when he was in a city called “Sky Hunting City, the people there were half beast. The human-like became rare in the city.

On both sides of the crowded streets, there were also various buildings of different heights arranged in a patchwork manner.

After wandering a few streets at random, Liu Ming found a three-story pavilion that seemed to be big.

After a long while, when Liu Ming walked out of the store, a dark green map was put into the black thumb ring. As for the remains and the crystal cores of the Real Pellet State ghost creatures, he sold them all in exchange for 30,000 hell stones.

In addition to the hell stones found on those he killed along the way, Liu Ming now had about 70,000 hell stones.

For an ordinary Real Pellet State Serene Clan people, such wealth was not too small.

In the next day, he visited a few shops that seemed to be popular and inquired about the remaining Hell Bone Secret and the way to leave the deepest underworld.

As expected, there was no gain.

When there was only a crescent-shaped Hell Sun left in the sky, he walked to a less-populated small street and found a relatively secluded inn to settle down.

Perhaps Bi You City was the largest hub in the Serene Water Region, so there were too many Serene Clan people visiting. Even the isolated inn was full of people. After Liu Ming spent twice the hell stones, he finally got a relatively quiet room.

In the secret room of the inn, Liu Ming was playing with a black storage ring. His face was full of confusion and hesitation.

This item was the storage item of Lan Xu, the captain of Cold Water City. The items in it were originally what Cold Water City wanted to pay tribute to; They were all rare treasures.

Originally in hell river, he just sorted them out in a hurry. Now after taking a closer look, combined with the approximate prices he had seen in the shops in the city, he was also sighing in his heart.

For example, several of the black ghost hell herbs were 1 of the spiritual herbs that nourished ghost creatures. As long as this herb was burnt and turned into ashes and put into the ghost control bag, it could automatically absorb the hell qi. On the market, it would cost nearly 10,000 hell stones.

There was also a small gray flag with 36 patterns on it. It was a rare magic weapon prototype hell weapon.

Although Liu Ming was practicing Dragon Tiger Hell Prison and Hell Bone Secret, he still couldn’t activate the flag after several attempts, making him feel a little embarrassed.

There were also some materials that Liu Ming had never seen before. Such as 2 black pills only the size of the knuckle of the little finger, a piece of ice-cold, shimmering white jade, a few plump green fruits and so on.

Liu Ming naturally understood that these seemingly inconspicuous things might be nothing in the eyes of Serene King, but they were what many Celestial State city lords dreamed of. However, these items were useless to him. He couldn’t even sell them, let alone throwing them away.

After all, these treasures were not very likely to be circulated in the market at all. If he sold them rashly, he would definitely be targeted. With a force like Cold Water City, they wouldn’t give up on this matter after losing so many tributes.

However, if these things were brought out of the deepest underworld, without the abundant yin qi, they would become worthless too. If so, it was better to find an opportunity to exchange them into hell stones in batches and exchange something useful to him.

After thinking about it again and again, Liu Ming decided to participate in a large auction held in You Min City a month later. This was what he learned from the owner of a hell weapon shop. It was said that a grand event would be held every 3 years in the city.

He hoped to auction off these precious materials without anyone noticing. At the same time, he wanted to see if there was something he needed.

After making a decision, Liu Ming calmed down and began to cultivate quietly in the secret room. After all, he had only entered the Real Pellet State intermediate stage not long ago, he still needed to consolidate his cultivation.