Chapter 1084: Old Friend

1 month had passed without knowing.

In the early morning of this day, the hell sun rose, revealing the first light. On the east side of the central square of Bi You City, at the entrance of a magnificent semi-circular building, it was already crowded with people. The scene was lively.

In addition, there were small groups of Serene Clan people gathering on both sides. Some stood there as if waiting for someone; some were whispering; some were just looking at the lively scene in a daze and nodded under the explanation of the person next to them. They were obviously new to the city.

In a corner of the bustling crowd, a seven-foot burly man in a gray cloth robe looked at the crowd with no expression.

Needless to say, this person was Yin Han whom Liu Ming transformed into.

His spiritual power fluctuation was only at the Real Pellet State early stage now.

The semi-circular grand building in front was exactly the place where Bi You City’s triennial auction event was held, “Ruiyou Pavilion”. It was the top large-scale chamber of commerce in the Serene Water Region, covering the entire Serene Water Region.

It was said that the person behind it had a lot of background. He seemed to be related to Serene King Bi You too.

Today was the first day of the auction. Many people who came here were even wearing hats and cloaks. They obviously just came to Bi You City to participate in this auction event.

After observing for a while, Liu Ming touched the black thumb ring, calmly mixed into the crowd, and slowly walked toward the gate.

After paying the entrance fee of 10 hell stones and registering his identity, he entered the building.

After walking through 2 broad corridors that were not too long, a stair hall with a length of several hundred meters suddenly appeared in front of him with a loud and chaotic sound.

This is the main venue for the auction. The hall was filled with rows of wooden seats. There were thousands of seats.

But there was still an hour before the auction starts, so not many people were here.

There was a white jade platform in front of the venue. There were several seats and a long table on it. It seemed to be an auction table, but there was no one at the moment.

Liu Ming glanced around the auction hall at random, and he saw a slightly smaller side hall. There were several soldiers in green armor standing at the door.

From time to time, 1 or 2 Serene Clan cultivators walked into the side hall. After showing something, they were immediately invited by the soldiers in green armor into the door.

The other Serene Clan people looked at those who went into the side hall with an envious look.

From the whispers of those around, Liu Ming quickly understood that those cultivators who walked in were those who had treasures to be auctioned.

He had already inquired beforehand that if he wanted to auction the items in his hands, he needed to hand over the auction items in advance. After they have been screened by the person in charge could they be publicly auctioned on that day.

Although Liu Ming also intended to sell something at the auction, this big auction would be held for a total of 7 days. Today was the first day, so he wasn’t in a rush to sell. He planned to figure out the pattern before contacting the auction’s person in charge.

After all, although the treasures in his hands were extremely precious, they were obtained in an illegitimate way. This Bi You City was full of various forces, so he had to be careful in every move.

After Liu Ming glanced around, he walked out of the hall.

Surrounding the auction hall was a wide open-air promenade. This was the free trading area of the auction. There were some humble booths on both sides of the promenade.

The big auction had strict control over items. The lower grade items wouldn’t be included in the auction.

For those who came from afar, after being identified that their items had low value, they could only pay 5 hell stones to set up a booth in the free trading area.

After all, the 7 consecutive days of the big auction had attracted a large number of Serene Clan cultivators from the Serene Water Region. This was a rare business opportunity.

Liu Ming glanced roughly and found that a lot of Serene Clan people had gathered in the corridor at this time, looking very lively.

Liu Ming walked into the crowd and looked carefully at the booths.

After looking at several booths in a row, he had look of disappointment.

These scattered booths had nothing to see at all. The items here were almost all low-tier items with yin attributes, which may be useful for the Crystallization Period and below. Liu Ming, as a human, had now reached the Real Pellet State intermediate stage, so he of course didn’t need them.

The only thing that could make Liu Ming stop and take a glance was some ghost creature materials and ores, but since it was a booth placed in the free trading area, it should not be too valuable.

Therefore, he only briefly stopped for a moment at each booth and continued to walk forward.

The promenade was winding. Liu Ming spent a lot of time walking around, but he still found nothing.

Fortunately, he gradually sold out some of the yin beast materials and hell weapons he had obtained along the way for 200,000 hell stones.

This amount was not something that ordinary Real Pellet State Serene Clan cultivator could have.

After strolling a round, it was almost time for the big auction to start.

Just when Liu Ming was about to enter the main venue again, he turned around alertly and looked behind him.

A young Serene Clan man, who was only 16 years old and dressed in a green robe, was standing more than 30 meters away. When he made eye contact with Liu Ming, he was suddenly at a loss. His cultivation was only at the Condensation Period.

“This little friend, you seem to have been following me for a while, may I know what’s the matter?” Liu Ming said coldly with a flash of cold light in his eyes.

“Se… Senior, don’t misunderstand. Junior… didn’t intend to follow you. I… I just come to you under my master’s order to invite you to catch up.” The young man was suppressed by the spiritual pressure released by Liu Ming and he stammered.

Oh, who is your master? I don’t remember having any acquaintances in this Bi You City.” Liu Ming frowned slightly and examined the young man, only then he canceled the spiritual pressure.

This young man in a green robe with such a low cultivation level should not be a spy of someone else.

“My master asked me to tell senior that he is an old friend of senior. For some reason, it is inconvenient for him to show up here to meet senior, so junior takes the liberty to invite you to the VIP building here.” The young man in a green robe looked a little calm at the moment. After cupping his fist, he said with a voice transmission.

Hearing this, Liu Ming frowned slightly. His thoughts turned sharply.

I’m using Yin Han’s appearance now. If it is my old friend, I only met a few Serene Clan people during Cold Moon City. Did the person meet me at Bi You City so coincidentally?

Or, the master mentioned by the young man in a green robe is Yin Han’s friend…

While thinking, he also tried his best to recall Yin Han’s fragmented memories to see if there was anyone he knew in Bi You City.

Seeing this, the young man in a green robe stood patiently with his head down. He didn’t urge Liu Ming.

After a while, Liu Ming still didn’t have any clues. He took a deep look at the young man in a green robe and asked coldly,

“Lead the way.”

Since he couldn’t remember who it was, he might as well meet the person to see who he was. With his current strength, he had confidence to deal with unexpected situations.

Besides, this was this auction hall, so no one would rashly harm him.

“Thank you, senior.” The young man in a green robe was overjoyed. After bowing to Liu Ming, he turned around and led the way.

They took a few turns and entered an elegantly decorated three-story pavilion behind the main auction venue. They came to the door of a secret room on the third floor.

This was the secret room provided by Ruiyou Pavilion, which was a place for some VIPs to rest.

The young man in a green robe knocked on the door. Soon, the door of the secret room opened.

“Senior, please come in!” Seeing this, the young man in a green robe made a gesture of invitation.

Liu Ming glanced at the young man, then he walked into the secret room.

After he entered the secret room, the stone door behind him closed again. The young man in a green robe didn’t follow in.

When he saw the situation in the secret room, his expression changed slightly.

In the center of the luxuriously decorated secret room, on a stone chair covered with an unknown fur, sat a Serene Clan cultivator with clear eyes. It was none other than someone whom Liu Ming met several times in Cold Moon City. They were even in an escort team.

“It’s been more than 30 years since we parted ways in the past. I didn’t expect Brother Yin Han to make great progress in cultivation and step into the Real Pellet State early stage. What a surprise!” Bi Yan saw Liu Ming coming in, and he stood up, cupped his fist and said with a smile.

“I wondered who you are. It turns out to be Brother Bi Yan.” Liu Ming also returned the courtesy and said cautiously.

In order not to attract attention, he had already used Che Huan Totem to adjust the fluctuation of spiritual power to the Real Pellet State early stage. Otherwise, it would be too conspicuous to jump 2 realms in a mere 30 years.

Haha, in the battle in front of the Hell Extinct Valley, I got separated from Brother Yin Han, and I lost contact with you since then. I didn’t expect to meet Brother Yin here. You and I are really destined!” Bi Yan laughed.

“Brother Bi Yan isn’t inviting me here just for small talk right?” Liu Ming’s heart skipped a beat when he heard Bi Yan’s words, and the smile on his face slowly faded away.

“Brother Yin Han doesn’t need to be so vigilant. I have no malicious intent. Please sit down first.” Bi Yan smiled slightly and asked him to sit at the table beside.

Liu Ming squinted slightly. After sizing Bi Yan again, he slowly walked to the table and sat down.