Chapter 1085: Serene King Mission

Bi Yan walked to the table, made a pot of spiritual tea and poured a cup for Liu Ming. The faint fragrance of tea immediately drifted out.

Liu Ming glanced at the teacup in front of him, but he didn’t go to get it.

Seeing Liu Ming being so cautious, Bi Yan didn’t show any unpleasantness. Instead, he sat at the opposite side of Liu Ming. poured himself a cup of spiritual tea and continued,

“Brother Yin Han, to be honest, my true identity is a Serene General of the Serene Water Army under Serene King.”

Hearing this, Liu Ming’s expression changed slightly.

Although he had already vaguely guessed that Bi Yan’s identity was not simple, he did not expect him to be a Serene General of the Serene Water Army.

He had been in Bi You City for a while, so he had some understanding of the situation in the city.

This Bi You City was the main city of the Serene Water Region and also the residence of the Serene King. Under Serene King, there were many subordinates.

In Bi You City, Serene King’s subordinates were mainly divided into 2 major forces. One of which was the Bi You Army, which was equivalent to the guard army of the cities. They were only responsible for managing the order and daily escort of Bi You City.

There were a large number of Bi You Army, all of which were Serene Clan people randomly selected by some ordinary Serene Generals under Serene King.

Other than that, it was guards that Serene King personally selected, which were also Serene King’s true trusted subordinates, the “Serene Water Army”.

There were not many people in the Serene Water Army, but they were all core members under Bi You. The Serene Generals of the Serene Water Army were even Bi You’s confidants. To be selected by the Mystic Comprehending State powerhouse, they were obviously not simple.

“It turns out that Brother Bi Yan is such a high position, no wonder you can find me so easily. Sorry if I was disrespectful.” Liu Ming’s thoughts turned quickly. At the same time, he bowed and said.

“Brother Yin Han, don’t worry about it. I just happened to see you at this auction today. I didn’t know that Brother Yin Han also came to Bi You City. Otherwise, I would have already come to visit.” Bi Yan laughed. said.

Liu Ming snorted with a noncommittal look, and he didn’t say anything.

“Okay, the casual talk ends here. In fact, I indeed need Brother Yin Han’s help for inviting you here.” Bi Yan put away his smile and said solemnly.

Oh, even Brother Bi Yan can’t solve it? I’m a little curious…” Liu Ming raised his eyebrows and made a gesture of listening intently.

“Actually, this mission was given by Lord Bi You more than 40 years ago…” Bi Yan sighed and said slowly.

“If this matter involves Lord Serene King, this is not something that a mere Real Pellet State can get involved in. You don’t need to tell me anything. Find another person.”

Liu Ming just listened 2 sentences, then he interrupted abruptly and refused directly.

“Brother Yin Han, don’t be nervous. There is another reason for this matter, so only you can help. I believe that if Brother Yin Han has listened to my reward, you will not refuse.” Bi Yan said. There was confidence in the words.

Liu Ming’s mouth moved, but he didn’t say anything.

“If I’m not mistaken, Brother Yin Han should be practicing Dragon Tiger Hell Prison, right?” Seeing that Liu Ming didn’t refuse, Bi Yan suddenly asked this question.

“Brother Bi Yan is right. I’m practicing this technique. Could it be that you are also practicing this technique?” Liu Ming admitted frankly, and he asked back.

Hehe, not really, but I know a little about the origin of this technique.” Bi Yan yawned and replied.

“Although I happen to learn this technique through chance, I still know nothing about this technique. Brother Bi, please give me some pointer.” Liu Ming’s eyes flashed as he said calmly.

“I don’t dare. As far as I know, this technique was actually created by a Serene King named “Ming Yu (Hell Prison)” tens of thousands of years ago. It was popular for a while. However, except the Serene King who created this technique, the other people could rarely cultivate it fully. For some reason, they stopped progressing after reaching a certain level. Although this technique is helpful in training physique, if one can’t master the Hell Prison, the combat power is far less than the other hell technique. Thus, Dragon Tiger Hell Prison is already a useless technique for ordinary Serene Clan people. People will rarely cultivate this technique.” Bi Yan waved his hand and said slowly.

“So that’s the case, Brother Bi Yan is really knowledgable.” Liu Ming nodded, showing some surprise.

This Dragon Tiger Hell Prison actually originated from the deepest underworld. According to Bi Yan, this technique seems to have a lot of flaws, but I have been practicing without encountering such difficulty as Bi Yan described.

Could it be that this technique is more suitable for human?

When Liu Ming was thinking to himself, Bi Yan continued,

“Brother Yin Han was able to cultivate to the Pseudo Pellet State with this technique in the past, and now you even advanced to the Real Pellet State. You are truly talented. However, do you know that the true power of this technique is even more? Otherwise, the Serene King who created this technique wouldn’t be able to shake the underworld.”

Oh, is there really room for improvement in this technique? I’m all ears.” Liu Ming was shocked when he heard this, and he hurriedly asked.

Back then, the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison he obtained in the Savage Ghost Sect’s Wall of Shadows was divided into 6 levels in total. Now he learned all 6 levels, after condensing real pellet, he indeed possessed 6 dragons and 6 tigers, but it was difficult to achieve more progress.

But since this technique came from the Serene King of Mystic Comprehending State, it would not be too strange if there were other mysteries that he didn’t know.

“The reason why the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison is so difficult to cultivate, and it can’t exert its original power even if one has mastered it, is because one still needs a supportive technique. Serene King Ming Yu deliberately concealed it, so it is rarely known. Coincidentally, I happened to find such a ‘Hell Prison Handbook’ hundreds of years ago, which should be the relic of the Hell Prison Serene King. It not only records all the training tips of Dragon Tiger Hell Prison and this special supportive technique, but it also contained the experience and insights of the Serene King about this practice. Brother Yin Han, don’t tell me that you aren’t interested in this script.” Bi Yan said calmly. He waved and took out a faint blue ancient book from his sleeve.

Liu Ming’s eyes were fixed on this book. His face looked uncertain, and his entire body froze.

For him, this handbook was of great value. It not only had the supportive technique of Dragon Tiger Hell Prison, but it also had the cultivation experience of Mystic Comprehending State, which made it an invaluable treasure.

“As I said just now, as long as Brother Yin Han is willing to help me, I’m willing to give this handbook to you.”

Bi Yan saw the change in Liu Ming’s expression in his eyes. After smiling, he said slowly.

“This handbook is so precious, are you really willing to give it away?” Liu Ming finally spoke and asked in return.

“Hehe, although this item is rare, I have read it countless times, and the content is only related to Dragon Tiger Hell Prison, and there are very few Serene Clan people who practice Dragon Tiger Hell Prison. Even if I auction it, I can’t get a satisfactory price. I’m afraid it can only be seen as a rare and priceless treasure in the eyes of Brother Yin Han. Otherwise, I wouldn’t show it to you so easily.” Bi Yan replied indifferently.

“What exactly does Brother Bi want me to help? Since you are willing to give such a precious reward, this matter must be no trivial matter. My strength is limited. Although I really want this handbook, I cherish my life even more.” Liu Ming’s eyes became calm.

“As I mentioned earlier, this matter was personally ordered by Serene King back then. The detailed content cannot be disclosed to you now. This Hell Prison Codex is invaluable to Brother Yin Han, so how can you not take some risks?” Bi Yan’s eyes flickered after hearing this.

Liu Ming suddenly fell silent.

Bi Yan picked up the tea cup slowly and took another sip of spiritual tea. He was sure that Liu Ming would not refuse him.

“Okay, I agreed to this matter. When do we move?” After an unknown amount of time, Liu Ming finally said with a long sigh of relief.

He weighed it for a long time, and he still couldn’t give up the Hell Prison Handbook. With his current strength, the danger to the Real Pellet State was mostly nothing to him.

“Brother Yin Han is really forthright. For this mission, I have to invite several other friends. We will gather together and officially set off in 2 months.” Bi Yan saw Liu Ming agreed, then he laughed and stood up.

“Okay, I’ll go back to my place first. When Brother Bi Yan is ready, just come to me.” Liu Ming also stood up, said goodbye to Bi Yan and was going to walk out.

“Brother Yin Han, wait!” Bi Yan stopped Liu Ming.

Hearing this, Liu Ming turned around with a hint of inquiry in his eyes.

Bi Yan said nothing. He just raised his hand and threw the blue book to Liu Ming.

Liu Ming reached out to catch it subconsciously, read it with Divine Thought and looked at Bi Yan with some confusion,

“Brother Bi, what does this mean?”

“Dragon Tiger Hell Prison will play a vital role in this mission. Although you have profound learning in it, you still need to cultivate for this mission. I will give this handbook to you in advance. In these 2 months, try to comprehend and improve the Hell Prison as much as possible. After 2 months, I will inspect Brother Yin Han’s power of this technique. As long as you reach the expected standard, we can move.” Bi Yan explained with a smile on his face.

“What if… I did not meet Brother Bi Yan’s requirements by then or I run away with this thing?” Liu Ming rubbed the book in his hand. After a while, he said with a half smile.