Chapter 1087: Hell River Giant Ghost

“Since hell river water can boost promote the cultivation of Hell Bone Secret, maybe I can try to integrate these hell river heavy water into Dragon Tiger Hell Prison.” Liu Ming’s thoughts changed sharply.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t wait to open the stopper of the black gourd. With a wave, a black droplet of water the size of a bean flew out from the gourd. It was hell river heavy water.

Black air rolled out from Liu Ming’s body, turning into a black mist tiger and swallowing the black water droplet, then he made gestures with both hands while chanting.

It didn’t take long for a layer of dark water vapor to gradually permeate from the mist tiger.

“It actually works!”

Liu Ming’s eyes lit up.

The hell river heavy water was very easy to combine with the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison, making the mist tiger phantasm a bit more solid.

Liu Ming was naturally overjoyed. Although these hell river heavy water were prepared for the Hell Bone Secret, he couldn’t care much now.

He immediately place the black jade gourd in front of him and waved his hand. A dozen heavy water droplets flew out of the gourd. Simultaneously, he chanted and released rolling black air from him.

Immediately afterward, a burst of dragon and tiger roar sounded, 6 black mist dragons and 6 black mist tigers appeared. They pounced over and wrapped the dozen heavy water droplets…

2 months went by in a flash.

During this period, Liu Ming integrated almost all the hell river heavy water in his hands into the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison. The Dragon Tiger Hell Prison was really powered up.

In the secret room of the inn at this moment, tumbling black air filled every corner of the room.

This was not a big space, but it had turned into a dark space that couldn’t see anything. It was the Hell Prison cast by Dragon Tiger Hell Prison.

Liu Ming stood in the center of Hell Prison’s space with his eyes closed. His chest was undulating slightly, and his body remained motionless.

Suddenly, he waved his hands, opened his eyes, and said “up” softly.

Suddenly, there was a sound of running water from all directions. A cold and thick water vapor hit his face.

In the dark space centered on Liu Ming, black water lights suddenly appeared, followed by sharp ghost howls.

As the black water swayed for a while, almost 100 ghost creatures jumped out from it.

These ghost creatures had big eyes, a long black and white horn on their heads, a pair of exposed fangs, and wavy fins on their backs that extended to the lizard-like tails behind them. As they waved their claws and fangs, layers of black water lights emerged, looking very vicious.

Liu Ming looked at these ghost creatures with a hint of joy on his face.

These ghost creatures were the hell river little ghosts that he cast into with the power of hell river heavy water and Dragon Tiger Hell Prison.

Different from the previous illusions, these ghost creatures were all entities. Each one had about 8 drops of hell river heavy water.

With his current cultivation level, it was possible to summon a total of about one hundred creatures, and the strength of each ghost creature was no less than the cultivator of the Condensation Period later stage.

As long as the injection of spiritual power didn’t stop, they could be reborn immediately after being defeated.

Being swarmed by so many Condensation Period later stage ghost creatures one after another, even the cultivator of the Real Pellet State would be trapped for a while.

Liu Ming nodded with satisfaction, then he waved and released 12 Mountain River Pearls.

As he chanted, the 12 Mountain River Pearls flashed and emitted the sound of the surging water.

The black light emanating from the Mountain River Pearls merged with the black air of the Hell Prison. As the sound of the incantation became quick, the 12 Mountain River Pearls changed into 12 30 meters giant black ghost.

The appearance of these 12 giant ghosts was roughly the same as the previous hell river little ghost, but they looked more fierce and hideous. The strange horn on its head had changed from 1 to 2, and there were palm-sized black scales all over them. The fins on their back even had 8 white bone spurs. The arms were oddly long, reaching their knees.

After Dragon Tiger Hell Prison absorbed the hell river heavy water, it was more compatible with the Mountain River Pearls!

According to the training experience of Serene King Ming Yu, Liu Ming combined the 12 twelve Mountain River Pearl and Hell Prison together!

The Mountain River Pearl itself was infinitely powerful, and the hell river giant ghosts cast by the Hell Prison almost had the power of Pseudo Pellet State. Liu Ming estimated that with the continuous improvement of his cultivation, the power of these giant ghosts would also become more and more powerful.

With a move in his mind, he canceled his gestures. The Hell Prison and the ghost creatures collapsed and went back into his body. The 12 Mountain River Pearls also flew back into his sleeve.

“Dragon Tiger Hell Prison’s power has increased to such a level. It should be enough to meet Bi Yan’s requirements.” He murmured and sat down with his knees crossed.

One day, Liu Ming was comprehending Serene King Ming Yu’s cultivation experience in the secret room, then a white light blasted in.

He opened his eyes and caught the white light. It was a sound transmission.

He crushed the sound transmission, and a voice came out, it was Bi Yan.

Liu Ming immediately stood up, walked out of the secret room, and opened the door.

“It’s Brother Bi Yan and a few other fellow friends, please come in.” Liu Ming casually glanced over the 5 Serene Clans, and he was shocked in his mind. He stepped sideways and invited them in.

The 5 people behind Bi Yan were all Serene Clan at the Real Pellet State. A withered old man in a green robe who was holding a green wooden crutch; a middle-aged man with hanging eyebrows and a tired face who seemed to be asleep; and a 20 years old young man with 2 swords on his back.

These 3 seemed to be relatively normal while the other 2 were very strange in appearance.

One had a human-shaped upper body and an insect-like lower body with 6 slender claws and a bone tail hook on its tail.

The other had a human body and tiger head. He was about 9 meters, looking extremely majestic.

Among the 5, the half-insect and tiger head were at the Real Pellet Stage later stage while the other 3 were at the intermediate stage.

Bi Yan and others walked in one by one. Liu Ming closed the door, invited the 6 people into the living room and said,

“My place is a bit shabby, please don’t be offended.”

Hehe, Brother Yin Han doesn’t have to be so polite. Let me introduce to you. They are all invited by me to participate in the mission. You guys get know to each other.” Bi Yan was the organizer of this mission, so he enthusiastically introduced the 5 people to Liu Ming one by one.

The withered old man in a green robe was named Shi Ku, the middle-aged man with hanging eyebrows was named Li Xuan, and the young man with 2 swords called himself Jian Wu. The 3 seemed to be casual cultivators, and they were relatively polite to Liu Ming.

As for the half-insect cultivator and the tiger head cultivators, they had some backgrounds. They came from 2 special forces in the Serene Water Region.

However, Bi Yan didn’t introduce much, so Liu Ming naturally didn’t ask more questions. He only knew that the half-insect cultivator was called Huo Hu, and the tiger-head cultivator was called Guang Liang.

Their eyes were full of contempt to Liu Ming who was at the Real Pellet State early stage. They just nodded with an arrogant look.

Liu Ming’s face remained calm. He just remembered each of their names in his mind

“Brother Yin Han, 2 months have passed. I think you should have some improvement in your cultivation, right?” Bi Yan said after introducing the people present.

Hehe, thanks to Brother Bi Yan’s handbook, I finally gained something.” Liu Ming smiled and said noncommittally.

“That’s good. I should test how much you have progressed now.” Bi Yan was overjoyed when he heard the words, and he immediately patted the gray bag on his waist.

With a flash of green light, an ape-shaped ghost creature covered in green hair appeared in the hall.

Seeing this, Serene Clan’s expression changed slightly.

This green-haired ape was a real ghost creature at the Real Pellet State.

“This is my ghost servant, and its power is not bad. As long as Brother Yin Han can trap it with Hell Prison, then it’s considered lass.” Bi Yan said.

As soon as he finished speaking, he raised his hand and launched a green symbol into the head of the green-haired ape.

The green-haired ape’s eyes ashed, then it turned into a green phantom and charged toward Liu Ming.

Although the speed of the green-haired ape was good, it was nothing to Liu Ming. He made a gesture and released 6 black mist dragons and 6 black mist tigers.

Immediately, a bone-piercing aura permeated the entire hall, and the temperature plummeted!

The 6 black mist dragons directly blocked in front of the green-haired ape.

The green-haired ape was furious. It shot green light beams and defeated 3 mist dragons, but it was stopped as well.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed, then he raised his eyebrows, made gestures with both hands and said “Hell Prison” quickly.

The remaining 3 fog dragons and the 6 black mist tigers burst open and turned into black light that wrapped the green-haired ape inside.

Seeing this, Bi Yan’s eyes flashed with imperceptible excitement and nodded.

The 3 casual cultivators had already retreated to a corner of the room. They looked at each other and nodded slightly, clearly acknowledging Liu Ming.

On the other side, the half-insect cultivator and the tiger head cultivator looked indifferent as if they were disdainful of Liu Ming’s Hell Prison.

In the black space, the green-haired ape jumped up and down for a while. When it found that it was trapped, it was furious.

It gave a strange cry, and a layer of green flames appeared on its body. 10 sharp claws stretched out. It waved left and right and launched a green net claw to slash the black space.