Chapter 1095: Group Up

But Void Spirit, as the patriach of the Void Ghost Clan, even if it was just a mere avatar, it was different from ordinary ghosts. With a loud roar, a black gas burst out from the body, barely blocking the golden light for a moment, and the figure flickered, with a bleak look. The figure flew out and escaped the shroud of golden light.


The Void Spirit’s avatar appeared more than 30 meters away, His face was as pale as paper. When he looked closely, he found that the golden light beam had disappeared.


Before he could react, several golden lightnings shot from all directions and pierced through several vital points of the avatar, such as the chest, abdomen, etc.

The avatar’s body was twisted for a while. The spiritual power he had just gathered was dispersed by the golden lightnings.

In a blur, Liu Ming appeared before the avatar. He opened his palm and launched a lightning prison to cover the avatar.

“This… what kind of lightning is this! Who are you?” Void Spirit’s avatar was terrified. His body was being bounced back by the lightning prison.

Liu Ming’s face remained indifferent, ignoring the avatar’s questioning. He made a gesture, and an ancient golden sigil appeared on his chest. It was the Heavenly Thunder Spell Sigil that he had sealed for a long time.

After his body was reshaped by the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder, the power of the Heavenly Thunder Spell had completely turned into a dazzling golden color, and its power had been greatly increased. It contained a trace of the power of Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder.

Immediately afterward, a thick golden lightning arc struck the avatar.

A shrill scream came from the lightning prison. Void Spirit’s avatar was turned into green smoke in the golden lightning..

In a secret room deep underground in the center of the black crystal forest, Void Spirit was sitting cross-legged on the ground and launched one after another symbol into the gray human-shaped puppet in front.

The gray puppet’s eyes were getting brighter and brighter, and runes like earthworms gradually appeared on its body. A huge aura was about to awaken.

At this moment, Void Spirit’s body shook, and he suddenly raised his head.

“My avatar is eliminated so quickly? And it was even by the weakest Real Pellet State early stage. Wait, golden lightning? His technique is a bit weird… Hmph, I’ll settle the account with you when the time comes! “

Void Spirit snorted and immersed in the sacrificial refine puppet again.

Somewhere in the black crystal forest, after Liu Ming killed the avatar, he canceled the Hell Prison and put away Bone Scorpion. After thinking slightly, he flew up.

The black crystal forest interfered with Divine Thought so much that he couldn’t sense the avatar even when it was beside him. This black crystal forest clone was astonishingly big as well, so he would probably find nothing.

He vaguely felt that the purpose of Void Spirit leading them here was not just to escape. Although he was confident in his own strength, he still decided to join Bi Yan and others first.

Thinking like this, Liu Ming flew into the air, glanced around, and flew in a certain direction.

In another place in the black crystal forest, one gray light and one blue light were colliding in the air. Waves of invisible fluctuation spread far away.

In this fierce battle, it was the young man with swords on his back and another Void Spirit’s avatar.

Although the young man with swords on his back was seriously injured before, he had almost recovered after using some kind of mystic art. The 2 purple flying swords shuttered in the air, forming an airtight purple sword net that greatly suppressed the Void Spirit’s avatar.

The Void Spirit’s avatar was holding a black spear shrouded in gray air. It turned into a black dragon that protected the body, barely blocking the fierce attack of the flying swords. Although he was at a disadvantage, he could still fight for a while.

At this moment, the young man with swords on his back chanted and made a sword gesture, combining the 2 purple flying swords into 1. A giant sword slashed along a purple light stream.

The Void Spirit’s avatar seemed to know that this move was not easy to defend, so he flickered and tried to dodge.

At this moment, an ancient mirror suddenly appeared above his head. A white light beam fell from the sky, shrouding Void Spirit’s avatar inside.

Void Spirit’s avatar was stopped, and the purple light stream slashed down, dividing the avatar into 2 halves.

The avatar still didn’t die even getting slashed in half. The 2 halves of the body turned into a cluster of gray air and escaped into the dense black crstal stone pillars.

A fire light flashed, and a fire bird that was almost a dozen meters flashed from the middle of the 2 gray stone pillars in front. It shot a red flame beam at the gray air.

The gray air was scattered, and the avatar stumbled out and let out a scream.

The fire bird spread its wings, and flames spread out from the wings. The radius of several dozen meters suddenly turned into a sea of flames, enveloping the Void Spirit’s avatar.


In the sea of flames, a crimson flame circle flew out and hooped the avatar. At the same time, a white light beam shot from above again. The avatar was unable to move.

At this moment, 2 purple flying swords slashed down wildly. The avatar was drowned in the purple sword light and was turned into nothingness.

After a while, the large sea of flames dissipated. The old man in a green robe and the man with hanging eyebrows were standing beside the man with swords on his back.

“Brother Shi, Brother Li, thank you for the assist, otherwise it would take a lot of work to kill this Void Spirit’s avatar.” The young man with swords on his back waved and retrieved the 2 purple flying swords, then he cupped his fist at them and said.

“Brother Jian, don’t be polite. We are just working for the Serene King. There is no need to thank us.” The old man in a green robe put away the ancient mirror and smiled lightly.

Immediately afterward, the sea of flames that filled the sky instantly disappeared. The crimson fire bird turned into a crimson bead, and it flew back together with a red bracelet into the hand of the middle-aged man with hanging eyebrows.

The man didn’t speak. He just nodded at the young man with swords on his back and looked around with a vigilant look.

“Brother Shi Ku, what should we do next?” The young man with swords on his back looked at the old man in a green robe and asked.

Hearing this, the man with hanging eyebrows also turned his head to look at the old man in a green robe.

Among the 3, the old man in a green robe had the highest cultivation level, and the young man with swords on his back and the man with hanging eyebrows both considered him as the leader.

“The situation in this black crystal forest seems a little odd right now. In my opinion, it is basically impossible to search Void Spirit by wandering aimlessly. Let’s group up with the others first.” The old man in a green robe said in a thoughtful tone.

Neither the young man with swords on his back nor the man with hanging eyebrows had any opinion. After discussing for a while, they flew into the air, circled for a while and went in the direction they came from.

In a gray stone forest thousands of miles away from where the old man in a green robe was, countless green silks intertwined as if hundreds of green spider webs were tangled together. A radius of several tens of meter was turned into a spherical green silk prison.

Threads of green flames emerged from the green silks, and Void Spirit’s avatar was trapped in the middle.

Void Spirit’s avatar had already turned into a gray mist, rushing left and right in the green prison, but the dense green silks still bound it.

Above the green silk prison, Bi Yan stood in the air with a solemn expression. He launched symbols into the green flag in front.


The flag burst into green light. A cluster of green flames flashed out and hit the avatar through the prison.

A burst of sizzling sounds!

Void Spirit’s avatar clone let out bursts of shrill screams while being turned into ashes.

Seeing this, Bi Yan breathed a sigh of relief, and a pale face appeared on his face.

The interference in the black crystal forest caused him to exhaust more spiritual power to cast this series of mystic arts.

After eating an elixir, his face only looked better. He launched a symbol, and the countless green silks turned into green light spots and rolled back into the small green flag.

Suddenly, Bi Yan frowned and turned to look at the sky in the distance.


A black escape light flew from a distance. It was Liu Ming.

“Brother Yin!”

Bi Yan was relieved. He nodded to Liu Ming with a smile.

“I sensed the fluctuation of fighting here from afar, so I rushed over to take a look. I didn’t expect it to be Brother Bi Yan! It seems that the battle is over.” Liu Ming looked at the gray mist that was gradually dissipating around him, nodded and said.

“It’s just an avatar, have you found Void Spirit?” Bi Yan asked with a faint smile.

“This black crystal forest interferes too much with Divine Thought. I still find nothing here.” Liu Ming shook his head and sighed.

Bi Yan frowned upon hearing this.

“Brother Bi Yan, Void Spirit led us to the black crystal forest. I’m afraid it’s not as simple as escaping. If we continue to split up, I’m afraid we will fall into the trap of Void Spirit.” Liu Ming pondered for a while, then he cupped his fist and said to Bi Yan.

Hearing this, Bi Yan showed a contemplating look. He nodded after a while, “Brother Yin is right, it would be better to group up now.”

After he finished speaking, he raised his hand, and a thick red light beam shot into the sky. In a flash, it reached a height of 3,000 meters, then spread to the surrounding. It only dissipated after 15 minutes.