Chapter 1098: Nine-Turn Serene Core

Hearing this, Liu Ming opened his mouth slightly. The slight hope in his heart was dampened by a pot of cold water. He smiled bitterly.

He would not doubt Qing Ling’s words. As a Mystic Comprehending State, why would she tell such a lie to him.

According to her words, even if he was lucky enough to enter the deepest underworld through a space fissure of the human realm, he would still be dead after encountering the space tide.

Just when Liu Ming was thinking, Qing Ling suddenly said slowly,

“Speaking of which, the reason why I failed to complete this puppet in the past was that on the one hand, there was not enough time, and on the other hand, I lacked a key material. If I have this thing, I will finish it very soon.”

“What kind of material does senior need? Junior is willing to help.” After hearing this, how could Liu Ming not understand her meaning. He said quickly with joy.

Qing Ling talked so much, obviously wanting him to do something again.

“The material I’m missing now is called the Nine-turn Serene Core. It is the core of completing this black crystal jade puppet, and it is also the key to maximizing its power.” Qing Ling glanced at Liu Ming with a solemn face.

“Nine-Turn Serene Core?” Liu Ming frowned, but he didn’t have the slightest information about this thing in his mind.

“It’s normal that you don’t know. Most of the high rank Serene Clan have only heard of it, but they have never seen the real thing. This Nine-Turn Serene Core will be created after the Mystic Comprehending State Serene Clan cultivator died. It contains boundless power. This deepest underworld has existed for thousands of years. There had been many Mystic Comprehending State Serene Kings, but now only a few Serene Kings have a few cores.” Qing Ling seemed to have expected Liu Ming to ask this question, so explained patiently.

“This…” Hearing this. Liu Ming was dumbfounded.

Qing Ling said so, but this Nine-Turn Serene Core was obviously not something that could be bought with hell stones at all.

With his own strength, even if he could fight with ordinary Celestial State, it was impossible to steal something from the Mystic Comprehending State Serene King.

Hmph, what are you worrying for? I’m not asking you to steal this from those Serene Kings. As far as I know, there is an endless mountain range at the junction of the Serene Water Region and the Serene Qing Region. In the center of the mountain range is the Death of the Serene King. There should be a rank nine secluded core.” Qing Ling said with a low snort.

“The Death of the Serene King?”

Liu Ming raised his eyebrows and recalled some rumors about the Tomb of Serene King that he had learned when he was on the way to the Bi You City.

In the deepest underworld, powerhouses had always been respected, and the Serene Clan cultivators couldn’t reproduce, so the position of Serene King in the 9 Serene Regions wouldn’t be inherited. The new powerhouse would challenge the previous Serene King, then obtaining the title.

Every Serene King must also accept the challenge of other Serene Clan powerhouses. He must not avoid the battle, otherwise his majesty would be lost. In the deepest underworld, he couldn’t be called as Serene King anymore.

As a result, once the previous Serene King was defeated and injured, he would often retreat to a forbidden area called “The Tomb of the Serene King”. Once in this range, the winner would never be allowed to enter here to pursue the previous Serene King. Otherwise, he would trigger the everyone in this realm; he would also be stopped by the cooperation of other Serene Kings…

These retired Serene Kings would never be able to leave this forbidden place after entering this place. After an eternity of time, he would die of old age here.

So this was the Tomb of Serene King.

After Serene King passed away, in addition to leaving behind a large number of hell treasures, the Nine-Turn Serene Core would be left there.

However, some loyal subordinates were willing to accompany the former Serene King to the tomb, and they would set up a lot of enchantment to stop those who coveted the treasures.

Most of these enchantments were targeting at Serene Clan people and ghost creatures. The higher the cultivation level, the stronger the enchantment counterattack. However, under the temptation of heavy profits, there were overconfident Serene Clan cultivators from time to time, who took their chances and sneaked into the Tomb of Serene King. As the result, they never came out from there. There were countless Celestial State powerhouses among the people.

Over time, fewer and fewer dared to enter the forbidden area of the Tomb of Serene King.

In this way, the radius of 10,000 miles around every Tomb of Serene King became a forbidden area. Normal Serene Clan people would not dare to get close.

Thinking of this, Liu Ming thought quickly.

At this moment, Qing Ling continued calmly,

“If you help me get this Nine-Turn Serene Core, I will take you out of the deepest underworld, and I will give you some other benefits. With my strength, it is naturally not a problem to break into the Tomb of Serene King, but it generally can’t hide from the Serene King of the region. Maybe he will join forces with other Serene Kings o maybe some other unpredictable outcomes would occur. If it wasn’t necessary, I won’t go in myself. In comparison, if a Real Pellet State cultivator like you breaks in, it won’t attract any attention. Besides, you practice the Hell Bone Secret that allows you to disguise as a Serene Clan, but you are a human cultivator. Those enchantments that deal with the Serene Clan and ghost creatures may not work on you.” Qing Ling saw the change in Liu Ming’s expression, and she said slowly.

“May I know if there is any time limit for this matter?” Liu Ming asked after pondering for a while.

“Don’t worry, once black crystal jade puppet is activated, the hell qi absorbed can last for more than 10 years. You just need to bring me the Nine-Turn Serene Core before that. Otherwise, I have to think of another way.” Qing Ling smiled when she heard the words.

“Okay, since senior said so, junior will promise you to bring it within the time limit.” After careful consideration, Liu Ming finally gritted his teeth and promised.

Although it was said that the Tomb of the Serene King was very dangerous, it was better than being trapped in this deepest underworld for a lifetime.

“Very good, I knew I’m right about you. You are indeed a sensible person. This is a substitute puppet. It can save your life in the critical moment, but it can only be used once. Don’t forget this. Also, the enchantments in the Tomb of Serene King are countless. You better do some preparation before going in.” Qing Ling seemed to expect Liu Ming to agree. She handed over a palm-sized puppet to Liu Ming.

Liu Ming accepted the puppet in joy, then he examined it carefully.

This puppet was less than half a foot long. It was white and vivid, but there was no facial features.

“Thank you for your generous gift, senior!” After looking at it for a while, he immediately bowed to Qing Ling.

“Remember, 10 years later, we will meet here again.” After saying that, Qing Ling shook her arms and wrapped herself in a green light before disappearing.

A hint of shock flashed in Liu Ming’s eyes. He couldn’t even see where Qing Ling was flying. The power of Mystic Comprehending State was not something he could speculate at the moment.

He carefully inspected the substitute puppet in his hand and put it away carefully. After looking around again, he flew toward the place where the old man in a green robe and the other 2 fell.

After a while, he stood in the air with a joyful face. He held up 3 hell storage devices, 2 purple long swords, an ancient mirror, a fiery red bead and a fiery red bracelet.

These are all hell weapons used by the old man in a green robe and the other 2. They were all magic weapon prototypes.

There were also many good stuffs in the 3 storage devices. In addition to more than 200,000 hell stones, there were also some precious elixir, spirit grass ore, etc., as well as more than a dozen superb hell weapons.

Although Liu Ming didn’t use these things, it was a big windfall to sell them.

It was a pity that the belongings of Bi Yan and the others were all burned in the silver flames of the black jade puppet, otherwise he would get more.

Liu Ming thought with regret, then he made a sword gesture and dashed into the distance.

A few days later, Liu Ming turned into Yin Han again, returned to Bi You City, and found a new place to live.

For several days, he stayed behind closed doors, but fortunately, nothing happened, which made him relieved.

Since he agreed to Qing Ling to get the Nine-Turn Serene Core, he naturally would not go directly to the Tomb of Serene King. He planned to collect some relevant information first.

The most prosperous place in the entire Serene Water Region was Bi You City, otherwise Liu Ming would not venture back here.

After he lurked carefully for a few days, he began to linger in some shops selling ancient books.

Qing Yue City was a small city in the Serene Water Region. It was far away from Bi You City and was located in the border area of the Serene Water Region.

It was noon at the moment, on a green stone road in Qing Yue City, a middle-aged man in a gray shirt was walking slowly while casually looking at the shops on both sides.

After strolling for half a day, the middle-aged man in the gray shirt stopped in front of a three-story restaurant that looked rather old.

There was an old plaque above the door, and the handwriting on it could hardly be seen in the dim light.

The middle-aged man in the gray shirt walked in.

There were not many customers in the restaurant. A middle-aged man at the counter who looked very sloven was fiddling with the abacus-looking thing in his hand.

“Customer, are you having a meal here? We have a new kind of Eight Treasures Hell Wine. You will surely be satisfied.” A staff with keen eyes greeted enthusiastically.