Chapter 1106: Past and Present

If Luo Hu was right, the “Liu Ming” in front of him would have the same cultivation and technique as him.

Although he used to simulate every enemy he encountered in Illusive Demonic Pupil in the past, he had never stood on the opposite side of “himself” like today, and he had to do everything possible to defeat “himself”.

Yin Liu on the side, facing everything in the mirror, including the newly appeared “Liu Ming”, did not show the slightest surprise. He just looked at it indifferently.

However, when he saw a few images, his brows moved slightly. He finally showed some thoughtful expressions.

Liu Ming didn’t care about Yin Liu on the side. He hurriedly thought about the moves he would be using and the ways to counter them. He channeled spiritual power secretly, ready to initiate once the “Liu Ming” in front made a slight move.

However, “Liu Ming” on the opposite side had a hint of sarcasm in his eyes. He just stood there without moving.

They just stood there facing each other.

At this moment, the gray mirror once again glowed, and a gray light beam shrouded Yin Liu.

Liu Ming raised his eyebrows. Most of his attention was still on the other self in front. He just looked with peripheral sight.

Yin Liu did not try to hide like Liu Ming did at first, nor did he show any signs of panic. He just let the gray light shroud him.

The next moment, the light on the gray mirror flowed for a while, then different scenes appeared, which was naturally the life experience of Yin Liu.

Liu Ming only watched for a moment, then turned to look at Yin Liu with an unbelievable look.

Yin Liu was staring at the images in the mirror without moving. His expression was indifferent, but there was a slight gleam in his eyes.

What emerged from the image in the mirror was a majestic mountain range. White clouds and mist wafting around the mountains. On the lush mountain peaks, pavilions were clearly visible, and the majestic hall was clearly visible.

It was obviously a blessed place for cultivation in the human realm where the spirits of heaven and earth converge.

On a green mountain peak, in a courtyard with cornices brackets, a handsome boy in a gray robe sat cross-legged on a green boulder facing the rising sun. He rhythmically breathed in and out.

The gray-robed boy’s face was vaguely similar to Yin Liu. Liu Ming, who already knew the effect of the Chaos Past Lives Array, naturally understood that Yin Liu was also a human before.

What surprised Liu Ming most was that this blessed mountain range looked extremely familiar as if it were Thousands Spirit Mountain Range. The green mountain where the boy in a gray robe was located was the one he once visited when he first entered the Taiqing Sect, Emerald Cloud Peak.

Yin Liu’s eyes had a hint of reminiscence in his eyes when seeing these, but his expression was calm. It was as if he was looking at someone who had nothing to do with him at all.

Liu Ming suppressed the shock in his heart and continued to watch.

The scene in the mirror was constantly changing. The boy in a gray robe cultivated, broke through, etc. Liu Ming confirmed in surprise that he was a disciple of the Taiqing Sect’s Emerald Cloud Peak.

It didn’t take long for the image to change, and the boy in a gray robe had grown into a handsome young man. He appeared in a majestic hall.

There were more than 10 young men in different costumes standing beside him, some of whom Liu Ming knew. The burly man with a twisted beard was “Qiu Longzi”. The other was current Taiqing Sect’s sect master Immortal Tian Ge. Even Jin Tianci was there!

The 3 of them looked a lot younger than when Liu Ming first met. Jin Tianci also wore a large golden robe, but his face didn’t have the easygoing expression and looked more solemn.

Everyone was listening intently to the words of an old man with white hair and a young face on the main seat.

Above the old man, there was a huge plaque. 2 simple and vigorous characters, “Futu Palace”, were written on it.

Behind the old man, there was a long offering platform padded with yellow satin. On the platform were 18 small bronze lamps. Each lamp had a bean-sized flame of different colors.

Immediately afterward, the image changed. A lush emerald green valley came into view.

The valley looked like a peaceful paradise. In addition to a few simple cottages and a few acres of medicinal fields, there was also a clear light blue lake. In the middle of the lake, there was a huge spring that gurgling non-stop.

Above a stream connected to the lake, there was an arched stone bridge. One man and woman were snuggled up. They seemed to be in love.

The young man had a white face and no beard. He had a silver hairpin several inches long on his head, and he wore a green robe that fluttered in the wind. There was a long sword without a sheath on his back. His face was full of heroic hint. The woman wore a clean white cloth. Her hair reached her waist. She had a beautiful face. She looked like an innocent girl who depended on the young man.

At this moment, the young man was pointing at the clear spring in the center of the lake and talking about something in high spirits. His face was full of excitement, and the girl seemed to be amused by it, covering her mouth and giggling non-stop.

Before the gray mirror, when Yin Liu saw this scene, his eyes were rarely enchanted, and he sighed lightly.

Liu Ming was stunned when he saw it. This emerald green valley was nowhere else but the “Silver Spring Valley” that Long Yanfei had taken him to.

Then he vaguely sensed something, and he quickly retracted his gaze. The “Liu Ming” in front stared at him intently. Liu Ming immediately took a few steps back calmly.

As a result, the opposite “Liu Ming” actually took a few steps forward, then he stopped again and looked at him.

Seeing this, Liu Ming felt a little relieved, and he once again looked at the gray mirror.

At this time, on the mirror surface, there was a scene of fierce fighting. The background was a dark space with gray mist, which seemed to be in a cave.

“Yin Liu” danced the long sword in his hand into layers of sword shadows. He fought with a black armored ghost with disheveled hair.

Sword lights and bloody lights intertwined in the air, and the blasting sounds came continuously.

Suddenly, there was a loud whistle. Dense green silks suddenly gushed out from all directions and wrapped toward “Yin Liu”.

“Yin Liu” was already on par with the strength of the black armored ghost. In the face of this sudden attack, he hurriedly cast a layer of green light to resist this blow.

A few tearing sounds!

“Yin Liu’s” body flickered with lights, and he lost balance and fell from the air.

The black armored ghost also dived down to pursue. It launched 2 palms, which transformed into blurry black palms that blasted down.

“Yin Liu” made a sword gesture as his eyes flashed cold.

A clear chirp! A sword light flashed!

A large green sword shadow turned into a layer of sword waves and went toward the falling black palms.

Bang bang bang!

In mid-air, green light and black light shone brightly. The originally dark space was illuminated brightly.

The walls of the cave in all directions were turned into sands and stones under the impact.

However, although the “Yin Liu” had resisted the attack of the black armored ghost, his falling speed was multiplied. The rebound force made it impossible for him to stabilize his body at all. He accidentally fell into a huge black vortex below and disappeared.

The image changed again. The next scene was an altar piled up by countless black boulders. It was surrounded by black mist.

Suddenly, thunder flashed on the horizon, followed by a wave of fluctuations in the space. Countless black air gathered from all directions, turning into a black vortex.

Immediately afterward, a green light flashed out of the vortex and landed in front of the altar.

With the loud impact, a pit appeared on the ground. “Yin Liu” holding a green long sword was lying unconscious in it…

Liu Ming laughed bitterly in his mind after seeing this scene. This was similar to when he entered the deepest underworld!

However, the next scene shocked him again.

Amidst a strong black wind, A young man in a gray who looked similar to a Serene Clan was dashing forward in a green light!

But judging from the technique he used, it was obvious that he was a human cultivator. Needless to say, this person was “Yin Liu”.

Then the gravel slope, the Blood Leaf Forest, the Extreme Sun Array, the Slice Wind Alley… everything Liu Ming had just seen, all reappeared!

Then, it was above a small dirt slope that was extremely desolate. “Yin Liu” stepped on the head of a ferocious ghost head. There was a layer of faint black gas lingering around his body.

“Hell Bone Secret!” Liu Ming stared intently at the faint black qi outside the “Yin Liu’s” body, and was startled. This was clearly the situation where the black air was exposed outside the body after training the first level of Hell Bone Secret.

On the opposite side of the “Yin Liu”, there was a giant ferocious ghost with a height of 24 meters and a pair of horns. It was holding a 30 meters long giant black rod while roaring at “Yin Liu”.

“This is the Savage Ghost King… Yin Liu… Liu Yin… Grandmaster Liu Yin…” Although Liu Ming had some vague guesses in his mind before, after seeing this scene, he finally couldn’t help but blurt out with a hint of excitement.

Hearing this, Yi Yinliu was shocked. He looked at Liu Ming in silent surprise, then he looked back at the gray mirror again without speaking.

The scene on the gray mirror continued. This time, it was in a misty valley. “Yin Liu” was pale, and he was rushing forward unstably. He seemed to be severely injured. He was being chased by a powerful enemy.

When passing through a cloudy place, he was swallowed by a space fissure that suddenly appeared.

Later, the young man appeared on a huge island. Liu Ming was astounded. This was his homeland, Yunchuan Island.

The images in the mirror changed rapidly, showing the scenes of “Yin Liu” flying on the Yunchuan Island, but beside him, there was a ferocious giant ghost with 2 horns and a skull with golden flame in the eyes.

In the end, “Yin Liu” created a small sect, which was the Savage Ghost Sect!

Under his lead, the sect was thriving and got bigger and bigger. It became popular for a while.

The final image was stopped at the moment before the young man died of old age.

Liu Ming retracted his gaze, took a deep breath, and looked at Yin Liu with flickering eyes.

TL: Wtff, this man is Liuyin? Did he already know Liu Ming’s identity before? So, he is now a Serene Clan who retains the memory of his past life?