Chapter 1107: Mirror Battle (part 1)

By this time, Liu Ming still didn’t understand the true origin of Yin Liu!

The Yin Liu in front of him was actually the reincarnation of the founder of the Savage Ghost Sect and the esoteric disciple Liu Yin who had been missing from Taiqing Sect for many years.

The theory of reincarnation was originally an illusory statement, but Liu Ming was currently in the deepest underworld, which was the rumored place of reincarnation. Although he was surprised, he could still believe in it.

However, before Liu Ming could ask, the gray mirror in front of Yin Liu rippled. Another “Yin Liu” appeared with a blank face.

The huge mirror flickered twice, then it suddenly lit up.

The 2 mirror images of Liu Ming and Yin Liu seemed to get some kind of signal and pounced toward them respectively.

Liu Ming’s mirror image was releasing a sticky black light in midair. His 10 fingers turned into 10 half-foot black claws and attacked Liu Ming.

Most of Liu Ming’s thoughts were always on the “self” in front of him. When he saw the scene in front, he tapped his feet and hurriedly stepped back.

Just as his body was shot backward, 5 crescent-shaped black claws penetrated an afterimage left by him.

When he missed a hit, the “Black Liu Ming’s” eyes flashed ferociously. A fierce black demonic flame burst out from his body. The robe was suddenly torn apart, revealing the entire upper body. Strange black demonic patterns appeared on the skin.

In a flash, Liu Ming’s figure appeared dozens of meters away. His face was gloomy as water.

The Black Liu Ming was carrying out the familiar demonization. Both hands and feet had long claws, and his aura was still rising. In a blink of an eye, he reached the peak of the Real Pellet State the peak.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s looked cold.

He knew the power of demonization better than anyone else, but unfortunately, he couldn’t control this ability at all, and he didn’t dare to show this skill to the others. Now he was facing the demonized self, the fear in the mind could be imagined.

After Liu Ming took a deep breath, he quickly made a gesture. A yellow light flashed as he released 2 Mountain River Pearl to protect himself.

Yellow mist surged out of the Mountain River Pearl and enveloped him entirely.

On the other side, Yin Liu and his mirror image also started a fierce battle. 2 clusters of dazzling lights collided with each other. Only the dull thunderous impact of the spiritual power could be heard.

Liu Ming couldn’t care about the situation on Yin Liu’s side. The terrifying pressure brought by the demonized “Black Liu Ming” didn’t give him the time for it at all.

“Demonized Liu Ming’s” eyes burst into red lights as he roared. A black afterimage flashed, and he disappeared from Liu Ming’s sight.

Liu Ming’s face changed, and he chanted quickly and channeled the 2 Mountain River Pearls. Yellow mist condensed into a 3 meters ball in size.

After doing that, the “Demonized Liu Ming” appeared behind him like a ghost. The black demonic arm slashed down swiftly, dragging a trail of afterimages.

Chi chi!

The yellow mist was slashed apart by the demonic hand like paper. The black demonic hand was about to hit Liu Ming’s neck.

At this moment, a yellow bead appeared behind Liu Ming. The black demonic hand clawed on it, making a loud metallic friction.


The Mountain River Pearl burst into yellow light, and the “Demonized Liu Ming” was shook back for a dozen meters before regaining balance.

Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief and pulled away the distance.

He had always been good at movement speed, but compared with the “Demonized Liu Ming”, there was obviously a big gap. However, this was also expected.

The next moment, Liu Ming chanted without hesitation. The yellow mist around him tumbled in an instant, expanding to about 30 meters. A gray sword light flashed out at the same time. A barrage of sword shadows shrouded the “Demonized Liu Ming”.

The “Demonized Liu Ming” roared and lifted 1 hand. A black sword light rushed out from his body.

In the yellow mist, Liu Ming’s face turned grim.

The black sword light flickered and turned into a black sword shadow, with bursts of sword whistling, facing the shrouded gray sword shadow.

The gray sword lights and black sword lights intertwined, making a burst of dull rumbles. The power was equally matched.

Liu Ming’s face changed continuously. Although it was a little blurry, the black sword shadow should be the Mother Son Yin Soul Swords. It was covered a layer of black light that made it look different.

From this, the Chaos Rebirth Great Array not only replicated his techniques, but it even replicated the same magic weapons.

When Liu Ming thought of this, his face turned gloomy.

Although the “Demonized Liu Ming” was a little violent, his intelligence was not lost at all. He launched a symbol and combined the dense sword shadows into a 300 meters giant black sword shadow. It swiped gently in the air.

A huge gap was cut out of the gray sword shadows.

As soon as the gap appeared, a black line shot out from it; the “Demonized Liu Ming” charged through.

Liu Ming grunted and rubbed his hands. A golden lightning blasted out from his palm at the “Demonized Liu Ming”.

The “Demonized Liu Ming” was startled, seeming to be afraid of this golden lightning. He flickered and forcibly shifted for a few meters.

Liu Ming snorted. As he made another gesture, the lightning arc turned and struck again.

The “Demonized Liu Ming” couldn’t dodge anymore. He roared when the golden lightning arc hit. The black demonic qi around him was dispelled by half. Countless golden lightning arcs spread on his body.

A painful grunt of a beast came!

There was a hint of joy on Liu Ming’s face. Heavenly Thunder Spell was indeed the nemesis of all demonic qi.

He launched another thicker golden lightning arc from his palm at the “Demonized Liu Ming”.

At this moment, a purple sword light shot out from the “Demonized Liu Ming”, blocking the golden lightning arc.

A thunder!

The purple sword light was wrapped in purple lightning, blocking the Heavenly Thunder Spell in an instant.

Taking advantage of this gap, the “Demonized Liu Ming” escaped from the golden lightning arc and landed more than 30 meters away.

But even so, his left shoulder was still charred. A part of his body was un-demonized.

But judging from the aura, he clearly suffered a lot of damage.

A purple sword light also flew over at the moment, surrounding the “Demonized Liu Ming”. It was the Bitter Wheel Sword, but this sword was a little bleak after defending a blow from Heavenly Thunder Spell. Its spirituality seemed to have been damaged a lot.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed. His body swayed and charged toward the “Demonized Liu Ming”. His body was also full of black air.

At this moment, a tyrannical sword pressure pressed down quickly. The giant black sword phantasm transformed by Mother Son Yin Soul Swords of the “Demonized Liu Ming” slashed toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming stopped and launched a black fist swiftly.

A house-sized black tiger head phantasm slammed at the giant sword phantasm.

An astounding impact!

The black tiger head phantasm dissipated, and the giant sword phantasm was knocked out by the fist.

The “Demonized Liu Ming” took a moment to breathe, and the demonic patterns faded. After a flash of black light, the chaotic aura seemed to have calmed down.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was startled. Instead of pursuing, he launched a symbol and combined the gray sword shadows into a giant sword.

At the same time, he slapped the soul-recovering bags, summoning Xie’er and Fei’er.

At this moment, he finally understood that the replica of himself not only had the same cultivation and weapons, but he also had the same battle experiences. If he didn’t go all out, he didn’t stand a chance at all.

As soon as Xie’er and Fei’er Fang appeared, they immediately turned into their battle forms.

However, just as Demon Flying Skull and Bone Scorpion appeared, the huge mirror in the gray space responded again. 2 gray light beams shrouded Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull.

Liu Ming’s expression changed.

There was a gleam of gray in the mirror, but for some reason, Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull’s previous experiences didn’t emerge.

2 more spiritual pets appeared beside “Phantom Liu Ming”, which were Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull.

Seeing this, Liu Ming could only secretly complain.

He originally wanted to summon the 2 spiritual pets to help him, but he didn’t expect that the Chaos Past Lives Array would also replicate his spiritual pets. It seemed that there was no hope of assisting by the spiritual pets.

Thinking of this, he exhaled, but his mind became unusually calm.

With a swipe of his finger, the giant gray sword above his head disappeared with a flick, then it slashed toward the Phantasm Liu Ming.

The Phantom Liu Ming let out a muffled groan, then he waved and greet the gray sword with a giant black sword.

The 2 giant swords collided together, and an astonishing sound spread out. The two were still equally powerful.

TL: It can basically replicate everything, does he have to break through himself to win against the mirror image?